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Blogging for Books: Effortless Healing 9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight, and Help Your Body Fix Itself by Dr. Joseph Mercola

on July 23, 2015

About the Book:

Do you have to tell your leg to heal from a scrape? Your lungs to take in air? Your body that it’s hungry? No. Your body does these things automatically, effortlessly. Vibrant health is your birthright and within your grasp; you just have to step out of the way. In Effortless Healing, online health pioneer, natural medicine advocate, and bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals the nine simple secrets to a healthier, thinner you. The results are amazing and the steps can be as easy to implement as:

· Throwing ice cubes in your water to make it more “structured”
· Skipping breakfast, as it could be making you fat
· Eating up to 75 percent of your calories each day in fat for optimal health, reduction of heart disease, and cancer prevention
· Avoiding certain meat and fish, but enjoying butter
· Eating sauerkraut (and other fermented foods) to improve your immune system and your mood
· Walking barefoot outside to decrease system-wide inflammation (and because it just feels great)
· Enjoying a laugh: it’s as good for your blood vessels as fifteen minutes of exercise

Effortless Healing is the distillation of decades of Dr. Mercola’s experience and cutting-edge medical knowledge. With his wisdom and that of your body, you can optimize your health, your weight, and your life…effortlessly.

You can purchase a copy at Penguin Random House.

My Opinion:

I’m trying to get healthier and I know many rave about Dr. Mercola so having a chance to get this book for free to review piqued my interested. It was a very easy read – took maybe two days to fully read the book in it’s entirety and the concepts weren’t hard to grasp but it may take another reading and note taking to fully implement some of the ideas. I’ll admit some of the ideas I already knew such as low carb, good fats can aid in weight loss and health benefits, cutting out sugars and sodas and drinking water are all common knowledge. I don’t plan however to go out and purchase the reverse osmosis filters for my house or my shower – the expense I would occur is not in the budget of this widowed mom. Actually, I guess, now that I think about it almost everything in the book is common knowledge but Dr. Mercola explains why certain things have health aspects like why laughing for 15 minutes is a good exercise.

While you won’t find me ‘grounding’ anytime soon – with high arches, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs going barefoot for any length of time is enough to have my feet in pain the rest of the day. However, I’ve already eliminated using sunscreen on the children and I, although if we’re out say at the zoo I may opt for some once our skin starts to turn a bit pink. As I said most of the book is common knowledge, but I’d never heard of structured water before and not sure if I’ll ever get around to that, but I would like to find a way to make non-molding sauerkraut at home. The only part of the book that really bothered me is the part that talks about (briefly) the health benefits of sex, however it’s stressed as safe sex, not within the confines of being married or in a monogamous relationship – that was disappointing as quick hook ups have an emotional toll which can affect one physically. I think this book is a great idea started for those who need a quick way to get started on better health and maybe even weight loss and help with what may reverse some chronic health conditions.


One response to “Blogging for Books: Effortless Healing 9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight, and Help Your Body Fix Itself by Dr. Joseph Mercola

  1. Laraba says:

    Can’t wrap myself around the “structured water” thing? That sounds very peculiar. I should read it just to have any idea what he is talking about :-). I’m also startled he would say to skip breakfast as most people say eating breakfast is important to start the day right. I love breakfast :-).

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