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FlyBy Promotions: Manic Drive VIP CD (and giveaway)

on November 7, 2014

About the Album/Group:

Manic Drive has been widely known as a Canadian band who always delivers a great show, but over the past few years and project releases, they have added to their extensive touring of Canadian and US markets multiple Billboard Top 10 & 20 singles on CHR & Christian Rock Radio. Manic Drive is clearly very intentional about reaching their generation and inspiring them to pursue a deeper walk with Christ and to get involved in changing the world they are inheriting. And they are uniquely equipped to do so. The band members, all in their early-mid twenties, have made sacrifices to pursue God’s call on their lives. Their life experience, spiritual maturity and ministry have opened doors to speak into the lives of their own generation and that is perhaps the most defining characteristic of this group of guys.


My Opinion:

I’ve never heard of Manic Drive until I was contacted to review their newest CD titled VIP – and so I was bit cautious at first as I must admit that I’m very picky about how the music sounds as well as the voices that sing the lyrics.  At first glance Manic Drive looks quite the boy band – with the hair and hip clothing, a little reminiscent of my time as a fan of another boy band from the late 80’s early 90’s (we won’t mention the band here, but they weren’t Christian).  However, as on who does enjoy listening to a variety of music styles from classical to country to even Irish I must admit to find myself signing along after one listening and wanting to get up and praise and worship the Lord (although it’s quite hard to do when driving a car).  My husband though didn’t care for it, he did think almost all the songs sounded to teeny-bopper like and so he quit listening, my children seemed to enjoy it – not every song but most and some were great for dancing to.


Overall, I like the sound even if it was maybe too young for this mom of three but I liked the lyrics and it’s something we can use when we need to get our praise on in the house or in the car.  It gets us moving and sometimes dance can be the best form or praise and worship if you lack the words needed at the time.  I’m not fond of their look – it’s a bit too young for my tastes but I know that is what young adults will see and hopefully if they love the Lord they’ll look towards the music and if they don’t then maybe the look will draw those to the Lord.  I think I will see if I can find their other album at the library, if not maybe I’ll be asking for them for Christmas!


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3 responses to “FlyBy Promotions: Manic Drive VIP CD (and giveaway)

  1. Jennifer kasprzak says:

    I have heard oF them, but never gp heard their music, I have a teen niece that this would be perfect for this Christmas

  2. chickie brewer says:

    I have only heard about them on line.. I would like to win this for a friend at church.

  3. Didn’t know much about Manic Drive, but Manwell (sp?) from Group 1 Crew caught my eye~ My daughter’s selfie with he and the rest of Group 1 Crew is her FB Profile right now 😉 ). They sound like an upbeat group that my kids would enjoy.

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