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The Homeschool Mother’s Journal – November 9, 2013 #grow4christ

In my life this week…

I’ve been working on getting caught up with reading and reviews – I’m getting ready to schedule my last TOS Crew Review of 2013 for tomorrow.  I’m also trying to gear up and motivate myself to getting back to exercising and starting school on Monday.

In our homeschool this week…

Nothing, absolutely nothing.  We got home from the hospital one week ago and it’s been a long and tiring week trying to get back to normal with just regular house keeping stuff and blogging.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

If you’re having a major life issue, surgery, etc just don’t do it.  Seriously, if I had had hubby do school last week while I was at the hospital with my daughter it would have messed my system up and if I had attempted this week with daughter still feeling so poorly we would have been at each others throats so really just skip it until everyone and everything is back to normal or at least semi-normal.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Well we’ve visited my daughter’s orthotic place and found out she has been wearing her brace wrong (see Hannah’s Scoliosis Journey page for more information) then we went back to her doctor/surgeon’s office to get some stronger pain meds for her post-operative pain.  My middle daughter went to dance and my son made it to one karate class.  My in-laws did stop over and we’ve had several friends drop off meals to our house.

My favorite thing this week was…

Seeing my daughter being able to have more movement in her arms, even if it still hurts a bit and is still stiff, and she looks much better than she did two or three days ago.

My children’s favorite thing this week was….

Having another week off school.

Things I’m working on…

Finishing and scheduling the last two TOS Review Crew reviews, doing some more reading and reviews and getting things in order for school.

I’m cooking…

Nothing, my wonderful friends have provided us with meal this week to help us get back to normal.

I’m grateful for…

Nurses who did what they could when they could and tried their best to get the doctors to listen even if they didn’t in the end.

I’m praying for…

Those affected by the Typhoon in the Philippines as well as my daughter’s continuous healing.

I rewarded my children this week by…

Another week off school, I suppose.

Something I am ogling or have my eye on…

I think these are great for scrappers who don’t have a lot of time and I’d really like a couple of their kits.

A photo to share…

My two younger one out for a Sunday drive.

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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – March 8, 2012

In my life this week…..

Well the girls finally made it back to their dance class after missing two classes due to illness, Christian tested for his next belt in his martial arts class and I posted my first review for WAHM Reviews!

In our homeschool this week…..

We began Mystery of History Vol. 3 and the children are still enjoying it – they actually asked to keep reading.  We are in week 7 of Swimming Creatures.  We are finishing up reading the 1st book in the Mary Poppins series and I’m not sure if we’re going to continue.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share….

School year round.  Seriously.  We began our 12-13 year in April and the children are almost done, they’ll finish their current math right before our assessment in May.  Schooling year round, affords us the flexibility to take Fridays off or swap it for another day for visiting friends, field trips, errands or just stay in.  It also allows us time off when we are sick or just need a break as well as a nice time off for holidays.  I’m so glad that we started year round schooling.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…..

Martial arts class and dance.  We really haven’t been anywhere else this week as we were trying to get in stuff that didn’t get done last week due to illness.

My favorite thing this week was…..

Seeing that my son is remembering the sounds of his letters in phonics and is making progress in remembering his sight words as well – even though he may put up a fight.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…..

Probably staring our Knights and Castles lapbook or knowing that we’re almost done with Mary Poppins (usually I love the classics but well….you’ll have to read it yourself)

Things I’m working on….

Reviews – I’ve got some great reviews coming up both for the TOS Crew and the WAHM reviews – so be on the watch for those and to stay updated follow me 🙂 Trying to find other Mystery of History users who want to work a shift at the Midwest Convention in April (if you’re going let me know if you’d like to work a shift).  Trying to narrow down the workshops and vendors I need to hit at the convention.

I’m cooking…..

I’ve been trying to do a lot more cooking and am going to invest in a kitchen scale but lately I’ve been using my beautiful salad plate to put my meals on so I don’t overeat.  Oops, sorry got off track  here are some of the meals I’ve made this past week:

  • champion all beef chili
  • beef, mushroom and barley soup
  • spaghetti bolognese
  • coated pork chops, with carrots and salad

Again, just a few of the things I’ve made – I need to come up with a shopping list for this coming week.  Tonight is going to be roast chicken (substituting whole chicken for chicken breasts) w/ garlic and potatoes, unless hubby decides he wants to go to dinner tonight for his birthday tomorrow.


I’m grateful for….

My weight loss – truly I can’t believe how wonderful I feel – I’m also feeling more patient with the children and my mind seems clearer.

I’m praying for….

A friend of mine’s mother-in-law is in the hospital with a serious infection in her leg.

I’m also praying that on March 18th my A1C is normal and I can go off my metformin!

I rewarded my children this week by….

I have no idea, maybe by not having them work on a lapbook today?

Something I’m oogling or have my eye on…..

Same as February 22nd’s entry, a very badly needed new printer (any suggestions), and a kitchen scale – I’m thinking this one – Biggest Loser 11 pound kitchen scale

A photo to share….

My son with his new obi – yellow w/white stripe. He passed his test and is so happy.

The drawing my oldest daughter did of Dr Who and Rose – no tracing.


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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – February 22, 2013


In my life this week:


Well I cut my hair as did my hubby and children – you can read Hair Cuts! to read more about that.  I’ve signed up for another review company called WAHM Reviewers which means I hope to be able to bring you, my readers, more interesting product reviews!  This week marks the 3rd week that I have worked out everyday (well I still have to complete Saturday’s but since I’m posting today we’ll go ahead and assume I am going to do it).  My friend and I made the decision to put our 4H Club on hiatus and I am not trying to find a new Club for my children.  We also attended our first American Heritage Girls meeting this past Sunday – it was a blast and I know the girls are going to enjoy themselves.


In our homeschool this week:


We finished Mystery of History Vol. 2 – the girls took the semester test and did very well, not that I actually give them a grade, but it seems like they’ve retained a lot of what we learned.  I don’t give the tests to my son as he can’t read and he’s only 6.  My 8 year old also finished her 2nd year of Latin by completing Prima Latina!


Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share:


Don’t get so caught in getting school done that life passes you by.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:


Sunday we went to our first American Heritage Girls meeting and there were a lot of parents and children there.  Tuesday was dance, which the girls missed as they weren’t feeling well but son did go to his martial arts class as he tests on 2/28.  Thursday was again martial arts for my son.  Today, we have dentists appointments for all three children and then we have to stop at the store and get some essentials.


My favorite thing this week was:


How great I feel between spending time in the Word and exercising and also knowing that my 2nd DD finished her 2nd year of Latin.


My littles favorite thing this week was:


Not sure about my oldest but my 6 year old is looking forward to the dentist and my 8 year old is glad to be done with Latin until April.


Things I’m working on:


Keeping up with exercising and watching portion sizes/calories.  Doing reviews, reading, and trying to be the best wife and mom I can be.


I’m cooking:


I’ve made Mongolian Beef, sloppy joes, and we’ve had frozen pizza a couple times just because of busyness (yes I can have frozen pizza as long as I cut it very carefully)


I’m grateful for:


My friends who are supportive, a husband who is putting up with my exercise and food obsession and being able to be at home with my children.


I’m praying for:


A friend of mine who had surgery last week and is still in pain.  Another friend who is dealing with some personal issues.  My children.  My husband.  The unsaved.


I rewarded my kids this week by:


I told my oldest if she’d do a poetry course we got for review that she could be done with her other writing curricula – this was a BIG reward for her since she came to dread it.  Otherwise, my hubby is going to let them pick out something at the Dollar Tree later today.


Something I am oogling or have my eye on:


I’d like a yoga mat (I don’t do yoga) but it’d be great for those exercises that require me to lie on my back on sit on my knees.  I’d also like some heavier hand weights and ankle weights as well as an exercise ball and rebounder.


A photo to share:


Grabbed this picture this morning as one of our dogs, Chico, was curled up sleeping with my son.



Homeschool Mother’s Journal – February 9th

In my life this week:

I’ve worked out all week – I’ve been using Wii Fit Plus which is giving me quite a workout.  I’ve also been trying to come up with a budget so my husband can know what I’ll need in order to go to the Convention in April.  I also signed up to be a Team Leader for Linda Hobar’s Mystery of History booth and a Unit Leader for a new AHG group my girls will be starting next week!

In our homeschool this week:

My printer ran out of ink so we’ve had to skip some things that needed printed like my son’s phonics, so we used this week to review.  Same for history mapping and Spanish pages.  Otherwise, things have gone well and the children seem excited about our Swimming Creatures study.

Places we’re going or people we’re seeing:

My oldest attended her dance class while my middle daughter stayed home and my son attended his twice weekly martial arts classes, he is preparing to test for his yellow white stripe belt.

Things I’m working on:

Staying on track with losing weight, you can read my honesty post to find out more.  The children’s Reach for the Stars reading program started yesterday so we’ll also be doing read alouds each day so they can accrue minutes and earn free books.  Of course, also have reviews that need done.  I’m also trying to sell curriculum so hubby doesn’t have to finance me going to convention all himself while trying to pay other bills.

I’m cooking:

I’m back again to trying to make most of our meals from scratch so I can control calories and carbs that go into the foods as well as so I can control how much processed foods are being used.

I’m praying for:

All those in the East who are or have been affected by the blizzard.  I am glad that we aren’t getting hit but praying for others safety as they dig out.

A photo to share:

A big box that arrived on my porch yesterday – the review will be coming for this product! My children have had fun with it already!!


Homeschool Mother’s Journal – January 19, 2013


In my life this week:


It’s been sort of busy.  I’ve been planning for our 1st 4-H meeting of the year and trying to get more people interested – our first meeting was yesterday (which is why this post is one day late!) and it went extremely well.  Mary, my friend and co-volunteer, planned a great project for the Cloverbuds which they will finish at the next meeting in February.  The first meeting is usually fairly boring because we have lots of new stuff to cover and business related issues however in the future I’m hoping we can keep the business meetings to about 20 minutes.


Of course, we also had the girl’s dance classes and my son’s martial arts – he’ll be testing for his next belt on February 12th!


In our homeschool this week:


Things are going well.  We completed a science experiment on which is heavier cold or hot water and we got the results that cold water is heavier and the children all enjoyed the hands-on science.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:


Dance class and martial arts and we got to meet some new people and children who came out to the 4-H meeting.  My oldest is going to a Dr. Who party at a near by library so she’ll get to meet some new children her age doing something that she enjoys.


My favorite thing this week was:


Our 4-H meeting, even though I was nervous at first it went very well and we have some very excited moms and children.


My kiddos favorite thing this week was:


Probably 4-H starting back up and the science experiment.


A photo to share:


On Wednesday and Thursday we had some beautiful sunsets, my son calls them strawberry sunsets, the sky turned a brilliant pink and I managed to grab a picture on Thursday – it wasn’t as pink as Wednesday’s but it was still so beautiful!


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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – January 11, 2013

In my life this week:

Well not much – really, which is okay because sometimes I just need to not be busy.  I’ve been working on our 4H Club’s new year and getting things organized with my friend and fellow volunteer.  It’s also been easier now that my girls are in the same dance class so instead of running twice a week to dance it’s only one.

In our homeschool this week:

Things have gone quite well – it’s our first week back for 2013 and despite having to take Tuesday off and doing school today because of not feeling well it’s gone great.  We are in our last few weeks of Mystery of History Volume 2 and finished our first two lessons of Apologia’s Swimming Creatures.  We did a simple experiment to show air pressure which the children enjoyed.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share:

Take a day off if needed – you can always catch up later.  Spend the day reading, watching a documentary, listen to audio dramas or even just a cartoon.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:

The girls went to their Christian worship dance class, my son went to his twice weekly martial arts class.  Our neighbor stopped over briefly and the neighborhood boy wanted to play but we were in the middle of lessons.

My favorite thing this week was:

My husband giving me his arrived late anniversary gifts.  A beautiful necklace and an on the go charger for my gadgets.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was:

I think the air pressure experiment.

Things I’m working on:

Getting reviews done for EHO.  Reading books to review.  Researching writing curriculum for my daughters so I know what I need at convention.

I’m cooking:

whatever is in the freezer/cabinet.  Things are really tight right now so I’m trying to do what I can – hopefully in a couple weeks I can start implementing Nourishing Traditions on some level.

I’m grateful for:

Being alive!

I’m praying for:

Those who are misled to believe that murdering pre-born children is okay – whether the baby is only 1 week formed, 10 weeks, 30 weeks or even already born.  My heart breaks for the women and girls who think that is the only choice and the right choice.

I rewarded my children this week by:

Trying to make cookies although my cookie press seems to no longer work 😦 so all they got was cookie dough!  Taking my 8 year old to see Les Miserables on Saturday.

Something I’m ogling or have my eye on:

A new copy of Les Miserables – having seen the new movie and currently listening to the Focus on the Family audio has me wanting to re-read this classic book.

A photo to share:

A picture my 8 year old daughter drew for me on our white board.

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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – January 4, 2012

In My Life This Week:

On January 1, 2013 my husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. Yes, we actually married (AKA eloped) on 1-1-01 and at 12:01 a.m.   We had another appointment to have yet another scoliosis brace made for my oldest – this will be her 4th brace.  My other daughter had an appointment for her belly pain with a GI specialist.  We also decided not to begin school until next week.

In Our Homeschool This Week:

Nothing, I did do some lesson planning and planned the rest of MoH Vol 2 and also Vol. 3 (we school all year round with breaks as needed) as well as got ready for our new science, Swimming Creatures.

Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing:

We’ve seen the orthotics specialist, a physicians assistant, nurses and office staff.  We’ll also be meeting up with some friends today to exchange Christmas presents and I’m picking up a book from another friend.

Things I’m Working On:

Getting reviews done.  I got behind with being sick and then the holidays so now I’m still playing catch up.  Also working on getting rid of un-needed things and decluttering.

I’m Grateful for:

Life 😀

A Video to Share:

My friend and I made our reservations for the Midwest Homeschool Convention and we’ll be seeing Tim Hawkins!

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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – 10/12/12


In my life this week…..

Things are getting back to normal.  There were some family things going on that I helped with.  My mom had me go with her and my brother after she made the difficult decision to put her dog to sleep – she lost most of the use of her back legs, going blind and incontinent.  If you scroll down, you can also see I’ve had a lot of reviews I had to get posted!


In our homeschool this week…..


My girls took their semester two test in Mystery of History Volume 2 and all three children moved on to Quarter 3!  We are halfway through with Volume 2, it’s hard to believe but they are all learning so much.  We are also still ahead in our Apologia science and Bethanne is doing well in Latin while Hannah has asked when I’m going to start their Spanish again.  Christian has begun the IEW PAL reading and writing curriculum and has the sounds for c, o, a, g, d and u down!


Places we are going and people we’re seeing……


The girls had dance this week, we had Christian take a break from karate this month so hopefully he can go back in November with a renewed vigor for learning.  We are taking a field trip to a creek where we’ll be learning about some fossils to be found and then going on a fossil hunt!


My favorite thing this week……

Seeing letter sounds finally click with my son!


Things I’m working on……

I’m trying to sell un-needed curriculum so I can earn money for field trips and Christmas.  Also working on Christmas gift ideas and the gifts themselves.  I’m also on a special Crew of ladies who are using the Shapely Girl DVD’s and I am working on doing that 3X a week!


I’m reading……

Christmas at Holly Hill by Martha Rogers

Where the Trail Ends by Melanie Dobson

Queen of the Waves by Janice Thompson


I’m praying for…….

My brother and my mom.

My friend and her family who are going through a tough time right now.


A photo to share….

My oldest’s first completed embroidery project that she made for her pen pal.

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Homeschool Mother’s Journal


In my life this week:


I was doing a lot of running – both of my girls had a dance camp with was 9-2 Monday through Friday which left me and my little guy on our own.  I treated him to lunch one day at his favorite place – McDonalds and he enjoyed having my undivided attention.


Also helped in getting our 4-H Club’s fair booth put up.  Thankfully the weather cooperated and it wasn’t hot and we got it up without me getting sick.  Several from our club also worked a two hour shift at the 4-H Ice Cream booth, which proved to be very fun and I think we may do it again next year, the only thing that would make it better is free fair admission for those working the booth that night.


I also began my babysitting job – one day a week I’ll go in with my three and watch a friend’s 8 children.  I watched them on Saturday for a few hours and it went great.

In our homeschool this week:


Nothing.  We start back in again on Monday the 22nd though so I’ve been working on tweaking  some things and getting stuff printed, etc.  We’ll be about 7 weeks into our 12-13 year before the public/private schools get started 😀

I am inspired by:


Some of the 4-H clubs that have awesome displays – it makes me want to start earlier next year and really have a streamlined set up process.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:


The girls at their dance class, others in my son’s martial arts class, people at the fair grounds and McDonald’s.

I’m reading:


King Alfred’s English, a History of the Language We Speak and Why We Should be Glad We Do by Laurie J. White


The Jesus Scandals by David Instone-Brewer


Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers by Douglas Bond


Grant: Savior of the Union by Mitchell Yockelson


I’m cooking:


(in no particular order)


Schwarma Chicken


Pepper Steak Oriental sandwiches


Swedish Cabbage Rolls with green beans


Stuffed Green Peppers


Corned beef w/veggies



Two photos to share:


I thought this was cute, my son so tired from getting up early took a nap on one end while Sadie took a nap on the other.



Many hands and ladies and children helped in making a great booth for our 4-H group. The was 12 fee long, 6 feet deep and 8 feet high.




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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – July 13, 2012



In my life this week:


Well the children, Hannah and Christian, had their last college for kids class.  Christian took a class on insects and Hannah took a class on marine biology using the movie Dolphin Tale.  Both had a lot of fun and learned some things plus some of it will count towards art!


Hannah had her 4-H miscellaneous judging on Tuesday.  She earned all A’s in both her Cavy and her Exploring the Treasures of 4-H projects.  We are anxiously (me more than her LOL) awaiting to see if she earned any placings or state fair selections.


I went to my doctor today and I’m down 6 pounds, my blood pressure was great, she told me if my A1C goes down to between a 6.5 and a 6.7 she’ll take me down to one metformin pill a day – if it goes down at the next check she’ll take me off for good!!!!!  I’m looking into a rebounder or Wii Fit for my birthday as I’m sure the weight would come off faster if I added exercise into my daily routine.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:


We saw the children in their classes, a friend of mine and a friend of theirs as well as Christian’s karate class.  Classes were held at the local art museum and we went bowling.  Also seeing the chiropractor.


I’m Praying for:


Still praying for my friend, her husband and baby from last week.


I’m reading:


King Alfred’s English, a History of the Language We Speak and Why We Should be Glad We Do by Laurie J. White


The Jesus Scandals by David Instone-Brewer


Cleaning House by Kay Wills Wyma


Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers by Douglas Bond


Grant: Savior of the Union by Mitchell Yockelson



A photo to share:


Christian fell asleep right where he dropped!

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