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BookLook Review: All You Want to KNow About the Bible in Pop Culture by Kevin Harvey

on August 17, 2015

About the Book:

Somehow, it’s hard to picture pop culture and Christianity going hand-in-hand, but maybe we simply aren’t looking at things the right way. All You Want to Know About the Bible in Pop Culture reveals places where readers may be surprised to find redeeming values and gospel messages in today’s movies, music, popular TV shows, and much more!

When you look closely, past the outrageous outfits and the antics of teen pop-sensations, it’s easy to see that from the big screen to the small screen and right down to the radio waves, God and His stories are still prevalent in pop culture today. There are movies and television shows that speak eternal truth, reality show families who represent believers well, even fictional Christians portrayed in a positive light. And if you listen closely, musicians are still conversing with God as the original songwriters of the Bible did. For the reader searching for meaning in media today, All You Want to Know About the Bible in Pop Culture is the perfect choice.

Features include:

Fun Bible-based facts and trivia questions
Examples of biblical messages from current TV shows, films, and pop songs
A casual and engaging resource

You may purchase a copy at Faith Gateway.

My Opinion:

Now I’ll admit I requested this book more for my oldest than myself, but I knew I had to read it and so I did – I don’t usually try to find Jesus or Biblical themes in everything I watch or listen to. I know that if I’m watching say, CSI, more than likely it’s not going to have a Christian theme, if it does it’s usually Christians being made fun of, or if I listen to KISS more than likely there isn’t going to be much God talk. I think though, for our younger culture who is very much into the movies and even being able to personally interact with celebrities on social media that knowing how to see God in EVERYTHING is worth knowing. Kevin, the author draws parallels to some famous superheroes and other modern, well known celebrities or fictional characters and he does a good job at it (although I don’t recommend reading it late at night or you may not get much out of it).

For my children and I the favorite parts of the book were the quizzes at the end of certain chapters and games like the mazes or cross words – we did the quizzes at night in our cabin during our church’s family camp. Some of the choices were funny, like Alf was mentioned as a choice and we all laughed at that while some had us needing to grab our Bibles and re-read the account and were left in awe by what we had forgotten or not learned. I also enjoyed learning that some of our rote sayings like “escape by the skin of his teeth” was actually in the Bible and is attributed to Job – it makes our phrases take on a whole new meaning when one can see that they come from great men and/or women of the Bible. A great read for adults and while not all quiz questions were suitable for my now 9 year old, it was easy to skip them and include the whole family in on their Bible knowledge!

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