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A visit to Africa……at the zoo

on December 2, 2014

Ah…..I cannot believe that I forgot to share about our trip to Africa the zoo back in October!  We had to go before the 1st of November as the Africa exhibit closes down during the winter months, because well the animals just aren’t used to our cold climate up here!  Yes, it’s been quite unseasonably cold – winter weather in the fall.  Anyway, so I want to share with you as I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve posted quite a few book reviews the last couple of days and that is because I feel like I’m behind in everything!  Being gone almost every evening will make one feel like they are chasing their tail and getting nothing done.

The day we went started out cool but ended up warming up enough that we could shed our jackets but still not get overheated like we do in the summer.  Of course the first stop was the Africa exhibit and that is really the only area I got any pictures so here goes…..

My middle and youngest posing on the lion statues – in direct sunlight no less.

My son talked my mom, his Grandma, into paying for him to ride a camel so here he is. Quite happy.

Another camel shot.

The lion’s lazing around on the cool morning, there were some giraffes and some other African animals in the distance but they were too far away to get a good picture.

One of the beautiful cheetahs.

There is an ardvark down there – it was actually quite cute.

As I said we did some other things like the carousel and the dinosaur boat ride which proved quite exciting.  We eventually left a little after lunch and stopped at Culver’s which has delicious sandwiches.  Then we went home as we were expecting my oldest daughter’s friend to come in from out of state so they could finally meet face-to-face, but more about that next time!

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