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Visit with a friend – fun times

on December 6, 2014

My oldest has been writing to a pen pal for about 4 years now (I think it’s 4 years, I’m sure she’ll correct me if I’m wrong) and she’s been saving to go down to Georgia to visit her and her family but it hasn’t worked out to save as much as she needed so in October her pen pal’s mom emailed me and told me they were coming up to Ohio!  There were some very excited children to say the least.  We had many ideas that we could do with them while they were here.  One thing they wanted to do was to go to the children’s science museum – we no longer have a pass to it but another friend who knew of our plight gave me 3 free admission passes which enabled two of my children and myself to get in free and then my other child received 1/2 off with our other museum pass.  Thank you dear Friend!  My son quickly became friends with M’s brother as well.  Unfortunately, my middle child, felt a bit left out – I’m finding out that most middle children feel this way.

All of the children at the entrance of the children’s museum.

All but one playing at the water table.

Goofing off in the traveling exhibit.

Up close of my middle one – I have no idea what she is doing with her eyes.

My normally, VERY serious oldest messing around and letting me take the rare picture of her doing so.  Reminds me of an old Sherlock.

I thought this was poignant – H and M have been friends through some big events in their lives and they’ve become even stronger friends having meant in real life.

After a day at the science museum we left and came back to our city, H’s friend came home with us as she was going to go in and watch B and H take their mandatory ballet class for Illuminate.  After dance class we drove to a mall about 1/2 hour away.  This was quite a huge feat for me as I HATE (did I mention hate?) driving in the dark, even wearing my glasses doesn’t help so I was quite nervous as it was dark, highway driving and their family was following me.  We ate a dinner at the food court and then we all walked around – I was quite tired by the time we got home.

The next day we found out they were leaving a day early so we hurried to think of something we could do before they left, we met them at a park and as it was so wet and dewy I suggested we head to the local rock garden.  My GPS got us all turned around, it sits back in a rather unsavory neighborhood and one doesn’t want to get lost there, luckily H’s friend google mapped it for us and we were on our way.  I’ve posted about the rock garden here and here.

The girls.

All three girls.

Inside of the Nativity scene

My son tossing leaves – which after I encouraged him I realized it wasn’t so smart as they were wet! He enjoyed it.

Saying “see you later” because we will get to GA in the future and I’ll be dragging my daughter to all the GWTW sites 😀

It was a great but all together too short a visit.  Of course I know the girls would have been fine if they could have stayed forever.  My oldest is still saving to make it down to their turf one of these days, but since she’s saving for both Project Dance Detroit and her trip to GA it’s slow going.  We were so happy to meet this family who has blessed us with a wonderful friendship between our daughters and in other ways as well.

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