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Worthy Publishing Review: Roar by Scottie Nell Hughes

on September 22, 2014

About the Book:

The New Conservative Woman Speak Out
Popular political news commentator Scottie Nell Hughes tackles the myth of the weak and meek conservative American woman with a fighting spirit that refuses to be intimidated by the mainstream media.
The media and many politicians have defined today’s American woman as a bra-burning liberal who sees men as competitors and children as burdens. According to them, women want federal bureaucrats to run our schools. They need churches to pay for prescriptions that violate religious faith. They trust big government and mistrust our military, and they care more about obscure endangered species than endangered American jobs. Any woman who defies these stereotypes is marginalized and ignored— particularly if her outlook is bold, strong, conservative, and Christian. Scottie Hughes emphatically rejects those stereotypes—and with a ROAR, refuses to be ignored. She describes the strength of the new conservative woman in everyday life and politics, from her deep faith and spirituality to her love for family and children to her independence and refusal to participate in a manufactured war against men.

About the Author:

Scottie Nell Hughes, a conservative journalist, appears on Fox News and other national media weekly. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin, she is also the news director, spokeswoman, and chief contributor for the Tea Party News Network and was among the first group of radio talk show hosts sent by the Department of Defense to travel to the front lines of Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq and Kuwait as well as the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She lives in Hendersonville, TN.

My Opinion:

As a Christian, Conservative woman I thought I was going to like this book, which Scottie says isn’t all politics, I’m not a political person so this appealed to me.  Well, I read about 1/2 of it and couldn’t stomach anymore, yes, that is from a Christian, Conservative woman, I couldn’t stand to read more of Scottie Nell Hughes’ work.  The first item that really struck me was her use of the “mommy mafia”, where she concludes that we aren’t known by our names but rather by the “stickers” on our vehicles and we don’t have time to cultivate friendships outside of our children’s activities.  Really?  I’m not part of a mommy mafia and the majority of my friends are not part of our dance studio, dojo or scouting groups, nor are my children’s friends.  She says she hates Common Core but instead of putting her children in a private school (she claims they can’t afford it) or homeschooling (which is never even brought up as a viable option), she just rants on.  Also apparently, two income households are a need because no family can afford to have one parent home, well we make it work on a social worker’s income.

I could go on, those were just a couple of issues I had with this book, I never really imagined I’d have issues with another Conservative woman who is also supposed to be Christian.  I also saw a lack of compassion, she despises a lot of people in this book, not their ideas mind you but she says she despises the person (I thought as Christians we were supposed to love regardless of someones ideas?).  She also has no compassion to those who NEED government assistance, seeing them all as entitlement seekers or lazy, yes quite a few are, but there are also quite a few who use it as a hand up in a time of dire need.  She speaks of seeing her mother leave her career to stay home and how miserable things became at home, basing all women on that one idea is simply not logical – I could have had a career but believe me, I’m way more happier being at home with my children and husband.

As I said I only read 1/2 of this book so I have no idea what as a woman I’m supposed to want from the economy (I’m sure what she wants and what I want as a woman is totally different), just from flipping through the chapter about women in combat it looks like we might agree on this, combat and women don’t mix.  We do agree that sex should be saved for marriage and that abortion should not be used as a birth control, however we don’t agree that the use of birth control is part of being a “responsible Conservative”.  While I’m sure there are other ideas that I would agree with Scottie on (I’d never heard of her before this book, although she seems to be on T.V. a lot but I don’t watch a lot of mainstream T.V.) this book really just made me angry – while she may speak for some Conservative women, she does not speak for this one.

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2 responses to “Worthy Publishing Review: Roar by Scottie Nell Hughes

  1. Laraba says:

    Wow, that makes me crazy! Kudos to you for reading through half of it before giving up in disgust. I particularly don’t like that her personal example growing up biased her so heavily towards 2 career families. It is vital that someone in her position, writing a BOOK, step outside her own experience and really evaluate the situation instead of taking her own emotional struggles as a child and deciding that everyone should be 2 career to avoid the problems her family faced. Yeah, totally annoying.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Laraba, it sounds like you want to borrow the book 😀 LOL It wasn’t really a help as far as her helping women to see how they can lead the world except if you accept her views on birth control, education, and such. Which was a bit ironic since she blasted the Liberals for the same thing.

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