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To everything there is a season……..

on October 31, 2014

This is my season to be very busy – I’m not complaining mind you, I don’t mind being busy, beats sitting around and listening to the children fight or eating out of pure boredom – but I do have days where I’d just like to sit at home, stay in my PJs, ignore the phone and just veg out.  I wrote about our trip to the American Girl store on October 6th the following week we took a field trip a television station (no pictures, unfortunately).  My daughter, who is 10, had to visit a television station for one of her Let’s Talk badge requirements for American Heritage Girls and what better way than to turn it into a field trip for several homeschool families.

The following week on Monday we had another field trip (one I didn’t have to plan) to a ministry called Bearing Precious Seeds.  I wish they were closer as it’s a great ministry, and are supported from donations from churches allowing them to print Bibles to send overseas.  You can find them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

One of the machines that prints and uses HUGE rolls of paper. My son was excited to see all the paper.

Another large machine that printed on huge sheets of paper.

Burmese Bibles.

If I remember correctly these were the Russian ones.

The original printing press – this was in a closet in a church and was where it all began – the story is on their website. I can’t imagine printing so many Bibles in different languages on this old style press in a closet!

A fellow mom kindly took a family picture – hubby doesn’t get much time to go on field trips with us so it is a valued picture. I’m glad he went as it was a long drive.

We had another ‘field trip’ that same week as well to a fire station, this time for a friend’s and I daughters who are Pi/Pas in AHG.  I’ll write about that another day.  As I said it’s been busy – that same week we also began piano lessons for our 10 and 8 year old daughter and son.  That is of course on top of the dance, martial arts, cub scouts, AHG and school!  WHEW!

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