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Autumn Fun

on November 8, 2014

I realized I missed sharing some pictures and I wanted to share some from a Boy Scout event and also Trick or Treat.  I know some of my readers may not do either, and that is fine, however we do and that is all there is to say on the matter for now.  Our American Heritage Girls had a harvest party with some games and the girls and a couple siblings came along and dressed up and participated as well.  No pictures though, sorry.  Next year the Pioneer/Patriot girls will be in charge of planning things.

My son joined Cub Scouts in September, we were trying to hold out for Trail Life, but seeing as we waited years for American Heritage Girls to come close enough to us we decided to go ahead, bite the bullet and join Cub Scouts.  Our son has even began his God and Me classes which when done, he will receive a special award that he can wear on his uniform – it takes 5 weeks to earn, an hour a week in a class with some other children and then time at home.  My middle daughter has began her God and Family class as well and is a 6 week class and my oldest will be doing her God and Church work with my husband and I at home and hers takes 6 months.

On November 18 my husband and I took the children to the Boy Scouts Spook-O-Ree which had a few games, archery, “haunted trail”, and sling shots.  It wasn’t what we thought, and honestly I would like to have $3 of my $6 back because I don’t think it was worth the extra $3 plus more for extra tickets, but I would have gladly paid $3 for the patch each child received.  I digress – the children had fun even though it was cold and started raining and we couldn’t do the hay/wagon ride because the trailer broke.  I remember the years my brothers did this and comparing the two makes me long for the old Spook-O-Rees.

My son with his eye protection on getting shown how to do the sling shots. At first he had it turned the wrong way and he had to walk around with a red mark under his eye

Aiming his sling shot loaded with dog kibble at his carved pumpkin.

He built and designed his own scare crow. The girls really didn’t participate in much so no pictures of them, sorry.

The following weekend was Trick-or-Treat for our area, thankfully it’s not actually done on “halloween” my oldest decided to stay home and pass out candy as we’ve never been able to do that as our old neighborhood never had children so it was a treat to be able to pass out this year.  My mom and I took the other two around – we were out only for about 30 minutes and they were done.

A modern “Little Red”, Cleopatra and a Champion City Kings ball player. All from items grabbed from thrift stores or already on hand!

Also of mention was their joint birthday party – they’d all already had their birthdays for the year and we promised them last year they could have a joint party but with the oldest surgery, hubby’s health issues, and then moving it didn’t happen.  So the children had a birthday party on October 24th and each were allowed to have 1 friend stay the night.  It went much better than I had anticipated and all the children had fun – with some Doctor Who inspired games and cake and then the sleep over began with several Doctor Who episodes.

Our Police Box/T.A.R.D.I.S Doctor Who cake made by a wonderful friend. White cake for hubby and egg free for me!

If you are looking for a wonderful lady who makes great cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candies and other goodies then please check out Marianne’s Kitchen.  I cannot tell you how great her treats are and her icing is delicious – she beats out another bakery here anytime!

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