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Book Review: Cast Me Not Away by Zara Heritage

on February 17, 2016

cast1_zpsapgl4zrs About the Book:

Aktion T4, a largely secret program approved by the Nazis in 1939, was designed to rid the nation of young children deemed unworthy of life. It eventually took the lives of over 200,000 children and laid the groundwork for the destruction of millions of Jews and other perceived enemies of the state. Despite Nazism’s defeat, its wickedness lives on. Today the world wrestles with concepts such as quality of life, meaningful medical benefit, and rationing care for the sick and elderly. Where will it end?

Fast forward to a time and place where the future meets the past and the abortion/euthanasia movement reaches its inevitable conclusion. Family size is strictly regulated, the unborn are routinely aborted, and unwanted children are labeled useless and sent away to be gassed and their bodies incinerated.

In this time of societal darkness, Mira Hastings and Grayson Stevens join a cadre of brave individuals who stand against this juggernaut of evil by putting their lives on the line to rescue ill-fated youngsters from certain death. In a bold attempt to bring down the beast, they publicly expose the greed and corruption that drives the system. Declared enemies of the state, Mira and Gray are forced underground as they flee the wrath of a vengeful government. While on the run they encounter danger at every turn. But, with the aid of a network of supporters, they also encounter hope, joy…and eventually love.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon.

My Opinion:

Since this is Zara’s debut novel I was a bit nervous about how the book would actually be written and I was so pleased by it. The book is well written and the characters well formed and add a dimension of reality to the entire story. Set in the future when family sizes are limited and if you want more than allowed you have to get permission or chose which child to get rid of. Heartbreaking. Thought provoking. This book runs the gamut of emotions from the feeling of justice for an unnecessary murder, to love both the protection kind and the truly agape love of the Bible. As I said the characters come to life on the pages of Cast Me Not Away, from the bad characters to the good, they all come to live with Zara’s vibrant writing.

The scary part about this book is that it’s only a matter of time before these fictional happenings will become reality – in fact with abortion and even letting babies born alive after an abortion attempt die or be killed – is already coming to fruition. The thought of it being allowed by law to kill a child up to age 4 is beyond our comprehension, for those who view children as valuable and as blessings, no matter their abilities levels. What about the family that has “too many” and must make the decision to give their pre-born child away or abort it or give away a child they’re already bonded too? As the saying goes, evil triumphs when good men do nothing, and so Zara’s novel will open many eyes, or at least I pray it does.




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