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2012 Fair

Last month was our county fair, it was fun, it was hot and I’m glad it is now over until next year!  When you are in 4H the fair is what your summer revolves around – sort of – it could be worse, if we had live stock we’d be living out there.  We did work a two hour shift at the 4H ice cream booth which was awesome and it actually felt good out, two weeks before is miscellaneous judging and then club booth displays and Cloverbud Show and Tell.


It’s a busy time but it’s also fun.


Hannah surrounded by one of her project’s requirements.


Our Club’s fair booth.


Kid’s Day – Christian hard at work on his vegetable sculpture.


Christian’s finished sculpture – a car with a lime antennae


Bethanne with her veggie sculpture.



Hannah working on her veggie sculpture.


Christian’s beautiful flower arrangement. They only allowed them 4 pickings but when we went back later to see who won, the winners had 6 or more 😦


Bethanne in progress with her flower arrangement.


I don’t know how clear his face is but Christian had a look of total joy with a huge smile and a squeal when the carousel took off.


Christian doing his show and tell and telling the volunteer about his insect lapbook.


Bethanne’s 3rd and last show and tell,she’s telling a fair royalty about her insect lapbook.


All three standing with their respective award ribbons in front of out Club’s booth. Hannah got 2nd in Cavy and 1st in Treasures. Bethanne got her 3rd year Cloverbud ribbon and Christian received his 1st year Cloverbud ribbon.



Our day ended with Bethanne having a panic attack and almost heat stroke and me with a migraine.  It was a good but I wish that we had been able to spend more time since my mom bought us all ride wrist bands but it was close to 100 degrees that day and it was getting miserable.








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The end (sort of) for the 2012 4-H year

This Friday, the 20th, our county fair begins and with it means that the 2012 4-H year is unofficially over.  I see all the work the children have done, culminate in judging, awards and the fair.  There will be an awards banquet – one for our individual club and one for the county, but those are later.


I’m so happy that out of 11 children, 4 of which are Cloverbuds and completed a lapbook on insects, 4 of the members completed their project books and went to their respective skill-a-thon or miscellaneous judging.  One of our members who has never been in 4-H before was given 3rd place in her project on family history.  My oldest who took three projects and because of time issues, completed two, placed 2nd in Cavy (guinea pig) and 1st in her Exploring the Treasures of 4-H.  The other member got all A’s at her skillathon and another was given all B’s.  Not bad, if I say so myself.


Today, my friend and fellow 4-H volunteer and I started getting our fair booth up and tomorrow morning some more moms will come out and help get it finished and put our display boards in.  It does look better than last years and my friend made an awesome poster board with our club’s name on it.  Pictures will come later after it’s done.  I also have to wait as Hannah won’t get her ribbons until next week and my other two don’t have show and tell until next week either.


Hannah surrounded with some of her items for the Exploring the Treasures of 4-H project, which she got 1st place in.

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More 4-H pictures and fun at the fair.

It seems we’ve been sleeping and eating 4H the last couple weeks!  It’s been fun and busy and fun and…..well you get the idea!  Tuesday the 26th was the winner’s review and then Wednesday the 27th was Cloverbud show and tell.  The only thing left to do now is to tear down our booth on Saturday morning.

Here is the pictures I could get of Hannah receiving her 2nd place ribbon.

This is our booth, some of the items started falling due to the heat (we were having heat indices into the 100’s) so the glue wasn’t staying up real well.

Hannah in front of our booth with her 2nd place ribbon.

Bethanne did a lapbook on Butterflies for her Cloverbud project.  This was easy since she’s the only Cloverbud this year!  Christian will be joining in for next year though.

Show and Tell for Cloverbuds is a non-competitive way to get the children used to talking about their club and their projects.  Due to the way birthday’s fall, all three of mine have or will spend 3 years as a Cloverbud.  The last year is the longest as they are old enough to be a regular 4-Her but due to the cut off date they can’t do it.  This was Bethanne’s 2nd year and her first year with a new club.  The volunteer asks them questions about their club (name, adviser, etc), general 4H knowledge (what do the H’s stand for, what are the colors, motto, etc) and to see what they learned while doing their project.  It’s very low key and every child recieves a ribbon depending upon on the year they are in and a goody bag (didn’t take a picture of that but they were VERY nice this year).

Here is Bethanne talking about her project:

Bethanne in front our booth after show and tell w/project:

All three of my children, this has become something of a tradition, I wish I would have thought to bring Hannah’s ribbon. (you can kind of see the goody bags hanging on the girls, the regular 4Her’s received one as well at their judging).  Cloverbuds get some little prizes inside theirs like a piece of candy, activity book, temporary tattoos, etc.

After show and tell, we spent some time at the fair with my mom.  The children had to ride some rides so with many thanks to my mom she bought them some ride tickets.  I didn’t ride as I was worried with the heat and the motion I’d be sick but the children enjoyed them.  Pay close attention to the facial expressions of the children on the slide!

We went through the barns and Christian liked the goats and sheep:

Christian and Bethanne enjoy the sheriff’s booth where you can climb inside an old fashioned type of paddy wagon:

The children entered a floral arranging contest (Wednesday is Kid’s Day, where they have some activities going on for them).  They weren’t allowed to pick their flowers until everyone else had gone (I have my suspicions why, but won’t get into it) so they got some bottom of the barrel type flowers but we were surprised when we came back to see who won and found Christian and Bethanne won 2nd in their age categories and Hannah won 1st!

Christian’s – I didn’t get a chance to get him in motion:

Hannah’s is on the left, Christian’s is in the middle and Bethanne’s is on the right.

So this concludes our time at the fair.  Now I’m ready for next year, well maybe come Saturday I will be LOL

I will say I never thought we’d be a part of 4-H, it is time consuming, so it’s a commitment and one not to be taken lightly but it also requires the children to learn the value of seeing something through to it’s finish and doing a job well done.  As a first time adviser this year, I’ve learned a lot to, and not just about butterflies and guinea pigs but what is needed to make a club run smoothly.  I’ve got ideas for next year already 🙂  I was not in 4H as a child but I’m so glad that I got our children involved, our past club and now our new club are both Christian and with our new club having only 5 members it worked well.

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4-H judging – completed

Yesterday the 12th was our county’s 4H judging and this was Hannah’s first year.  She signed up to do 2 projects but we focused and completed only her guinea pig project.  I was amazed at how many children came in with 7 or more projects, knowing how much work went into just one I can’t imagine doing more than 2.  We’ve decided we’ll work on her next year’s fair projects earlier so we don’t feel rushed.

Hannah did so well, she was nervous at first but once she got to talking about her sweet Penny and the project, she got comfortable.  You can see her project board here.  She received all A’s in every area – and only missed one question about why are guinea pigs used in labs.  With only 5 other children in this project area she has a good chance of placing but we won’t know for sure until sometime next week.  If she places, we’ll go to award night at the fair and she’ll be presented with awards.  We also know there is a chance she may not place, we’ll just wait and see and if not there is always next year.

Here is a copy of her grade sheet and the ribbon she received:

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4H! Whew, it's almost time for fair!

It’s been quite a ride this year, after our last group broke up, two of my friends and I decided to start our own group.  After input from us, the children and even my DH we came up with a name – All American Clovers.  We have 1 Cloverbud, and 4 regular 4H’ers.  A small group but that allowed us leeway in scheduling meetings and being more laid back.  I’m the Advisor and my two friends are on their way to becoming 4H volunteers as well.

We are now wrapping our year as Judging is on the 12th and fair will be in a week and a half after that.  This is Hannah’s first year as a regular 4Her and she is excited about her first judging.  Bethanne is doing her second year as a Cloverbud – she wants to do mice as her project once she is old enough.

Hannah did a wonderful job on her display board that will go to judging along with Penny and her project binder:



She did the drawings for the pests that can infect guinea pigs as well as the labeled parts of the guinea pig anatomy.

Bethanne, chose to do a Butterfly lapbook.  I used the trifold project boards and we’ll put her lapbook mini books inside instead of using file folders, this will hold up better to constant handling and time in our club’s fair booth.



Fair Time!!! 4-H Cloverbud Show and Tell

On July 28th our local county fair had the 4-H Cloverbud Show and Tell, which is a way to prepare the younger set for when they are able to be a full fledged 4-H member.  My oldest who will be 9 next year will be a regular 4-Her so this was her last year, however my soon-to-be 6 year old had her first Show and Tell.  At first it was like pulling teeth to get her to go to the table but as soon as she got up there she did great!

My oldest actually did a project, which was the guinea pig.  She has beautiful albino American cavy that is very gentle, loves to lick your hands and be held.  My other daughter took the bird houses that our Cloverbud group painted/decorated.  Hannah got her 3rd year ribbon and Bethanne got her 1st year multi-colored ribbon.

Since it was Show and Tell we got to run into some of our other friends and fellow 4-H Cloverbuds so it made for a very fun and social day.  Wait am I allow to say that homeschoolers actually socialize?????  LOL  This shows from left to right:  future 4-Her, 3rd & final year Cloverbud, future 4-Her, 1st year Cloverbud, 1st year Cloverbud and 3rd & final year Cloverbud.  There was another future 4-Her (hopefully) but she was in the stroller.

For Kids Day at the fair they have crafts and special events that go on that day and one was the vegetable sculpture contest.  They provide all the veggies, icing ‘glue’, googly eyes, toothpicks, etc and the kids get to go create!  All children got a participation ribbon and then there are 1st and 2nd prizes – one of our friends won 2nd place!




Each 4-H group decorates a booth with items that the 4-Hers have done, awards as well as the theme for the fair.  This is my three children in front of out clubs booth with the girls holding their ribbons and projects.

Our booth won 2nd place!

That concludes my lllooonnnggg post about our Show and Tell.  I will say that fair food is incredibly expensive (it seemed even worse this year) $5.00 for a large bag of cotton candy and $7.00 for 6 elephant ears and $4.50 for a large thing of fries!!!!


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