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Shopping for cemetery markers

It’s one thing I never thought I’d have to do – but then one ugly day it became a reality – picking out the marker that will mark my husband’s and I final resting place. I could have made monthly payments but it would then take 2 years for my husband to have something to mark his place now.  I knew he wouldn’t want something fancy or too expensive – but I picked out something that would meet my needs now for remembering him and then later for when the children have to remember us both.

I’ve waited since March to get this rendering and as soon as the cemetery worker called I called to the children get ready we’ve got to go! Knowing if I didn’t go on Friday it would be another two weeks.  It could be 6 weeks before it’s actually made, here and installed or it could be shorter – no one really knows.  I was hoping to have it installed in time for Father’s Day (nice Father’s Day present huh?) but that isn’t going to happen.

I will admit – this is sort of the finality – it marks that everything will be completed and all is done. Even though I’ve had about 5 months for it all to sink in – seeing my husband’s name on a cemetery marker makes it feel all very fresh and real again – sort of like that whole scab thing 😦 Another issue was seeing my name on the marker – in a way I know it’s good, it’s one thing my children won’t have to worry about later – the cemetery will add my other day and it’s already paid for – but seeing it? It’s very disconcerting – my oldest didn’t even want to look at it, I understand. I sent a picture to my dad and I knew when I sent it it would be weird for him, and it was.

The rendering is already blurry so my picture doesn’t help it any but a quick run down is that under my hubby’s name it says: his dates, then Loving Husband and Son, then his life verse of Philippians 4:13. We chose a drum set as he loved playing the drums, even after he sold his set to pay bills one year, he never gave up the dream of owning another set. Under my name are/will be my dates, Loving Wife and Daughter, then my life verse of Jeremiah 29:11. My picture is a Bible and Cross. In the middle, the circle represents where our vase is, then the banner says Together Forever married 1-1-2001 and under that is Loving Parents of …… then our family name. As hard as it was to design this and buy it I’m glad we’ve done it although it is still weird to see my name on there.

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Litfuse Publicity: Hutterite Diaries by Linda Maendel

About the Book:

What would it be like to share all your possessions and live in Christian community? In Hutterite Diaries, Linda Maendel offers a rare glimpse into the daily routines and communal faith of her people, the Hutterian Brethren. From stories of working together to bring in the fall potato harvest to laugh-out-loud tales of sisterly love laced with revenge, Maendel invites readers into her Bruderhof, or colony, nestled on the prairie of western Canada. Here children and adults work, play, eat, and worship together, crafting a community of goods and living out an alternative to the individualism and consumerism of mainstream society.
Few outsiders know anything about the Hutterites, a Plain Christian group related to the Amish and Mennonites. Maendel’s story invites readers into deeper understanding of this community of faith, calling us to take seriously the example of Jesus and the early church in our daily living.

Hear straight from plain Christians as they write about their daily lives and deeply rooted faith in the Plainspoken series from Herald Press. Each book in the series includes “A Day in the Life of the Author” and the author’s answers to FAQs.

You can purchase a copy here.

 About the Author:

Linda Maendel is a Hutterite author, blogger, and educator who lives in Elm River Colony outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

You can visit her on her website and Twitter.

My Opinion:

I’ve been fascinated by the Hutterite culture and religious beliefs since I saw a movie that was about Hutterites and a Levite marriage and read the book, I Am Hutterite. When this book, Hutterite Diaries by Linda Maendel came up to review I knew I had to read it – this reads more like a fire side chat than a book, and I liked that cozy feeling. Hearing about the devastating loss of her brothers in a fire to how the whole community pulls together to help one another makes me long for that life – the way the original Christians lived, in community, sharing what each had and sharing back. They have their Anabaptist roots like the Amish, Mennonites, and Old German Baptists however their dresses are more colorful and they don’t wear the capes that the other groups are known for. The women’s head coverings are black with polka dots and tied under the chin and they can wear elbow length sleeves.

Linda’s story is real, it comes with the joys and the issues that whether you live in a communal life or not that we all go through – her writing is very real and as I said it’s almost as if you’re sharing a drink and chatting with her at her fireplace (I assume she has a fireplace, maybe I’m romanticizing a bit). As with all things there will be aspects I don’t agree with – such as placing young children in the care of others for many hours a day, I understand they do this so the children learn from an early age how their community works.  I also know that my children learn about our community, the world at large and also about our faith every day even though they are homeschooled. I’m looking forward to following Linda’s blog and her Twitter feeds and maybe one day I’ll get to visit a Hutterite colony, which would be a neat way to really experience that world.

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Litfuse Publicity: Who’s the New Kid? by Heidi Bond with Jenna Glatzer

About the Book:

In Who’s the New Kid?, Heidi Bond, a self-described “ordinary mom,” shares her story of how she helped her daughter overcome childhood obesity. She provides helpful insights and practical tips, equipping families to help their children establish healthy habits as well as lose weight. Bond’s hope for her new book is “to shine a light on the truth surrounding childhood obesity, to let other families know that they are not alone, and to show the world that childhood obesity is 100 percent reversible and can be reversed in less time than you might think.”

At nine years old, Breanna Bond weighed a whopping 186 pounds. Just walking up the stairs to her room was a challenge. Her legs chafed to the point of bleeding from rubbing against each other, and her school days were filled with taunts of “Hey, Fatty!” Breanna’s mom, Heidi, was devastated and wondered, How can I get my daughter healthy again?

Who’s the New Kid? shows readers how Heidi helped her daughter lose weight without the aid of fad diets, medication, or surgery and how other parents can do the same with their kids.

In just over a year, Heidi’s plan worked! Breanna dropped 40 percent of her body weight and was transformed from a morbidly obese child who spent her days in front of the TV eating chips and chocolate to a vibrant, healthy, energetic little girl.

Filled with helpful diagnostic tools, easy-to-make recipes, eye-opening nutritional information, fun exercise ideas, and practical tips and advice, Who’s the New Kid? will not only show parents how to help their kids lose weight naturally but also introduce them to simple, yet effective lifestyle changes that will benefit the entire family.

You can learn more and purchase a copy here.

About the Author:

Heidi Bond has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, and The Biggest Loser. A sought after speaker, she has helped thousands of parents who are struggling with overweight, underactive children. Heidi lives in Clovis, California with her husband, Dan, and their children, Breanna and Nathan.

You can find Heidi online on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

My Opinion:

I’m a mom of three and two of my children are overweight – even though they are active they have picked up the genes that have been passed down from my side and their dad’s side – but that is not the 100% percent reason either. Heidi Bond began to look for answers, thinking the answer was anywhere but in her own house and what she was bringing into it. In a country where childhood obesity is climbing and climbing fast – we must begin to reverse that and we can learn from Breanna’s story and how to overcome obesity, both as a child and as adults. Buying the ‘right’ foods is only the tip of the iceberg, we must also get moving – of course even if one exercises a lot and still eats bad food the weight will cling on – there is a balance. This book was a fairly fast read because it just kept you wanting to read Breanna’s story and see how things went and even how they continue to go for this family, it was a real page turner which is unusual for a non-fiction book.

There were some things I disagree with her on such as saying xylitol is bad, and while I do recognize that some people either need to build up in using it or can’t at all xylitol is a good choice in sweeteners and can also help prevent dental decay (I’m not a doctor however I’ve read many reports that are publicly available to support this). The other issue I have is on page 68 she states, “Stevia has no calories or carbs, but it’s still a new player as far as food additives go, and there haven’t been long-term studies to show what the side effects might be.” Stevia is a plant and is natural, and has been around for many years and used to sweeten foods for many years and thankfully is becoming more readily available – it works great for me in controlling my blood sugars as a type 2 diabetic.

I really did enjoy this book, I thought it was quite inspirational, even if I may disagree on how she went about things, but it worked and Breanna is now at a healthy weight and enjoys being active. I would not follow her menu plan though – it has both carbs and fats at a time, which I know wrecks havoc on my sugar levels – such as oatmeal with bananas and honey, this would be a meal that would cause my girls and I to gain weight, she also uses and suggests using soy milk and tofu. As I said though I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it was inspirational to read their story and it would have been great to get more of the dad’s point of view as well, if you are dealing with or know someone who is dealing with being overweight this is a great book to read.

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In a world of fast-food convenience and non-stop busyness, how do we keep our kids healthy? Heidi Bond’s debut book, Who’s the New Kid?, is here to help. Filled with helpful diagnostic tools, easy-to-make recipes, eye-opening nutritional information, fun exercise ideas, and practical tips and advice, Who’s the New Kid? will not only show parents how to help their kids lose weight naturally but also introduce them to simple, yet effective lifestyle changes that will benefit the entire family.

Celebrate the release of Who’s the New Kid? by entering to win a Fitbit and RSVPing to Heidi’s June 9th author chat party!


One grand prize winner will receive:

  • A Fitbit
  • A copy of Who’s the New Kid?

Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on June 9th. Winner will be announced June 9th at Heidi’s Facebook partyRSVP here! Plus, participate in the #WhosTheNewKid conversation by pinning a family-friendly, healthy recipe (or two) to a Pinterest board!


RSVP today and spread the word—tell your friends about the giveaway via FACEBOOK or TWITTER and increase your chances of winning. Hope to see you on June 9th!

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Litfuse Publicity: Never Say No by Jan and Mark Foreman

About the Book:

The question Mark and Jan Foreman are most often asked is: How did you raise your kids?

Mark and Jan Foreman’s adult sons Jon and Tim Foreman of Switchfoot have influenced their world not only by a successful music career but also through their positive impact on communities around the globe. The Foreman parents instilled in their sons a belief that they could make a difference by living beyond themselves.

This powerful book gives readers an inside look at the process. It begins with both parent and child finding their identity in God. It then explores practical ways to encourage holistic learning while cultivating specific gifts, nurturing creativity in a media-saturated culture, and balancing structure with individual choice. Never Say No inspires readers to raise children to live in the wonder of life by loving others well. Parents will find encouragement for their own parenting journey as they guide their kids to live out God’s purpose in radical ways.

You can purchase your own copy here.

About the Authors:

Jan and Mark Foreman live in the San Diego area, where Mark is lead pastor of North Coast Calvary Chapel. Mark is the author of Wholly Jesus, and holds advanced degrees in Theology, Education and a Ph.D. in Counseling and Pastoral Care. Jan is a gifted teacher, artist, and she also facilitates partnerships with underprivileged women and children both locally and in developing countries. Together they love surfing, sailing, travel and especially being with their family.

My Opinion:

I requested this book because the title intrigued me, Never Say No, well how does one do that – as a mom of three children ages 13, 10 and 8 I say no….a lot. While I like the idea of not saying no there are still times that no is appropriate – like when my son thinks he needs a new pair of tennis shoes when he already has a play pair and a good pair. I have to pinch pennies – as a widowed mom I have to be careful so unlike Jan and Mark, I don’t have the means to make everything my children want to do become a reality. My girls are going to Detroit with their Dance Company, and that was a yes, a huge, yes but it also brings with it a HUGE financial commitment and so we’re fundraising for that, if there weren’t fundraising or relatives I would have had to say no.

I get what the Foreman’s are trying to say, they didn’t want to limit their children’s (who are now grown) view of the world – but most parents I know aren’t going to just say hey, you want to do that, go for it – without looking at the cost involved and those may be more than just financial costs. I think the one thing I did glean from this book is I should say yes more – want to go to the park, yes. Can we take a walk? Yes. I do think that we, as parents, do say no too often and too much – saying yes gives us and our children more freedom. If there is a legitimate no, I don’t think giving an explanation of why is a bad thing either. Overall, this book was an interesting look into a new way of parenting – saying yes to our children.

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Join the Odyssey Adventure Club for a ‘Buck’ (Plus a Summer Challenge)


Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means school will be out for the summer! Parents, does that fill you with dread, knowing all you’ll hear for the next few months is, “I’m bored!”? Keep reading because we have a deal for you—one that will only cost you a buck and that will keep your kids safe online while allowing them to have fun and to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Buck Oliver is back in the latest Adventures in Odyssey album, and to celebrate, you can try the Odyssey Adventure Club for just a buck for your first month. Sign up before May 31st using the promo code BUCK! *This deal only applies to first-time accounts and is good the first month only.

Members receive:

—24/7 streaming access to more than 750 Adventures in Odyssey episodes (a $1500 retail value).

—A new, members-only Adventures in Odyssey episode every month.

—A subscription to Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse Magazine.

—A web quest of video stories and online activities reflecting the biblical theme of that month’s episode.

—On-the-go access with the OAClub mobile iOS app.

—Growing access to Odyssey books, a daily devotion, access to select Radio Theatre dramas and more.

Additionally, a portion of each Odyssey Adventure Club membership benefits Focus on the Family partner organizations, such as Carry the Cure and Mission Aviation Fellowship, providing parents with an opportunity to teach children about the value of serving others. The Odyssey Adventure Club hopes to spend another 25 years hand-in-hand with parents seeking to teach biblical truth to their children while inspiring the theater of their imagination.


Your favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters are also Taking the Plunge in Album 59 and now you can, too! This summer, dive into your faith and grow closer to God by joining the Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse Magazine Taking The Plunge Summer Challenge. It includes these simple things:

  • Learn 5 memory verses
  • Get active with 5 family activities together
  • Share God’s love and your faith in 5 different ways

When you commit to the Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse Magazine Taking The Plunge Summer Challenge, you’ll receive:

  • A promo code for an exclusive Odyssey Adventure Club first month offer (for new members only)
  • Adventures in Odyssey special studio message
  • “Strange Journey Back” book excerpt
  • “Jones and Parker Mysteries” book excerpt

To learn more about the Odyssey Adventure Club, visit, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Litfuse Publicity: When Grace Sings (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy, Book 2) by Kim Vogel Sawyer

About the Book:

When trouble roars into quiet Arborville, Alexa and Anna-Grace find themselves the target for discord and exposed secrets. Can they continue to seek the God of all grace amidst the fog of confusion?

Alexa Zimmerman wonders if the Old Order Mennonite community in Arborville, Kansas will ever fully accept her. Her family roots here aren’t what anyone thought when she first arrived, but she is hopeful that her culinary and hospitality skills will win the skeptics over. The bed-and-breakfast she’s operating needs to succeed so Alexa agrees to allow Briley Forrester, the hotshot reporter from Chicago, to stay as a long-term boarder not knowing his real motives for being amongst the Plain folk.

But when Alexa agrees to host her cousin Anna-Grace Braun, the presence of extended family brings out Alexa’s insecurities and sets Briley on the trail to uncovering a web of hidden truths.

Plans for a secure future and the sweetness of young romance hang in the balance when Alexa and Anna-Grace have to face that their secrets are interconnected, binding the two in ways they could not have imagined. They must trust in a loving, heavenly Father and His plan for their futures.

You can purchase your own copy here.

About the Author:

Kim Vogel Sawyer is the author of twenty-nine novels, including several CBA and ECPA bestsellers. Her books have won the ACFW Book of the Year Award, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and the Inspirational Readers Choice Award. Kim is active in her church, where she leads women’s fellowship and participates in both voice and bell choirs. In her spare time, she enjoys drama, quilting, and calligraphy. Kim and her husband, Don, reside in central Kansas, and have three daughters and nine grandchildren

You can also find Kim on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

My Opinion:

I hadn’t read the first book in this series, When Mercy Rains, but after I received When Grace Sings, I ran to the library and grabbed the first and began it that day and finished it the next! As soon as I finished it, I began When Grace Sings and finished it the next day, that is how wrapped I got into this well written story with well formed characters. That is a quality of Kim Vogel Sawyer I enjoy so much – the fact that her characters are so well formed and they seem so real, like they could leap right out of the pages and begin visiting with you. In this book we pick up where Book 1 left off with Alexa Zimmerman staying behind with her Grandmother to run a bed and breakfast out of her Grandma’s house – but trouble comes along and all are unsure of how things are going to proceed.

With a reporter coming to stay long term in order to dig up dirt on the Plain people and the real daughter of Alexa’s mom staying as well in preparation for her upcoming wedding things seem to go from bad to worse – and that is what kept me turning the pages long after I should have been in bed, asleep. The suspense was well done and didn’t seem forced or fakes, which is sometimes hard to do and the conflict between family members seemed as real as family conflicts are in the real world. Even as real as it all seemed, it provided a nice escape from what was going on around me as I read the book and I’m very much looking forward to the next one so I can find out what is going on with Alexa and her Old Order Mennonite family.

If you’d like to read what other bloggers thought please visit the Litfuse Landing Page.

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Help us get to Project Dance Detroit

In June my girls, my son and I travel to Detroit, MI for Project Dance Detroit at which they’ll be performing with their Dance Company, Illuminate.  This is a time to show the love of Christ through dance and music to the city of Detroit, and any others who come out. If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know that I became a widow in December and I’m still a homemaker trying to make ends meet on a meager survivor benefit pay out. The hotel for our stay is around $800 that does not include gas or meals. I’ve set up a gofundme campaign, if you’re led to give, please do so – I’m only asking for enough to cover our hotel, anything over that will go towards gas, meals and dance related fees. Please know gofundme does take a portion of the donations, good for them, bad for us – but any little (or big) donation helps. Thank you for considering donating to get my girls to Detroit!

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Family Christian: Amy Grant’s newest CD: Be Still and Know (review and giveaway)

I grew up listening to Amy Grant – I even got a couple of her cassettes for one of my birthdays, back when I was given a HUGE boom box. I made complete dances (**GASP** – yes I was a church going, dancing child) to her music in my family’s driveway in the summer and in my room during inclement weather.

I still enjoy those songs like El Shaddai, which Amy Grant has re-made and it’s still as beautiful, even if I’m partial to the one I grew up listening to in the late 80’s, early 90’s. The new album Be Still and Know; Hymns and Faith is a great addition to my CD collection as I drive my children from place to place – every day.

I can still hear the songs, Every Heartbeat and Baby Baby playing over the loud speakers at summer camp for our Church of God district. No dancing though. I’m a hymn person at heart and while I like CCM I knew I needed Amy’s newest CD because it had several of my favorite hymns on it such as:

  • Power in the Blood
  • Rock of Ages
  • What a Friend We have in Jesus/Old Rugged Cross/How Great Thou Art
  • Softly and Tenderly

and these are just a few of what is on this CD of 15 tracks, she also has some guest vocalists like Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow and Eric Paslay.

I feel like I’m passing on the touch, my children can enjoy the music that is faith filled through a woman I used to listen to when I was young. It feels good to know that there are songs that stand the test of time and instill faith in our life as we go about our daily lives. The music is relaxing, but no so relaxing that you can’t listen while driving and while it’s upbeat, it’s not so upbeat that you can’t listen at night in bed to unwind. I will enjoy the music on the CD for years to come and while maybe not choreographing dances anymore – definitely singing along!

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Use this link to enter to win this CD through a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Armstrong Air and Space Museum part duex

We first visited the Armstrong Air and Space Museum back in 2011 – that time my husband was with us, so it was one of those hard firsts. My husband really enjoyed this museum, especially the end with the Star Trek figures at the end. My mom went with us this time and overall it was a good time.

My mom, seeing if she’d make it as an astronaut.


Then there is me – don’t I look thrilled?


And my son – always making some kind of weird face!

And the middle daughter (oldest refused and I pick my battles).

The ultimate reason we went to the Air and Space museum was because the oldest was working on completing her Living and Working in Space, American Heritage Girl badge and one of the requirements was to make a glove box.  I prefer other methods of learning other than making a very confusing glove box (the handbook is not written for girls or their families who homeschool and travel a lot) and I knew this museum had one.

Trying out the glove box.

Inside a lunar module simulator. My husband’s favorite part.


After we finished, we headed outside, if you look at the post from our first visit you’ll find a similar picture as to the one below.  I thought it was neat to see how the children have grown!

All three.

So that is it.  I’m working on updating the blog from some of the stuff we’ve been doing – it’s hard to write anymore as finding the time needed is not what it used to be as I’ve become much more busy.  If you’re still reading my blog I appreciate you hanging around and waiting for content, if my reviews aren’t your thing, again thank you.

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Litfuse Publicity: Heart Sisters by Natalie Chambers Snapp

About the Book:

Heart Sisters is for women who want to both be and have better friends and want a helpful guide to take them through the process.

Author Natalie Chambers Snapp uses her own and others’ stories of successes and failures to illustrate what she has learned about girlfriend relationships. Healthy boundaries, honesty, tact, sharing, and agape love all play a part in being and maintaining a circle of close confidants. She also deals with the inevitable challenges that face many relationships including how to handle conflict; life changes like a new baby, move or divorce; and when it is right to “break-up” with your friend.

Discussion questions, space to journal, photos, and quick interviews of healthy female friendships are included within each chapter.

You can purchase a copy at Abingdon Press.

About the Author:

Natalie Chambers Snapp is first and foremost a follower of Jesus, then wife to Jason, and mom to one spunky daughter and two spirited sons with a crazy amount of energy. Choosing to follow Jesus at 27, Natalie is passionate about sharing the grace, mercy, and truth of God’s love. She lives in the Midwest with her crew and tries to keep it simple by writing about the faith found in the everyday mundane. The outpourings of her heart can be found at Natalie Snapp in the fleeting moments between being a wife and mother.

You can find Natalie at her website, Facebook and Twitter.

My Opinion:

I have some wonderful friends, not only are they friends but they are the sisters I never have and I’m happy to call them friends and blessed to call them Sisters.  I love my friends but sometimes I feel as if I’m the one who is failing as a friend – I drop the ball on calling them back, or texting them back, or even getting together with them.  Enter the book, Heart Sisters by Natalie Chambers Snapp, I think we can all relate – and we go through seasons – the friends that we had in high school may not be our friends once we get married and begin a family, or maybe they are, we want to have friends – meaningful relationships because, if you’re married, you can attest to the fact your husband cannot be a girlfriend. Natalie touches on this in the first chapter about do we really need girlfriends, and I can relate, there were times I’d rely on my husband to be my girlfriend AND husband – one of those was a role he could and was not able to fill, rightly so.

While some of this book spoke to me, some of the issues discussed were are currently discussing in my Sunday School as well so it was nice to relate it to all of life, some of what is in this book is good not only for friends but also for interacting with others.  I’m so grateful that Natalie addresses the issue with men and women being close friends – especially if those men and women are married – this leads to dangerous ground, if not a physical affair then an emotional one. I think the one thing that should have been added is that heart sisters can correct their friends children, briefly mentioned is that heart sisters will love their friends children simply because they are their friend’s, however one thing that as my heart sisters and I agree on is that if one of our children is doing wrong and we aren’t there to deal with it then we can correct that child. That is what heart sisters do, we aren’t there just for each other but we also support the training that they are giving their children, and the friends are okay with it.

This is definitely a good book to read that will inspire you not only to be a great friend or at least a better friend but also to make sure that those you’re surrounding yourself with are worth the time and effort of building a lasting friendship with. Filled with Scripture to back up her writing, this is especially great for the Christian woman who wants more than what the world says is friendship. With places to write your thoughts as well as discussion questions – it can be used during quiet time or in a group setting with other women who want to learn about being a heart sister. I also enjoyed hearing Natalie’s personal journey of her mistakes and her successes of being a friend and also the lessons learned from those who she thought were friends and turned out to not be.

To read what other bloggers thought about this book please visit the Litfuse Landing Page.

(c) 2015, Sarah Bailey/Growing for Christ, All Rights Reserved, Unauthorized Duplication is a Violation of Applicable Laws

Want to be a better friend and have better friends? Natalie Chambers Snapp wrote Heart Sisters just for you! She uses her own and others’ stories of successes and failures to illustrate what she has learned about girlfriend relationships. Discussion questions, space to journal, photos, and quick interviews of healthy female friendships are included within each chapter.

Help Natalie celebrate the release of her new book by entering to win goodies you’ll need for a girls’ night out with your heart sister!

heart sisters-400

One grand prize winner will receive:

Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on May 17th. Winner will be announced May 18th on Natalie’s blog.

heart sisters-enterbanner


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