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Bethany House Review: The Love Letters by Beverly Lewis

on April 25, 2015

About the Book:

Marlena needed time to let things sink in. It was beyond her how all this could possibly work out–adding the care of an infant to her daily routine. Fortunately, it would just be until Luella returned home from the hospital and was stronger.
No more than a couple weeks, surely.

Marlena Wenger’s life takes an unexpected turn on the day she learns she must care for her estranged sister’s baby. Spending the summer in Brownstown, Pennsylvania, to assist her Mennonite grandmother, and miles from Marlena’s Old Order Amish beau, she feels out of her element in nearly every respect. Yet Marlena determines to do her best and stay focused on her future, even as those hopes become drastically altered.

You can purchase a copy at Baker Publishing Group.

About Beverly Lewis:

Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, is the New York Times bestselling author of more than ninety books. Her stories have been published in eleven languages worldwide. A keen interest in her mother’s Plain heritage has inspired Beverly to write many Amish-related novels, beginning with The Shunning, which has sold more than one million copies and was recently made into an Original Hallmark Channel movie. In 2007 The Brethren was honored with a Christy Award. She has been interviewed by both national and international media, including Time magazine, the Associated Press, and the BBC. Beverly lives with her husband, David, in Colorado. Visit her website at for more information.

My Opinion:

A search of my blog and reading lists will tell of how much I enjoy Beverly Lewis’ writing and reading her newest book The Love Letters, just renewed my enjoyment of her books.  This is a stand alone novel so if you don’t enjoy series this is a great one to read and it’s a fast read as you get swept up in the story. At first I was worried that Marlena would prove to be just another whining character but thankfully that wasn’t the case, yes there were times she felt sorry for herself, as we all do at times but then she got over it and goes on with her life. Like Marlena, our lives rarely go as we planned them and instead if we listen to the Lord we’ll see His will working in our lives – and that is what I learned from Marlena. While the book provided entertainment while passing the time waiting on the children at their activities, the book also provided some educational value as well or maybe I should say spiritual education.

This book also gave me a few tears as I read – the heartbreak over losing her sister, then her fiancee, and the prospect of losing her niece – Marlena goes through many emotions through out the book. What I also like was instead of just centering around Old Order Amish, this book also included a look into Old Order Mennonites, some of who drive cars and have electricity in their houses. The ending is happy and neatly wrapped up, and that is what I needed on the day I read this, while there are times I’d rather read of ongoing tension I needed a neat and tidy, happy ending and without giving spoilers, I’m so glad that Marlena got her happy ending. This book has many positive aspects to it and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great stand alone book that can be read in a day or two.

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