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Master Books: Intro to Meteorology and Astronomy Parent Lesson Planner

on December 3, 2014

Recently we switched science curricula for our oldest daughter who is working ahead of where she would be in school and when I received the updated Astronomy book from Master Books I knew our old Parent Lesson Planner (PLP) wouldn’t work so they kindly sent me the new PLP to go along with the new Astronomy book.  I must say that having the PLP’s make my life so much easier in planning my daughter’s work for the week and even the year!  Honestly, I don’t really have to do much except check her work and assign her a grade.

The PLP I was sent covers both books, The Weather Book and The New Astronomy Book.  Covering both books is a one year course and it’s geared for 7th to 9th grade students and they will receive a 1/2 credit for doing the work.  I like having this all laid out for me so when I go to make her a transcript I know eactly what I should give her credit wise for the work she’s been doing.  So far she’s almost at the end of the first semester or second quarter which covers The Weather Book, after Christmas she’ll be entering into the second semester which covers The New Astronomy Book.  The whole course runs a total of 36 weeks doing science 3 days a week.

The PLP includes the weekly lesson schedule – simply put the student just opens the book and the schedule tells them what they need to complete that day.  For example, Week 1 Day 48 tells the student to read the section “Lightning – words to know, questions 1-8 and activities on Weather Chapter 4: Worksheet 2 pages 41-41 LP”.  The student easily knows which book to be using with the notation of LP (Lesson Planner) or WB (Weather Book) and can easily find what they need to do as they track their progress in the due date, the check section and the grade.  I personally don’t assign a due date as my daughter is working ahead because she’s enjoying this science so much, so I let her fill in the due date as the finished date and when I check her work I fill in the grade.

Also included in the PLP are the worksheets and I happily report that if you have more than one child who is using or may be using this curricula Master Books does grant the family permission to make copies of the worksheets for your own house.  This could save you money in purchasing extra workbooks should you have a decent printer, however we don’t so I let my daughter write in her workbook.  The quizzes, tests and answer keys are also included in the PLP – while it says parent in the name, the only thing I really do with it is check her work when she’s done for the week.  Each lesson takes about 30 to 45 minutes, so in as little as an hour and a half a week the student will complete three lessons of science.  There are also suggested labs when applicable as well as activities that expound on what they’ve learned and usually involve relating the science lesson back to the Bible, which is another plus in my book.

If you’re looking for a great science curricula that is Bible based and your determined student can use this as an independent course of study leaving you free to work with your other children, as I do.  I highly recommend this course of study and there are other books that go up through high school with their corresponding Parent Lesson Planners.  You can view samples at the Master Books website as well as looking at the additional resources such as the optional labs.  There are two versions the download e-book for $8.99 and the paperback version for $10.49, so it’s easy to chose which works best for your family.

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