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Having a Bear Cub

on October 4, 2014


When my son became old enough to join the Cub Scouts, we agonized over the decision – given the ruling that came out regarding youth who are in an alternate lifestyle joining up.  We tossed it around.  We discussed Alert Cadets but ruled it out as my husband couldn’t not possibly to the multiple mile long runs required of both dads and sons, nor did we want a military, regimented group at his young age.  We held out for Trail Life, but so far none are close enough to make it economically feasible to travel once a week to a meeting plus the other activities.  We talked it over, we prayed, we talked with our son – and after also talking with some of the powers in charge and being assured they were not changing who they’d admit, we decided to take the plunge.  We’ve made it clear should he do any camping where my husband and I are not present he is not to go anywhere with boys from other Packs.


Lining up to get their bear neckerchiefs. (my son forgot his belt)


His Den leader rolling his neckerchief.


Tying the neckerchief on.


The important Cub Scout handshake.


Isn’t he handsome?


We’ve jumped in with both feet – after his 1st Den meeting on a Thursday he attended his first popcorn Show and Sell that Saturday and became the top seller!  Today is his 3rd show and sell.  He’s almost completed his Bobcat trail and has earned two achievements and he’s only been a Cub Scout for a month.  He gets along well with the other boys and has fun being around the boys – which is great because at home he’s mainly around his sisters and I until Dad gets home at night and weekends.  I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in Cub Scouts and through his Boy Scout years.


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