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Litfuse Publicity: Citizen by Rob Peabody

on October 31, 2014

About the Book:

For Rob Peabody, the young pastor at a mega-church in southern USA, the realization that his faith had little real connection with the world around him meant that something had to change. He redirected his church towards the poor on their doorstep and then took the larger step of moving to the UK to establish the missional fellowship ‘Awaken’.

In Citizen he outlines the Kingdom-centered identity that is given to followers of Jesus. It’s a wake-up call to the church in the West. Jesus’ death and resurrection initiates and invites people into a life of so much more than the status quo. God is re-building, re-newing, and re-creating that which is broken and marred by sin, and he is doing this — setting things right in the world — through Jesus. As citizens of the Kingdom, we have been saved and set apart for this work. We have a new allegiance, a changed identity, and a new mission as we seek to establish the rule of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

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About the Author:

Previously the lead campus pastor at an American mega-church, Rob Peabody is now director of the Awaken Movement who left his church in the Texan Bible-belt to start and lead a Fresh Expression of church seeking to engage unreached 20’s and 30’s in northeast London.

You can find Rob on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

My Opinion:

One thing today that I think a lot of Christians fail to do is to step out of our comfort zones, yes I include myself in this too, and really get down to doing work for the Kingdom.  As a busy mom, I know right now that my ministry is in my home – educating, raising, caring for my husband, children and house and also being hospitable to those who may come into my house.  We want to get in and out of the store, we drive by the homeless on the street without a second glance because we have to get home and put dinner on the table, we fail to stop and further the Kingdom because we are busy, we are comfortable and none of us want to be uncomfortable – we’re humans.  Rob Peabody is putting a call out for Christians to take up their role in what he calls the “Alternative Kingdom”, looking at historical and modern ways of being citizens to our country, state, churches and to the bigger picture, the one that actually matters being a citizen in Christ’s Kingdom.

I’ve long struggled with pledging my allegiance to America, even to pledging myself to the Christian flag – I really enjoyed Rob’s look into our allegiances.  As citizens of Christ’s Kingdom, our allegiance should be first and foremost to Christ and His Kingdom alone.  Truly, this world is not our home – if we were to visit another country and stay would we pledge our allegiance to them knowing that country wasn’t our home?  More than likely the answer is no.  Rob takes a hard hitting look at what we should be doing in we are calling ourselves Christians, he knows not everyone is going to sell everything and move to another country, but there are things we can do now, in our homes, in our communities to further the Kingdom of Christ – that doesn’t mean some feel good Christianity that is so popular right now – but it is about loving the person, bringing them to you and ultimately showing them Christ so that others can have that Saving relationship with Him.

I still have two more chapters to finish in the book, it’s not a fast read (although I was hoping it would be so I could get this review written on time) it’s a book that is meaty although short, one that you need to read and ponder and really ask yourself is the life you’re living really advancing the Kingdom of God?  Right now, at this point in my life, I’m a full time mom – I know that for me to advance the Kingdom my place is in teaching my children at home – we aim to do what we can, when we can to further the Kingdom, some may feel we don’t do enough, or some may feel that I could do more if my children were in school or that we are doing too much and not enough school.  I cannot please everyone and right now, furthering the Kingdom is doing what I’m doing regardless of what others may think or feel – there will come a time when my children are older and we can leave more of our comfort zones and really get into Kingdom work.  It was refreshing to read a book about furthering Christ’s Kingdom without feeling overwhelmed and not feeling like I wasn’t doing enough.  I do recommend this book if you want to get out of your comfort area and begin working for Christ – not in a man made perspective (I’ve heard from some that only Pastors can teach the Bible, you have to have degree in theology) but in a Biblical, Christ honoring way.

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