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Wizzy Gizmo (review and giveaway!)

on November 1, 2014

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Who is Wizzy Gizmo?


I had the opportunity to receive a great Bible study tool to use in our home and school from Wizzy Gizmo in exchange for sharing my honest opinion with my readers.  I was given the New Testament Fast Track Bible Pack and these wonderful cards are fun to use with my children anytime of the day, we don’t use them just for school – as Bible study should be part of our entire day.  The set of cards I received sell for $14.99 and this is a wonderful price considering the high quality of the paper, very heavy card-stock and the 27 cards plus a cover card measure 9 X 6 X 0.2 inches so they can easily fit into a purse or Bible case to easy of transport on the go.



The cover card lists all 27 Books of the New Testament in order as well as the theme of that book, date it was written, the author and how many chapters.  I really like that feature so if I desired to have one of my older children read a whole book of the New Testament I could pick one that she could easily read in a day, such as the book of Jude which has only 1 chapter.  The rest of the cards covers 1 book of the Bible – the front gives a description of what is going on in that book and some interesting facts, such as for Matthew it shares that “the phrase ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ appears 32 time in Matthew and nowhere else in the Bible”, it also has a small time line depicting the time period the book was written, a small fact about the author, how many chapters as well as the theme of the book running along the bottom.  Each card is numbered and labeled so that they can easily be put back into order, should someone drop them or otherwise mix them up.




On the back of the cards you’ll find the book title, theme, what the author or book is trying to convey, an outline of the chapters – for Matthew it states that the first 10 chapters is the “presentation of the King”, key chapters, key passages, key doctrines, and important people.  The front and back is very colorful and each of the features on the back is color coded so if like me, you want to study just the key doctrines with your children, you just look at the light blue area.  For older children (and this idea just came to me while I was writing the review) the key people area could be used to have them make a timeline showing where each was born and died or even to do more in depth study of each person’s life.  There are many ways to use these cards – your only limit would be your ingenuity and imagination.



If you desire to give your children a Christian education or want a homeschool resource to making studying the Bible, easy and fun then Wizzy Gizmo provides that.  The cards are laid out in an orderly fashion and are easy to just pick up and go – pick a favorite book or have your children pick and just roll with it.  Wizzy Gizmo also offers other products like Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?, and Wizzy Gizmo Books so be sure to check out their other items that can be used in your homeschool or even if you don’t but want to emphasize your family’s faith to your child in the hours they are with you, Bible study is great for everyone no matter how your child is educated.  I think the only thing that would have made these cards even better is if they had come with a way to store them, either in some type of study bag or a large rubber band – once the wrap is removed there really is no way to store them unless you have something on hand otherwise they just splay out.  I used a large zipping plastic bag to store our cards in and then I can just remove them as needed or the one I need.


If you’d like to read what others thought about the Fast Track Bible Pack and other Wizzy Gizmo products then visit Home & School Mosaics.





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  1. These look like they would be an awesome resource! I haven’t been a Christian for that long, so I could see myself learning as much as my children would with these.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Hi thank you for commenting – if you’re entering to win make sure to right click and open the Rafflecopter in a new tab to enter 🙂 the link is at the bottom of the post under giveaway.

  2. Jennifer kasprzak says:

    We love Wizzy Gizmo products and would love to add to our collection.

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