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Family Christian: Holy Ghost DVD (review and giveaway)

on June 5, 2015

This DVD piqued my interest as I long to know more about the Holy Spirit, I grew up in the church and the church we were in – one didn’t raise their hands, speak in tongues or believe that the Lord could still perform miracles. As I’ve come more into my own faith over the years, I recognized that the Holy Spirit is still at work in our world today, there was no cessation of the miracles – the Lord still gives miraculous healing and people can and do still speak in tongues, among other gifts. I don’t believe though that if you don’t speak in tongues that one is not saved. So when I had the chance to receive this DVD to watch through the Family Christian blogger program I was excited, I want to see what the film had to say.

At first I was very much engaged with this documentary and agreed with a lot that was said by some of the people interviewed such as theologians, a missionary to Mozambique and others, like Lenny Kravitz and Brian Welch from Korn. However, as it went on, I lost the interest as some of the things were just somewhat unbelievable – like mass conversions outside a Korn concert with some of the people still throwing up the sign for Satan and flipping off the camera. I know the Holy Spirit can move in mysterious ways and yes there are some who can be saved at a Korn concert but 100’s? One can’t be saved by someone laying on of hands, and being healed – they need to accept Christ and only then will the Holy Spirit enter their lives. In Holy Ghost, I felt that a lot of the praying and laying on of hands to those who were atheists, agnostics or Mormons or Hindus led some to believe that they had to do nothing else for their Salvation.

Overall, I enjoyed the idea that yes the Holy Spirit is still at work in our world and He can enter our lives and that is how our works yield fruit that is representative of our faith. As nice as it is to think that a Hindu high priest who invites a singer into the Shiva temple and is getting saved, unless he repents, no matter the words he sings to a song he cannot be saved. I only pray that those who were touched by the visit do open their heart and minds to the true, living, saving God – and accept His gift. The documentary was thought provoking but ended up being quite long in the end and at that point I was as ready for it to end as I was at the beginning to watch it.

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