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Religions of the Stars by Richard Abanes

I am usually not one to read stuff about celebrities but since Religions of the Stars by Richard Abanes had information about the different religions that are gaining a foot in Hollywood and movies today, I wanted to give it a chance. I received this book through the blogger review program through Bethany House Publishing. This book was a very informative and fast read, which I was happy with, educational and fast – what more could a busy mom want when reading a book?

From the Bethany House website: “You’ve probably heard that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist and Madonna follows the teachings of the Kabbalah. And you know that Oprah Winfrey is very spiritual. But what does it all mean? And more important, how does it affect you?

  • Why is Scientology such a controversial religion?
  • What does the Kabbalah teach?
  • Which faiths are embraced by Richard Gere, Marie Osmond, Ashton Kutcher, and many other celebrities?
  • How does Christianity line up with the popular religions of Hollywood?

Inside this book you’ll find the answers to these questions and more. You’ll also discover how today’s Hollywood spirituality affects the movies and television programs you see, as well as how your children might be influenced by the way these religions are portrayed in the media. Richard Abanes–former Broadway performer and television/film actor–blends his knowledge of the entertainment industry and his expertise in the area of world religions and pop culture in this intriguing examination of the religious beliefs embraced by various Hollywood stars.”

The glossy cover sort of makes the reader feel as if they have stepped into the glitz that is considered Hollywood and Richard Abanes being a former actor knows all about that. Mr. Abanes really did some great researching in writing this book. The information is well documented but yet put forth in a Christian way, in a way that lets you know the information is true and opens the reader to the Truth. Richard Abanes discusses Oprah’s New Age religion, Scientology, Buddhism, Kabbalah and several others, pointing out what they believe and weighing it against God’s True Word.

Presented in an easy, conversational manner makes this book enjoyable to read without burdening the reader with too much unnecessary information. Many Scriptures are given so that the reader can look up the verses on their own and make their own decisions about what Mr. Abanes writes about the religions discussed. Again, he does not judge or condemn any actors or actresses for their beliefs, he simply wants them and his readers to be educated about what those working in the entertainment business believes. He wants Christians to read this book and reach out to those in love and Truth and do what we’ve been commanded to do – reach the world with the Gospel of Christ.

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