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Belated Birthday Celebration

on October 26, 2014

My middle daughter turned 10 last month, I can’t believe I only have one more child in single digits!  Seems crazy.  Anyway, my mom had to wait till the following week to celebrate with us so on October 6th she, the girls and I went to the American Girl store that opened last year.  I let our son spend some time with some friends of ours for our girls day out.  Oh, how I’ve always wanted an American Girl doll.  I never got one but my girls have 7 between them and two bitty babies.  I know there is much controversy surrounding AG but for us they are well made dolls and Grandma gives them as gifts – if you don’t agree that is fine.

After arriving our first stop was to get some hair fixed and some earrings done – so the girls had to pick the doll they wanted to have done.  The oldest chose to have Kaya’s hair brushed out and re-done in the original style, as she’s a historical doll.  We also found out why Kaya is not smiling like the rest of the dolls.  AG actually researched the Nez Perce tribe who agreed to let AG use their likeness and their dress as long as they agreed to make sure the doll isn’t smiling – smiling in their tribe is a sign of aggression.  This was a cool fact for me, as I’m a history buff but also neat for the oldest since she’s had Kaya for awhile, I tried to convince her to get her a new original outfit as the one she came in has fallen apart due to play and being in storage.

My mom is in the back and then the girls. Kaya is getting brushed and braided and Marie Grace is getting a new do as well. Since the store wasn’t busy they also did a brush out and put a ribbon in the oldest daughter’s other doll for no charge.

Isn’t this the coolest thing? It’s a doll hanger which is in the bathroom – you put the doll’s underarms over those hook things and she hangs there. No putting your $100 doll on the floor!

The birthday girl received an Isabelle doll – which is the Girl of the Year – and she’s also a dancer so of course both girls gravitate to her.  Unfortunately, none of their clothing fits my girls, which my oldest wants to remedy and actually wrote a letter asking AG to please make larger sizes.

Middle child posing with an Isabelle stand up and her Marie Grace doll.

My daughter had brought Kit’s purse for her other doll that had a small pen in it and she realized at some point she had dropped it.  We looked around on the floor and couldn’t find it so I told her I’d check at the desk – she didn’t think it would actually turn up or that anyone would notice it – but when I asked the clerk was like “we just found it and put it in the back, let me get it!” so this itty-bitty little pen was found and we were so happy.  After two hours in the store it was time for lunch……at the Cheesecake Factory.

The girls with two of their dolls – Kaya opted to stay in the car.

My mom and I ordered the Hibachi Steak – this was delicious and I really enjoyed the wasabi mashed potatoes (I need to find a cheat recipe for the whole meal), the oldest ordered a personal pepperoni pizza and salad while the birthday girl ordered macaroni and cheese – she was thrilled that they offered her more grated cheese.  My mom allowed us to order cheesecake – the three of them enjoyed a piece each and we ordered one to take home to my son – however I was excluded because they all had eggs in them.  Overall though it was a great lunch even if I didn’t get to eat any of the famous cheese cake.

The dolls are ready to eat!

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