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Some days I meet myself coming and going…..Part 1?

on April 2, 2015

I’m saying this is part 1, because, well things have been BUSY around here.  As a widowed parent there is so much more that I have to do on my own and that makes things harder and busier than they used to be.  As it says I feel like I meet myself coming and going – run in the house for a moment and run back out for the next activity.

I’m not complaining mind you – I don’t mind being busy and staying busy keeps the grief from hitting too hard on any one day – if I let myself stop for a day I may never get back up, or at least that is what it feels like.  I’m still not used to this whole gig and it’s tiring – physically, emotionally and if I let it, spiritually as well.

I’m also behind in blogging – I need to blog and show you all what we did on our vacation in February but I’ve decided to skip that for now and write about some other things that have been going on.  I paid off the funeral in it’s entirety so I don’t have to deal with the funeral home again.  I paid off the cemetery marker as well, and hopefully soon I’ll have the rough sketch of what it’ll look like and after I approve it, it will be cut and then installed.  It is both a good feeling but also once that marker is installed I know that is it – it is final – not that Don hasn’t been gone but it’s one more fact of life that sort of brings it even closer to home.

I also began making my arrangements.  I’ve picked my vault.  I’ve picked my casket.  Yes, at 36 years old I’ve picked my casket and my vault.  WOW!  I cannot stress enough – don’t wait.  If you have children, do your pre-planning now and start paying on it.  That way, when the Lord calls you home, they won’t be like me and having to scramble to get arrangements made quick enough so there can still be a service or so that you can be buried where you want and how you want.  Since I’ve paid off the marker all that is left for that is for the cemetery to order my date of passing panel.

Of course in all this, real life still happens.  Dance class, karate, Cub scouts, American Heritage girls, tournaments, recitals, 4-H, and on and on….

On a good and lighter note – both my son and middle daughter received their religious awards on 2/22/15 at our church. It was great to see the culmination of their hard work pay off in learning about our Faith and our Lord.  I gave a bit more about that in my Random Updates post.

Both of them up front with our Pastor.

My son telling the Pastor that he doesn’t remember what he learned. That was embarrassing!

Then there was the Blue and Gold Banquet on 2/28/15.  Don would have been very proud of our son.  He achieved his Bear rank and will be a Webelos next school year.  They do a cake auction and each boy is asked to bake a cake with their dad, or in my son’s case, his sister and I and it’s auctioned off to raise money for the Troop.

Here is what a $300 funfetti cake looks like. The winning bidder even let him take it home.

On the auction block.

Up close – he was nervous being up there on his own with the auctioneer.

He and I are in the middle – the moms got to hand the boys their rank badge.

Here is he is with his war paint – each color signifies something – but at this time I cannot remember what they are.

Okay, so I think that is for now, there is much more to come such as our trip to W.Va., D.C., some American Heritage Girls stuff as well as some really awesome field trips we’ve taken.  I also have some reviews to get up so those will be coming as well.  If you’re led please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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3 responses to “Some days I meet myself coming and going…..Part 1?

  1. I understand so well, Sarah. I ended up buying a plot within a few weeks of Paul’s death. I also made an envelope with every piece of information my children will need to know in the event of my early death. I even have my obituary written! It’s morbid, I suppose, but it makes me feel good to know that my children won’t be scrambling the way I was when their dad died.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Hi Sarah, in a way it is, I know my oldest doesn’t like to think that I’ve began my planning but I don’t want them to have to do it – I want them to be able to grieve in whatever way they need to and not worry about the planning. I’ll even be picking my funeral home as I’m not using the same one as we did for my hubby – I want my children cared for and not rushed through the process as I felt I was. The cemetery or burial park that we’re using gave me a book to fill in with all the information including passwords for social media, bank accounts, etc which is nice. I’d like to buy a firesafe box to store it in so that they’ll know where it’s at and it can’t be destroyed.

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