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American Heritage Girls and Field Trips

on November 14, 2014

Our American Heritage Girls Troop has been meeting and hard at work since September and I’ve taken over the Pi/Pas (Pioneer/Patriot) so we’ve been working on trying to knock out some Stars and Stripes requirements, two of the girls have got a good start but my oldest just crossed over so she’s catching up.  We’ve finally completed Emergency Prepardeness and while it’s an AHG girl badge my friend and I turned some things into field trips.  One of the first things was to visit and find out what is required to be a professional rescuer (for lack of better wording as I don’t have the hand book out right now).

In the living area – where they can relax between calls – the red light on my head is the alarm to wake them up in case they are sleeping.

Inside the squad – that’s my little guy peeking around for a camera moment.

Climbing the training tower steps.

My son preparing to spray the hose. I was kindly offered the chance but having spent much time doing it in the Navy, I declined.

After that was done the only thing left to do was to get the girls certified in adult/child/infant First Aid/CPR/AED – this was more trouble that I had thought.  I also aimed to get my 10 year old certified along with the Pi/Pa girls – the first person didn’t think the girls could do it or “comprehend” the information.  So after talking with our Troop leader and the other mom we found someone else.  I’m happy to report that all four girls did comprehend all the information given and passed all the testing, including being able to give 30 chest compressions in under a minute!  I also went ahead and retrained so I’m now up to date as well.  We had our training over two days going from 9a.m. till about 12:30 to 1p.m.  The Pi/Pa girls have completed their Emergency Preparedness and in my opinion this completes the health and safety requirement that we are supposed to teach.

My daughter and her friend demonstrating how to check the scene, check the person and yelling for help, AED and first aid kit.

My other daughter practicing first aid on their other friend.

So an aside and mainly because no pictures are allowed inside the house, we took a field trip to the Pennsylvania House Museum.  It’s been renovated and is now run by the Lagonda Chapter of the DAR (I hope to join one day) – it was many things over the course of the years but it’s heyday was during the National Road as people moved west to Ohio and further (it’s weird to think of Ohio as the ‘west’).  Two of our three tour guides were homeschool graduates themselves and also members of the DAR, they were very knowledgeable about the house, which was great.

My three in front of part of the house – it’s HUGE.

Okay, well that is it for now.  I have some more reading to do to bring you more quality book reviews (I’ll also be having a DVD review and giveaway soon) but I’ll have some more posts like when my daughter’s pen pal’s family visited us from Georgia and our trip to the Zoo.  Thank you for visiting and remember I love comments and will try to respond to each one!

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