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FlyBy Promotions: Awaken Love The Song by Kyle and DesiRae Idleman (and giveaway)

on December 2, 2014

About the Book:

The Song Couple’s Devotional is a 6-week book for couples that can help awaken love in their marriage. With daily relationship insights and prayer points drawn from the Song of Solomon, this devotional will help couples grow in their relationship with God and one another.

Inspired by the Song of Solomon, The Song is both a full-length movie and resource for churches to explore God’s plan for relationships, love and marriage.

You can purchase a copy of this devotional on Amazon.

About the Author:

Kyle Idleman is the Teaching Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, the fourth-largest church in America. Author of the award-winning and bestselling book, not a fan., and presenter of eight of City on a Hill’s curriculum series, he regularly speaks at conferences and events around the world. Kyle and his wife DesiRae have four children.

My Opinion:

Having been married for almost 14 years, I know that marriage is work – my parents divorced after I was an adult but even with that I was left with some issues on what marriage should be.  That said, my marriage isn’t perfect and I would never pretend it was or is but I must say that this devotional is great for those newly married and those, like me, who’ve been married for quite awhile.  Kyle doesn’t give easy platitudes and he doesn’t make divorce even sound like a remote possibility, instead he wants your marriage to succeed and be stronger and be centered on the Lord.  It’s six short weeks, 5 days each week, are spent doing a little bit of reading and then there is some homework or “the bridge” which are things that you and your spouse are to be working on, it might be something as simple as talking through something you need to change or more ‘fun’ homework.

The readings are short and could easily be done in the mornings if you get up a tad bit earlier or read it on your time through the day and discuss in the evening once the children are bed.  However, you do it, this devotional is big on making your marriage stronger, and each marriage can always use some work.  Kyle even touches on the whole controversial ‘submission’ thing.  Using the Song of Solomon, which ironically my husband and I were just discussing this past Sunday Kyle shows couples how a marriage is supposed to be based on God’s Word and not society’s.  This is one that you’ll want to do between just your spouse and yourself, the discussions are really family friendly, unless you want to talk in code – who knows maybe that is something that will put a spark in the marriage.  I appreciate the frank way Kyle writes but also the comedic breaks that are scattered through out, so while you’re being convicted you can also laugh!  This is one devotional that I’m hoping my hubby will like to go through with me.


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