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Golden Prairie Press; Coutdown to Thanksgiving by Amy Puetz (review)

on November 13, 2014

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If you’ve noticed I’ve had the chance to review other home of Golden Prairie Press! products and all are quality, well researched resources to use in your homeschool or even just your home if you don’t homeschool.  I’ve had the pleasure of using Heroes and Heroines of the Past, Uncover Exciting History, and Ten Girls from History.  With this latest book, Countdown to Thanksgiving Ebook, which can be purchased as an e-book (colored interior) or as a printed book (black and white interior) for $17.00, you’ll add a bit of old fashioned fun to your holiday as you begin counting down.  Grab your e-book version today so you can begin your countdown to Thanksgiving today.

I was given the e-book version which I loaded on my tablet’s Kindle app very easily so I can take it with us when we’re out and for ease of reading at home.  I printed off a copy of the countdown calendar and the proclamation sheet for each child – I liked this as there wasn’t much printing since I can read everything on my tablet, saving money on ink and paper.  Amy has a short introduction which gives you an idea of how to use the stories and activity ideas she lists in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, which begins today, the 13th of November.  She says that each days reading and activity should take between 30 and 45 minutes but that also depends on the family and how much they do, whether just reading the story, reading the story and doing the activity, or however each family tweaks it will depend on the time spent.

There are 14 days of reading and activities, that does include weekends and Thanksgiving day, I mention this because my 10 year old asked me so I know others may wonder the same thing.  Of course, if your weekends are like ours and already jammed packed, you could do two stories and activities on Friday and two on Monday to make up for Saturday and Sunday.  Honestly, though it’s short and I’m sure they can be worked in to even the busiest of weekends.  Amy also discloses in her introduction that almost all the daily readings are taken from the 1800s and early 1900s so the language is a bit dated but she has cleaned up the spelling to be more modern.  Another item of note that I like about Amy’s books, old language has such a nice ring to it and even includes words that we modern Americans don’t use anymore so it also expands our vocabulary.

So you may be thinking to yourself, what stories and what type of activities are in the book?  There are several and I won’t give them all away but here is a sampling of what you’ll find within the pages of Countdown to Thanksgiving Printed Book:

  • First Harvest – Home in Plymouth by W. DeLoss Love, Jr.
  • The Mother of Thanksgiving from Amy Puetz
  • Thankfullest Thanksgiving by Pauline Shackleford
  • Excerpt from Godey’s Lady’s Book Magazine by Sarah Joseph Hale
  • how to make a Pilgrim hat for boys and a cap for girls
  • songs and hymns (if you can’t read music you can search online to find the tune)
  • recipes – my favorite is the modernized version of pumpkin pie versus the old fashioned, time consuming way of making it

Of course there are more, but that is just a sampling – feel free to visit the product page where you can download a sample of the book and the contents page before you buy and even watch a video of Amy talking about the countdown to Thanksgiving book.  Geared towards ages 6 to 14, I truly think children of all ages will enjoy it, I know I enjoy the historical stories that are a part of American history and the tradition that is Thanksgiving and watching as my children complete the crafts and baking (I’m happy to say the biscuit recipe does not include eggs).  I’m even going to be asking my husband if we can spare some money so I can purchase Countdown to Christmas Printed Book for our Christmas celebrations next month.

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