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CWA Review: Memory Cross

on September 28, 2015

About the product:

Memory Cross features origami cards that have several applications.

The Bible Memory cards simplify the learning process by breaking the verses into 4 smaller parts.

Memory Cross outreach tracts are great tools for evangelism, capturing attention with their unique, never ending, fold so that people are more likely to read the entire tract.

Memory Cross Bible story cards help children learn various Bible stories such as the 10 Commandments, birth of Moses, Christmas story, Jesus feeding the 5,000 and many more.

I was so very excited to receive the Memory Cross cards to review through Christian Women Affiliate and my children were super excited when I showed them the cards when they arrived – crafting and the Gospel in one easy product – awesome. As the description says these are origami cards that seek to bring the Gospel to children in a fun way or to help aid in memory verse retention. The simple black and white lined images are easy to color for both the youngest or older child and even adults who want in on the fun or for the Sunday School teacher who wants to have them done before church. I wish I had remembered to take pictures before leaving on vacation and left our cards at home, so I will be updating this review with some of my own pictures soon.

They are easy to figure out and begin using – I can think of many uses for those who are ‘churched’ and those who are ‘unchurched’. There are also other products like those that can be passed out to trick or treaters instead of plain boring tracts that will be tossed away – the memory crosses or coloring cards will grab and keep the child’s attention. The Memory Cross blog also gives ideas in using the Memory Cross both at home and on mission trips as well as showing their other products and how the Gospel and other Bible stories fit in to our world today. They offer different daily deals but prices usually range from $8.95 and up, which is quite affordable and a great price for the quality of the product you’ll receive.

You can also connect with Memory Cross on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube – these additional social media outlets will allow you to more fully experience what Memory Cross is and what their other products are and what they have to offer and how to use them. I highly recommend this product and it’s many uses for children and adults alike as we all strive to learn and teach the Gospel and reach more souls for Him.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review Memory Cross cards. We are working hard to create fun, creative ways to share the Gospel with children and adults.

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