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Visit to an Aquarium

on September 19, 2014

We’ve been doing a lot of field trips it seems like so far and one of those was with our homeschool group to the Newport Aquarium.  The last time we went, which was years ago, our son was probably 6 months if that, it was so busy I couldn’t use a stroller which left us to have a 4, 2 and 6 month old.  I put our 2 year old on those tether things and hubby and I had to take turns carrying our son.  It was also very hot so we were all a bit miserable.  Hubby couldn’t go this time so my mom went and it was a much better time!  With school in session we were pretty much the only ones there and once we let everyone get past us we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

My middle daughter posing with a neat mural on the wall to look like it’s ‘eating’ her.

Turtle. Isn’t he gorgeous.

Pretending to be a turtle and riding a turtle.

My son playing an African drum in the African exhibit.

A beautiful clown fish going in and out of the sea anemone.

We got to pet some sharks, yes sharks, complete with all their teeth. We had to follow some rules – the last time we went we couldn’t even get near the pools so this was a real treat.  The black shark – the volunteer said was very elusive and so to get to touch it is a rarity as it moves away from shadows.  All of us were able to touch him.

My oldest getting to touch the black shark.

My middle touching the black shark.

My middle daughter petting one of the closer sharks. She did touch the black one but I didn’t have my camera ready to catch it 😦

My mom and I found out they have what is called a Penguin Experience.  This means for extra money you get to go into a room and actually be with penguins.  You get to pet them, learn about them and well enjoy them.  My almost 10 year daughter LOVES, LOVES (did I mention she LOVES) penguins?  My mom paid for her and I to go do the Penguin Experience, she was so excited.  All the penguins were girls but some had names like Randy and Pickles – so we found that funny.  Also these penguins were from Africa so they are warm weather penguins and they poo every 20 minutes.  The best part of the whole thing?  Seeing her smile when she got to pet the penguins!

Middle daughter with some penguin friends. She also got a lot of comments on her Doctor Whooves shirt – which was funny because the comments came from the men.

My daughter petting a penguin. I’m sure if they had let her she’d have put one on her lap and try to sneak it home LOL

My mom also blessed us with buying the five us a season pass – I called my hubby to ask if he’d be willing to come with us during the week – and he agreed.  She also bought herself one so she can hopefully join us again.  I’m going to need a separate carrier to put all our passes in to carry around (Newport gives each person their own pass and they are thick, credit card like cards).  We had a great time, we ended up eating in the cafeteria which did have some really great food like quesadillas and an advocado hamburger that my mom and I enjoyed.  Our only issue we couldn’t find the parking as we came in off the other bridge and parking wasn’t well marked for where we came in, but we had a great time and our next visit we plan on bringing a friend!

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