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Another blog post that made me think….c-sections

I just read an interesting blog post over at Live, Laugh, Learn! blog on the other blogs that post about c-sections.  I agree that these blogs do promote hate as well as misconceptions about c-sections and the fact that these blogs also claim to be feministic are reasons to stay away from them.   This blog’s post made me think, because you see, I have had a c-section forced upon me back in 2002, and I almost let it destroy my marriage. 

I had a midwife and we had never discussed c-sections because my desire was a natural birth.  Imagine my surprise when an u/s tech told the dr who worked with the midwife that I could not birth a 10 pound baby and that’s what my daughter was going to weigh.  I had never given birth before so there was no way to know if I could birth a ‘big’ baby.  I was still 2 weeks from her due date and the dr told the midwife that if I hadn’t started having contractions yet, I never would.  They told me I needed a c-section.  I told them no, I wanted a trial of labor.  They said no and went to my husband telling him to get me to consent or something bad could happen to me or the baby.  I consented and on February 15th, 2002 my first daughter was born via surgery.

Now, I’m not one who would write hate posts against doctors, nurses, etc – I understand there are reasons for a medically needed c-section, however most women don’t need repeat c-sections if they can find a good dr who will do VBAC’s.   I have had two great VBAC’s one in 2004 and in 2006 – I was induced with both and had epidurals with both – but I had a natural birth.  Not what some natural birthers would claim was natural but given the choice of having another c-section or getting an epidural for extreme back labor I choose MY natural route.

I love my OB/GYN and truly think I was led to him by the intervention of God in my friends who referred me to him.  He understands my need for VBAC, however if my baby or I ever indicated a true medical need for a c-section, I would agree.  The midwife/doctor team who did my c-section did indeed do it for the reason of him not wanting to spend the day waiting on me to labor – I’ve had several other midwives and doctors confirm this.  If I had been allowed to go the full two weeks I would have gone into labor on my own.  As a matter of fact, my daughter had to be pulled out of the birth canal because she had started to descend, and would have sent me into labor at some point.

Am I angry?  There are times but I feel more cheated now.  Do I think all OB/GYN’s are out just cut into women’s abdomens?  No, there are great ones out there who passionately care about the women they care for.  I believe there are so many things that these women who want to put out hate could do to make better use of their time – educate women on c-sections and their risks, educate on breastfeeding, etc.  We need to quit judging each other on how we gave birth, how we feed our children (yes, breastfeeding is best BUT there are legitimate reasons a woman can’t – adoption), wether we get an epidural or not and live and make sure we follow God’s plan for our lives and our family’s.  If I live my life full of hate for something that happened 8 years ago – then I’ve let that dr and midwife win – I choose to go on with my life and get over it.  I don’t like being labeled a VBAC for the rest of the time I give birth, but God put me here and maybe, just maybe it’s His way of  helping other women heal and move on.

By the way, my first VBAC baby was 9 lbs 3 oz – a full pound larger than the baby I wasn’t supposed to be able to birth naturally!   So I want to think the author of Live,Laugh, Learn!  for writing a wonderful post and making me think about this subject.

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