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Book Crash Review: Raegan and RJ in Space; Colonizing the Galaxy for Christ by Richard Collins

on September 30, 2014

About the Book:

This is a 48 page graphic novel set in the year 2025, and tells the story of the first Christians to colonize Alpha Centauri! In this graphic novel we meet all the families, get introduced to Hope Tennessee and the Christian Space Program, see the CSS Faith launch, see Raegan and RJ save the Earth from an incoming asteroid and receive medals for bravery from the President, see all the kids have a race with the emergency escape speeders, see the families establish the colony of ‘New Hope’, and finally celebrate the first Christmas in a new star system.  Cover art and illustrations by Mr. Robert Stimpson.  This graphic novel is a 2014 book award winner!

You can purchase a copy of the book at Raegan and RJ in Space.

My Opinion:

In my house we enjoy graphic novels so when I had the chance to recieve a copy of Raegan and RJ in Space; Colonizing the Galaxy for Christ I knew I wanted to take a look at if for myself.  I must say that I loved that this was a Christian graphic novel, there aren’t many of those out and so this fills a niche that is needed for today’s youth.  The illustrations are well done as is the plot and dialog between characters.  That said some of the way things were done had me chuckling because they just weren’t believable such as sending school aged children to do missions in space when there are other adults on the shuttle.  Seeing that the story is set in the year 2025, just eleven years from now, it seems far fetched to think that a shuttle will be taking a group of Christians to settle a new planet 6 months away from earth, not to mention I don’t believe in Aliens in space so who would be getting the Gospel message.

Overall, I think this is a great concept but I think some children, including my 12 1/2 year old would find it cheesy (she hasn’t had a chance to read it in full yet).  The children are all very polite – no one calls each other names, back talks parents and no one questions the teacher.  Everyone is quick to praise and give the Lord the credit, which is great.  I just think there needs to be more fleshed out, such as why are children sent on missions?  Why is the group traveling to space when there isn’t anyone out there to share the Gospel with?  While I like the idea of this graphic novel, I would like to see a bit more substance given to it, it’s short at just 48 pages and I know graphic novels aren’t supposed to be the size of a tome but it seemed as if there was something lacking as I read it.

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