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3rd Week of College For Kids #grow4christ

I hate it when I forget to post about something the children have done, like the college for kids, 1st week and 2nd week – so I totally forgot to write about the 3rd and 4th weeks!  Yikes!

Good thing that forgetting to blog about your children doesn’t make one a bad mom.  Right?

This was Hannah’s 2nd and last class (it ran from June 24th to the 27th) – acrylic painting just like her sister took previously.  She really didn’t want to paint a bison but quickly got to work and created a beautiful bison painting.

We still need to purchase frames for both of their paintings, which will hopefully be soon so the dust doesn’t ruin them.

Hannah’s finished bison painting.


2nd Week of College for Kids

If you didn’t see what the children did in their first week, check out my post here.  This week was much better as I only had one child, Christian, doing it this week and it was in the afternoon so I had two hours to read while waiting for him at the art museum.  He took nature’s mosaics and they even had time to make two, the second one I just need to seal with some glue or modge podge.

I have to say I was very impressed that my 6 year old, he’ll be 7 next month, was able to work on this for 2 hours.  If he had been at home he would have lost interest in about 2 seconds.  The teacher was very patient, and the class this time was small – only four and he was the only boy, which he also enjoyed.  We even managed to get some phonics work in this week but it’s still proving to be a struggle for him.

Here he is with the finished mosaic before it was sealed.

Finished chameleon.

I thought it was a shark and I was politely corrected that it is a dolphin that is smiling. I was very impressed with the waves he added.

Today, was spent doing some cleaning, some reading aloud and generally staying inside where it’s cool as our area is under a heat advisory on this first day of summer – it’s icky out.

I know that this is becoming something that more colleges are doing so check out your area college or university and see if they have something like this for your children.

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1st week of College for Kids


The last several years we’ve taken part in a program through the local community college called College for Kids.  They offer classes in art, science, math, and technology – they are pricey but I have to send a big thank you to my mom who makes it possible for my children to take two classes each summer.  Last year was the first year they started having classes for Kindergarten and 1st grade aged children which delighted my son as he’d been jealous of his sisters being able to go.

The first week which was last week, lasted Monday through Thursday, had us at the local art museum from 10a.m. till 3p.m.  Christian’s class was titled Science Quack and they did a lot of science experiments in one hour.  Bethanne took a two hour acrylic painting class then we’d eat lunch in the parking lot and then Hannah would take her two hour glass mosaic class.  It was a long week but definitely worth and best of all it counts for school hours too.

Glass mosaic

Hannah’s finished glass mosaic.

Bethanne listening intently to her teacher. Putting the socialization question to rest – there are other children from a wide variety of cultures in the classes, however I had to crop them out.

Bethanne standing next to her easel and painting – the picture hers was based off standing above.

Bethanne’s finished Bison painting – the lighting doesn’t give it it’s due, it looks really good in person, we’re going to get a frame to make it look official.

Christian in his Science Quack class.

The lava lamp Christian made in his class. They made several things but this was the only one I remembered to take a picture of.

This week Christian is taking his second class which is also a mosaic using natural things like wood, shells, pine cones, rocks, etc.  He’s making a wonderful mosaic and I can tell he put a lot of effort into it – I’ll share pictures once it’s complete.  The following week Hannah will take her second class which is also an acrylic painting class and then in July, Bethanne takes her second class which is an acting class.  When we have time we fit in a bit of school here and there, so we’re staying busy.


3-D portraits a'la Marisol

Hannah’s first class for the College for Kids happened the week of June 20th through June 23rd and she got to learn about the artist Marisol, who made 3-D art sculptures using wood and other mediums.  Hannah made a 3-D sculpture of herself using cardboard, paint and tape.  This was a first for her being without me but she seemed to really thrive and even learned that other children can be hostile about her beliefs.  Others wanted to know why she only wore skirts, why she didn’t have her own cell phone, and of course she was the only one who was homeschooled.  She did well and it led to us discussing more of why we believe the way we do.

Here is her sculpture:


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