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Nearing the finish line!


I’m happy to say that I will be graduating in just a couple of weeks. The last day of my senior field practicum (400 hours in one semester!) is August 24th. This was preceded by my junior field practicum of 100 hours. My junior was completed at our county Developmental Disabilities agency and my senior was at the Ohio Masonic Community where I floated between the memory care facility and the skilled nursing/rehab floor. I have learned a lot, including where I’ll end up when I grow up!

One of the things I’ve learned is that as soon as you graduate, everyone expects you to get a job. Now, I’ve been out of the work force, except for a brief part time stint, for 16 1/2 years! I really don’t need to go back to work right away, I’m rare in that I have zero student debt and we could continue to scrape by on our survivor benefits. However, I have a job and that begins on August 27th. I will be the new Director of Social Services at a nursing facility about a half an hour from me. I was also offered a position as a Performance Coach at a charter school but I know nothing about working in a school so I opted for the nursing facility.

There are many benefits to taking the nursing home position – one of which is that they didn’t mind giving me time off for our trip to Disney in September. We will likely be losing Medicaid, which is both a good thing and a bad thing – I’m not used to paying co-pays anymore but we’ll be off the government dole. I know it has been awhile since I’ve written and I would like to see my blog evolve into something for moms, especially widowed moms who are trying to hold it all together and work.

Some may be wondering – yes, I’m still homeschooling.

Our schooling is going to look different – way different than it did when we started 11 years ago and I was home all the time. My 16 year old graduates high school this fall, my almost 14 year old will be working independently except for maybe me helping with science experiments, and my 12 year old son well he’ll still need help to stay on task. We’re also still dealing with his reading, which has improved, but with APD it’s still rough going. School may happen in the evenings or even on the weekends. We’ll see.

I take my Licensed Social Worker exam on Thursday morning – there is no way to really study so I’m praying I do well. I did get an 81 on my comprehensive exam which I only needed a 71 to graduate – so I’m fairly certain with the Lord on my side I’ll walk out with a passing grade. A lot is riding on this exam – I have to pass so I can begin my job, if I pass the only thing I’ll be waiting on is Liberty to confer my degree on my transcripts and submit that to the Ohio CSWMFT Board. Then every two years I have to renew said license and accrue CEU’s as well. One thing is that social workers never stop learning.

I’m not sure if I want to stay in the nursing home arena as my heart is still in trauma and trafficking but I’ve also learned not to limit myself to what I can do. I’m praying for the least amount of stress and upset for our family and that this job will lead to good things for us. Namely a second vehicle so my oldest can get her and her siblings to their activities during the day. Then less worry about finances – it will be so nice not to have to decide between food in the house or gas in the car.

I’m not sure what this blog will look like in the next few months. A social work mom blog? Who knows but I’d like to start something new with this and see where the Lord takes it.



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