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FlyBy Promotions: Lumo Project The Gospel of John

on December 5, 2014

About the film:


A ground breaking, multi-language biblical film resource transforming the way we discover, study and engage with the life of Jesus through the four New Testament Gospels.

The Lumo Project is a ground breaking, multi-language biblical film resource transforming the way we discover, study and engage with the life of Jesus through the four New Testament Gospels: redefining the standard of visual Biblical media. The Lumo Project presents four films – one for each Gospel account – that will revolutionise the way we all experience the story of Jesus and the world of First Century Palestine in which he lived.


The Gospel of John takes the story of Jesus from John’s gospel with its own unique characteristics. For John, Jesus is the Word of God made human. John is clear that that when encounter Jesus, we encounter God.  The gospel writer points to the miracles (the ‘Signs’) and teachings as evidence of Jesus’ special relationship as the divine Son of God.

This full-length feature film about the life of Jesus takes the actual Gospel text as its script, word for word, unedited. Five years in the making, this epic production has been critically acclaimed by leading religious scholars as a unique and highly authentic telling of the Jesus story. Narrated by leading British actor David Harewood (‘Homeland’, ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Merchant of Venice’) it is based on the latest theological, historical and archaeological research. With specially constructed sets and the extraordinarily authentic villages and countryside of rural Morocco, it immerses the viewer in the world of first century Palestine.

My Opinion:

The Lumo Project is onto something and it’s something great – bringing the Bible to life using the Bible and historic areas in Morocco to make it real as could possibly be.  Even though when I accepted this review I knew that the Bible was going to be used as the text and used word for word, I still wasn’t prepared for what I was going to see and hear as I began watching this film.  I could follow along in my own Bible or just chose to watch – I did follow along at some points just to make sure because I’m a bit OCD like that!  I can assure you that the NIV Bible I used and the narrator were word for word correct, I can’t wait to watch the King James Version as well.  Even my children, were wanting to watch but it was their bed time so I promised them we’d find it on Netflix to watch so we can all enjoy it.

I got the feeling of actually being there as John recounts the story of Christ in his own words – be there at the Wedding in Cana as Jesus changes the water into wine, be there as He calls His disciples, and continue on the journey all the way to the not so very end – I say that because it’s not the end, is it – until we get to our Heavenly reward.  What I appreciated as well was that the actors playing the parts weren’t drop-dead gorgeous celebrities, they were regular people and what I can envision Jesus, His family, His disciples, the Pharisee looking like back in that time.  The actors do speak but the narrator blocks their voices out except at a few moments where some of the actors languages break through, which makes for great symbolism and I liked it.  I will be urging others to watch The Gospel of John on Netflix and you can chose the KJV or the NIV which makes it great for those who want a more traditional sounding narration or a more modern English sounding one.

Please check out the Lumo Project on social media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Also, please watch on Netflix – let’s keep this streaming!

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