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Litfuse Publicity: 7 Family Ministry Essentials by Michelle Anthony and Megan Marshman

on July 11, 2015

About the Book:

With decades of experience in Christian education and church ministry, Michelle Anthony and Megan Marshman capture the guiding essentials to build a strategy for life-changing family ministry in this ultimate leadership resource. These seven essentials emphasize:

1. Empowering families to take spiritual leadership in the home
2. Forming life-time faith that transcends childhood beliefs
3. Teaching Scripture as the ultimate authority of truth
4. Understanding the role of the Holy Spirit’s power to teach and transform
5. Engaging every generation in the gospel of God’s redemptive story
6. Making God central in every biblical narrative and daily living
7. Participating in community with like-minded ministry leaders

Written for church leaders who have a passion to disciple kids and teens in partnership with the Holy Spirit and the family, 7 Family Ministry Essentials will energize and equip readers with the practical steps, inspirational stories, and biblical foundation they need to build a strategy.

You can purchase your copy here.

About Michelle Anthony:

Dr. Michelle Anthony is the vice president and publisher of learning resources at David C Cook and a popular speaker in the area of family ministry. She is the author of Spiritual Parenting, The Big God Story, and Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family. Michelle has graduate degrees in Christian education, Bible and theology as well as over twenty-five years of family ministry experience. Michelle and her husband, Michael are the parents of two adult children and live in Colorado.

You can visit on her the web at Facebook, Twitter and her website.

About Megan Marshman:

Megan Fate Marshman is the director of student resources and production for David C Cook and has lead and challenged thousands of students in their faith at Hume Lake Christian Camps. With a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Azusa Pacific University, Megan speaks nationally at churches, conferences, and university chapels. She and her husband, Randy, live in Long Beach, California.

You can visit her on the web at Facebook, Twitter and her website.

My Opinion:

I am not in the ministry but I do have a longing to reach children and their families and bring them to Christ, with a living and life long relationship. Most churches prefer to have families separated the moment they walk through the door – we don’t want babies to cry and distract us, we don’t want a bored child coloring on a piece of paper and we don’t want a teen who hasn’t been taught to be present in church falling asleep. What if it could look different with families engaged with one another and also engaged in Christ and being fully present together? Our churches would become more powerful and better equipped to reach those in our communities and our world if all are equipped and able to give a sound reason for their faith.

Now, I know that I’m in a unique position, in that I home-school so almost all our curricula is centered on Christ as the focal point – He is the focal point of our family, and at times we fail – but being the sole educator for my three children gives me the chance to really teach about Christ, both in action and words. Our history text weaves in Biblical history with what was and is going on in the world at the same time – it puts it all together, not like Sunday School curricula where children can’t and don’t see how history lines up with Daniel in the Lion’s Den or Christ’s birth. We need to start giving out more than just milk and expect the parents to do it at home without any direction. Even I wasn’t prepared and it’s taken years for me to become comfortable with teaching my children Biblical truths, so how much harder for those families that have to overcome public school mentality or who have never been to church?

This book isn’t just about ministry in the church but about making it in the home as well – there were several ideas that I’d like to implement in our home. One is writing prayer requests and hanging them for all to see and then as prayers are answered listing those praises. The church needs to recognize that they will be stronger when the family, as a whole, is included in the worship of our Lord and the learning about Him and His Word. I’d highly recommend this book to those who work with youth, whether in a youth program that seeks to lift up the Lord, those who work in their ministries at church and even just those who desire to create a more worshipful environment at home, this book has something for everyone so that the whole family can learn to love and serve the Lord and have a HUGE impact!

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