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Happy (Very Belated) 11th Birthday

My middle daughter – asked me if I was going to do my usual special blog post that I do for their birthdays – I said sure, well we were also on vacation AKA running away for her birthday. Now that we’re home I have time to sit and write her special 11th birthday post, although admittedly it is VERY late – her birthday is September 29th.

She was a bald, beautiful baby!

Here she is with her Great-Grandpa.

All three of them – she had a bit of a crying spell before the photo session.

She could and still does manage to fall asleep in weird places and positions.

Helping to churn butter at a living history event.

Her first day of school when we were using FIAR and studying Madeline.

She and her older sister at Praise Him in the Park in September 2014 – she loves to dance and praise the Lord.

She and her brother receiving their religious awards through American Heritage Girls from our Pastor (it was completed at another church but our Pastor gave them their medal). This was on 2-22-15.

She is my funny girl, she loves to tell jokes no matter how horrible they really are and we all laugh – this is a trait she got from her dad. Right now I have a drum set sitting in my computer room that we have no idea where to put it because she begins drum lessons tomorrow, I agreed to this if I could find someone we could afford (thankfully the Lord put a woman who is blessing us with a weekly 45 minute lesson in her home) and if she continued with piano as well. The house is about to get louder. She is turning into lovely young lady who gave her testimony and was baptized this spring in our church – her desire is to serve the Lord through missions and dance and one day be a wife and mom to many. I love my middle daughter.

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Happy 9th Birthday to my Son

My son’s first happy meal – he was so funny!

This day nine years ago I was at the hospital early with my husband and our two girls, waiting for the pitocin to kick and walking the halls. My little man entered the world several hours later and captured my heart. Much like daughters do to their dads, this little man won me over – my worries over what to do with a boy gone. I had a son. You can read the birth story.

My son grocery shopping at a near by children’s science museum.

I cannot believe he’s 9! It’s been a rough few months – he is the one who found Don but thankfully he didn’t realize at first, he just thought dad was still asleep but had had an accident. It’s hard to be a mom who doesn’t know what it will be like to be a teen boy in a few years and all that comes along with it.  I know that the Lord will be with us, just as He got me through the potty training and getting used to having a son He’ll get me through being a widowed mom of a boy.

Yes, those are his shorts on his head. He still makes me laugh with his silly antics.

He laughs at farts and tells gross jokes – he reminds me of my husband in that way not to mention he looks like him too. He’s a yellow belt in karate and tests again on the 30th for his next belt, I think it’s an orange with white stripe. The dojo he’s been at now for about 4 years has become like an extended family. He took a boys hip hop class last year and really enjoyed it too, unfortunately it’s been discontinued.

With his umbrella he painted in a College for Kids summer class back in 2012.

As soon as his eyes open in the morning he is ready to go, go, go – while he still has a temper (comes by it honestly) he is also the sweetest little boy. If I’m feeling sick he makes me get well cards and draws me pictures. He still likes to watch Ben 10, even though it’s no longer ‘popular’. He enjoys going to Sunday School and Junior Church. He is doing better with reading and I can see him conquering it very soon! Some days are hard, as being a mom can be, but in the end when we’re snuggled on the couch or in the bed reading a book it’s so worth it. Happy 9th Birthday to my little guy, to my son.

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Autumn Fun

I realized I missed sharing some pictures and I wanted to share some from a Boy Scout event and also Trick or Treat.  I know some of my readers may not do either, and that is fine, however we do and that is all there is to say on the matter for now.  Our American Heritage Girls had a harvest party with some games and the girls and a couple siblings came along and dressed up and participated as well.  No pictures though, sorry.  Next year the Pioneer/Patriot girls will be in charge of planning things.

My son joined Cub Scouts in September, we were trying to hold out for Trail Life, but seeing as we waited years for American Heritage Girls to come close enough to us we decided to go ahead, bite the bullet and join Cub Scouts.  Our son has even began his God and Me classes which when done, he will receive a special award that he can wear on his uniform – it takes 5 weeks to earn, an hour a week in a class with some other children and then time at home.  My middle daughter has began her God and Family class as well and is a 6 week class and my oldest will be doing her God and Church work with my husband and I at home and hers takes 6 months.

On November 18 my husband and I took the children to the Boy Scouts Spook-O-Ree which had a few games, archery, “haunted trail”, and sling shots.  It wasn’t what we thought, and honestly I would like to have $3 of my $6 back because I don’t think it was worth the extra $3 plus more for extra tickets, but I would have gladly paid $3 for the patch each child received.  I digress – the children had fun even though it was cold and started raining and we couldn’t do the hay/wagon ride because the trailer broke.  I remember the years my brothers did this and comparing the two makes me long for the old Spook-O-Rees.

My son with his eye protection on getting shown how to do the sling shots. At first he had it turned the wrong way and he had to walk around with a red mark under his eye

Aiming his sling shot loaded with dog kibble at his carved pumpkin.

He built and designed his own scare crow. The girls really didn’t participate in much so no pictures of them, sorry.

The following weekend was Trick-or-Treat for our area, thankfully it’s not actually done on “halloween” my oldest decided to stay home and pass out candy as we’ve never been able to do that as our old neighborhood never had children so it was a treat to be able to pass out this year.  My mom and I took the other two around – we were out only for about 30 minutes and they were done.

A modern “Little Red”, Cleopatra and a Champion City Kings ball player. All from items grabbed from thrift stores or already on hand!

Also of mention was their joint birthday party – they’d all already had their birthdays for the year and we promised them last year they could have a joint party but with the oldest surgery, hubby’s health issues, and then moving it didn’t happen.  So the children had a birthday party on October 24th and each were allowed to have 1 friend stay the night.  It went much better than I had anticipated and all the children had fun – with some Doctor Who inspired games and cake and then the sleep over began with several Doctor Who episodes.

Our Police Box/T.A.R.D.I.S Doctor Who cake made by a wonderful friend. White cake for hubby and egg free for me!

If you are looking for a wonderful lady who makes great cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candies and other goodies then please check out Marianne’s Kitchen.  I cannot tell you how great her treats are and her icing is delicious – she beats out another bakery here anytime!

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Happy 10th Birthday!

My 2nd born, my 2nd daughter was born on this day 10 years ago, of course it was almost the 30th – if it weren’t for me getting an epidural to relieve the back labor and let me rest for some it, she would have been born tomorrow.  I can’t believe that she is 10.  She is in the double digits and only 3 years away from being 13!  Yikes!  When people tell you the time flies – it does, it doesn’t feel like 10 years ago, it feels like a moment since I pushed her into the world – my first VBAC – and held her, fed her, cuddled her.  Thankfully, she still likes to cuddle, although she doesn’t fit in my arms as easily as she used to.

Here she is with Great Grandpa Hays. I wish she had been older so she could have gotten to know this man who had a pivotal role in my growing up.

My girls, back when they were both still light blonde.

Just cuteness!

She was so happy with her gingerbread house she decorated in co-op one year.

First year of ‘official’ school with Five In A Row and Madeline.

And now she’s a 5th grader!

She is my girly-girl, she loves pink, princesses, dancing and she loves God.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for her over the  next 10 years .  Happy birthday to my sweet beautiful daughter.  I love you!

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Birthday boy in the house!!!! #grow4christ


Another year has passed and my son is now 8 years old!  Where have the years gone?  They’ve flown by – most new parents hate when people tell them, “enjoy it they’ll be gone soon” and that they will.  While it’s a cringe worth saying, it’s also so true – enjoy it because before you know it, you’ll be seeing your baby turn into an 8 year old (I’m not thinking about him being any older than that right now).  He’s such a boy!  He likes to be loud!  I’m not sure if his voice is changing yet but his seems to be very screech-y especially when he screams.  He’s a character.  I can only pray that he turns into a godly man one day, and for that I can only give credit to the Lord, because some days He is the only one who gets me through being a mom of a boy.


Son with my dad – at his baby dedication. Proud Grandpa.


My oldest giving her brother a big kiss.


A group shot!


Today, he and his cousin playing in the drinking fountain.


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Happy 12th Birthday to our Sweetie! #grow4christ

All images are courtesy of Susan Godfrey Designs.

Another year has passed and my 1st born is now 12 years old.  It is bittersweet, part of me misses that baby who needed me 24 hours a day for all her nourishment, cleaning but a part of me rejoices in the young lady (she’ll hate me saying that) that she is becoming.  She is a godly young woman who is strong willed, just like her mom but is oh so passionate about many issues.  She succeeds at school and is a wonderful student (okay the teacher is a bit partial) and loves to read.

She’s been through so much this year with finding out she needed spinal fusion and the recovery from that as well as being a big help to me while her dad spent time in the hospital.  She’s not big on hugs but has her own way of showing her affection – like a drawing of something she knows one of us likes – and maybe just maybe a surprise hug!  No matter how much she fights with her siblings she still loves them and it’s hard to see sometimes but it comes through.

She is involved in Christian Worship Dance level 2 where she excels even after taking 3 months off for surgery and dancing in a brace for 1 month.  She’s won 2nd place twice in cavies in 4-H and is going for 1st place this year, strives to earn badges as an American Heritage Girl and is almost to achieving her level award.  She has even been planning a benefit art show that will donate money to a local charity.

She helps me in the kitchen, which makes washing dishes go so much faster.  She’s a great cook.  She has many friends, one of which she is saving up so she and I can go visit her out of state.  She’s got an entrepreneurial mind and looks for ways to raise money to help others.  She loves fiercely – if you’re her friend your her friend for life.  The only thing I regret about raising her is relying on her too much in helping me with the house and with her siblings and not making them do more.

So, with all that said I’m sending my oldest daughter, my Whovian, Sherlockian, my Sweetie a happy 12th birthday, may the Lord continue to bless her.



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Happy 9th Birthday to my Favorite (Middle) Daughter #grow4christ

Wow!  I say that every year in the months of February, July and September!  I just can’t believe how big my babies have gotten – Bethanne, my middle daughter – was born 9 years ago today – she was my 1st VBAC and also the biggest of all three babies I’ve had so far.  She is very silly, girly girl, and has so much heart for others.


I honestly cannot imagine my life without her – she is strong willed so some days we do butt heads but she is the first to ask me if I’m feeling okay if I have a headache and will bend over backwards to help me when I need it – even if I have to ask 1, 4 or 300 times.  She fights with her brother.  Gets nosey with her sister. She loves to play with her dolls and her Barbies.  She loves pink.  She likes to read about princesses and knows she is one too.  She is in fourth grade and thus far I have no idea what her favorite subject is.  She is smart.  She loves to laugh – not just a chuckle but deep belly laughs that get others to laughing around her.  She likes penguins.  She likes hippos.  She wants to be baptized.



She and her sister together in matching dresses.


At the Fair At New Boston with a sword Grandma Cindy bought her.


Here is she is with her first Bitty Baby.


Just plain goofy!


So my favorite (middle) daughter I pray that you have a blessed 9th birthday and that the Lord will shine His face upon you!

Happy Birthday!

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Yes, I’m 35 and not afraid to admit it.  Thank you for giving me these years Lord and protecting me even when I didn’t acknowledge you!


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Happy 7th Birthday to my son….

There is something between a son and a mom – I didn’t think I would know what to do with a boy and some-days I’m still asking myself, “Lord, what do I do with this child?”


He brings an energy to the house that is different from his sisters and knows how to make someone laugh, when someone needs a hug, and still loves to give sticky kisses and sit on a lap.  I love my son.


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Bethanne’s birthday – update

Well I think Bethanne’s birthday was a success!  Check out the pictures!


First thing she did on waking was receive her presents.


Excited over her two, 3-in-1 story books on Fairy Tales.



She didn’t realize she’d be getting a Barbie.


The delicious pumpkin spice bundt cake with pumpkin spice glaze that she requested.


Sadie on guard duty, watching for any sign of S’more to come out so she can chase her.



Welcome S’more. A little 4 month old guinea pig – Bethanne is in love with the black, white and brown fur ball. She is VERY cute.


S’more is very scared so this is the best I can do for now.


She received gift certificates to help buy supplies for her pet/4-H project, two more Barbies and Grandpa Bill is stopping over later today.  She is one very happy little girl and I get to spend two more years doing guinea pig projects! 😀

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