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Blogging Through the Alphabet: N (need) and O (obedience)

I think it’s easy to come up with some words for the beginning of the alphabet, like A, B, C, D, E but as you get further in it becomes harder and I find myself thinking okay, this is the next letter what can I write about or asking my children to chime in.  For N they probably would have said the word “no” as they hear it quite often.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

I’m actually going with N is for Needy or Need.

I think we all are needy in one way or another.  I know I was and still am – in high school I needed to feel loved and that led to a lot of bad decision making – a lot and even post high and those decisions sometimes still haunt me.

We may be needy financially, emotionally, spiritually, or whatever – I think we all struggle with some sort of need or needy feeling from time to time – we are human.

Whatever our need is there is Someone who can help with those needs, isn’t it great to know that?  As I was thinking of a word I flipped to the concordance in the back of my Bible and looked up the word needy/need and there are verses that speak to that:

“Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession.  For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.  Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may received mercy and find grace to help in the time of need.”  Hebrews 4:14-16 ESV

Of course different translations will phrase it a bit differently but I looked it up in several and all were the same in what it said – Jesus draws us to Him, He wants us to find His grace in our time of need.  Don’t know where you’re next meal is going to come from?  How to fund a school year?  The loss of a loved one?  Seeking love from all the wrong places?

Hebrews assures us that we can come to the throne, God’s throne – not some man made king – but God, the One, True ruler and we can receive grace from Him.  Yes, there are more verses but for some reason when I read these verses in Hebrew it was like a balm, one we can cling to when everything seems too big for us, we can have confidence that the Lord sympathizes with us in our time of need!  How awesome is that?

I think we all also struggle with something else – it’s a word nobody, or most, don’t like to hear today – if you don’t want to hear cover your ears eyes.


No.  Not gonna do it.  I refuse.  Eye rolls.

Obey?  Not me.  We don’t want to obey our parents, our husbands, our children don’t want to obey us and I think, as Christians, we struggle with obeying the Lord.  Oh, we don’t want to admit it because then we’ll look like fake Christians, hypocrites, Pharisees.

We don’t want to obey, our very human nature struggles against obeying – in whatever form of authority is over us.  Sometimes, there is something to be said for not obeying, like in China – women who disobey the government mandates for a 1 child only and refuse to undergo forced abortions or commit infanticide.

Other times, it behooves us to obey – to stop at that red light or to obey that small still leading from the Lord directing us to give more out of our paychecks than planned.

Obedience hurts sometimes.  I know when I decided that I’d have one child, I didn’t have a relationship with Christ at the time, one child only – no more.  Well then, looking back the Lord was working in me even then, even when I didn’t acknowledge Him, when I didn’t want or need a Lord.  I’ll admit I haven’t had any big trials of my obedience, I haven’t had a child divulge some huge dark secret, I haven’t been called to start raising money to go to a foreign land, yet – but it’ll come.

Even Jesus was obedient to His father:

“And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.”  Philippians 2:8 ESV

Obedience hurts.

Obedience makes us holy.

“As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct.” I Peter 1:14 and 15

There are more verses on obedience and obeying.  One thing is for sure we are called to obey our Lord.  If we’ve given ourselves to Him, we need to obey Him – we can’t pick and chose what we’re going to obey (that is what is wrong with today’s churches, but that is another post) – we can’t say “oh, I’m only to stop at red lights on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays”.  No.  We must always stop at red lights and like that we must always obey our Lord.

We may grumble.  “Give up my fertility to God”, “How can I give more? My children need to eat?”, “Serve?  I just don’t have the time”

Jesus asked God to take this cup from Him but He knew He had to obey.  What if he didn’t obey?  What if God honored His request and took the cup of His sacrifice?  What if there were no sacrifice – how little is required of us to obey?  God isn’t asking us to sacrifice our child on the cross because He did that – His own Son was murdered on the cross for US – everyone – everyone who wants it.

How can we not obey?  Think on that, what if Jesus hadn’t obeyed His Father?

I’ll leave it at that.  If you’d like to read others thoughts you can visit Ben and Me (and I’d recommend it if you read mine all the way through).

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Blogging Through the Alphabet: G, H, I and J (yes, I’m behind)

Blogging Through the Alphabet


I knew it was bound to happen – getting behind with my Blogging Through the Alphabet over at Ben and Me, but life happens so I’m catching up.


G is for Grief:


A lot has happened in these last few months – the school shooting before Christmas 2012, the tornado that hit Moore, OK – not to mention deaths of loved ones (not me, but several personal and online friends), deaths of babies.


Grief.  It surrounds us.  In can engulf us.  It can break us.  It can make us stronger.  It shows us who we can lean on.


My heart aches for the parents who will never see their child again, never kiss another boo-boo, never get that sticky kiss or that sweaty hug – never hear a tantrum again.  It doesn’t have to be something personal – you may not know that person but it’s grief, thankfully today Marcy at Ben and Me has posted several Scripture we can lean on in these times and rather than re-post them all, go check out Marcy’s blog.


Grief, it rips your heart out, it makes you hit your knees but…….


H is for healing:


With grief comes healing – it may not seem like it now – but healing is on the heels of grief.


Healing brings life.  Restoration.  Hope.  Joy.  Freedom.


What grief seeks to tear from us, healing brings – you’ll never forget that child, that loved one, the house that was destroyed – but healing allows you to move on and rejoice at that life however short or long it was.  Healing allows you to remember that face without tears, or maybe tears of joy.  Healing allows you to re-build a house, one that maybe was even better than the last.


Healing doesn’t happen on our own though – in order to heal – without the scars of bitterness, hate and worry, we must – we HAVE too rely on the Lord – the Ultimate Healer.  If Jesus can bring back Lazarus from the dead, He too can heal our hearts and be a balm to our wounds when we realize we can no longer go it alone.


You can’t go it alone unless you’re……


I is for Ingrained


The definition of the online Merriam-Webster is:


1.  Worked into the grain or fiber

2.  forming a part of the essence or innermost being

Follow me here – it’ll make sense.  I promise.

There are things – that are ingrained into us – like my love for my children, my husband, reading, these are ingrained in me.  They are an innate piece of me – no one will take the love of my children or husband, no one can take the enjoyment I get from reading (unless books stop being made).  Following along the lines of grief and healing we need to become ingrained with the Holy Word – Scriptures.

Only by making Scriptures a part of us, can they become ingrained, hardwired, if you will into our hearts, minds and bodies!  If God’s Holy Words are ingrained in us we don’t need a physical Bible to get us through the hard times, we can call upon Scripture in the car while driving, in line at the grocery, wherever and let His Words wrap us in comfort that only the Lord and His Word can do and that brings me to……

J is for Joy:

Please don’t think me insensitive – but after grief and healing and if we’ve become ingrained with Scriptures we can find joy.

Read Job.  Yep, even the man who lost EVERYTHING was able to find joy in the end.

Joy is what we get when we realize, as Christians, we can see our loved one again if they’ve grabbed at that saving faith.  Joy is knowing that we can continue to live and be loved and enjoy life – even if we’ve lost everything.  There are many verses in the Bible that speaks of joy.

I think John 16:20 says it best though:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, that ye shall weep and lament, but the world will rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.”

There are some that will not sympathize with the grief (I had many who didn’t understand my husband’s and I’s grief at losing our 1st baby to a miscarriage) but we healed, and with that sorrow came joy when I held our 2nd baby almost a year to the day after I had the miscarriage.

I’m not saying one ever forgets – I never forget that baby – the baby was only 7 1/2 weeks along, we don’t know if it was a boy or a girl – but I do know that for whatever reason the Lord needed my baby and as a result He turned my cold heart from pro-abortion/choice to a pro-life mentality (not just for babies but for all life – the elderly, the ill, those on death row, pro-life doesn’t stop at the womb).  He gave me my Hannah who astonishes me everyday, then Bethanne and then Christian – He gave me joy, that only He can give.

Did I understand joy then?  No.  Could I even think about joy when I was grieving?  No.  But the Lord knew, even when I didn’t recognize Him as Lord – He gave me comfort.  He gave me joy – and one day – not today, not tomorrow and maybe not a year from now – you who are grieving will have joy again and will have it more abundantly.

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Blogging Through the Alphabet: R, S, T and U

Blogging Through the Alphabet


Some of you may have noticed I’m really, really behind in blogging my way through the alphabet.  It’s been really, really busy around here – remember my post on O is for Opportunities?  Well because of all these great opportunities we have been busy and that brings me to R which means




Our bodies need rest and sometimes we just get so busy, so wrapped up that we don’t give it adequate rest.  Science is proving that not getting enough sleep can lead to heart disease and even diabetes.  When the Lord told us to rest and keep the Sabbath He knew we needed our rest.


Just recently my oldest and I had a conversation that revolved around rest in a round about way.  She came right out and told me she had too much going on – I am thinking, yes, we are busy but I thought everyone liked the busyness.  I was wrong.  We evaluated what we could do to slow down – the girls need dance, Christian needs karate and 4H is only from January to fair time.  We re-evaluated Awana.  It’s a good program and it’s served it’s purpose for the time we needed it but the decision has been made to rest – take a break from it – so no Awana this year.


I’ll be glad for the break and the rest that will be afforded us this next year when we don’t have to worry about one more thing which leads me to S….




Now before you take off running and setting your hair on fire hear me out.  Socialization.  Probably the most dreaded word amongst homeschoolers.  Most homeschoolers can carry on a conversation while looking the other in the eye whether it’s an infant, teen or elderly adult instead of just being able to be social with their peer group.  To me, socialization is more than sitting in a classroom of 30, 5th graders who aren’t allowed to talk to each other anyway except maybe for lunch and recess – it’s about being able to interact with anyone regardless of age, grade and gender.


I’ve seen some homeschoolers who are ‘back ward’ but the majority of the ones I know are fully capable of carrying on conversations about a multitude of subjects whereas the children I know who are in a regular school can only talk about the newest T.V. Show, video or whatever fad is current and most cannot or won’t look you in the eye.  Want a conversation longer than a grunt or longer than a minute you aren’t likely to find it.  Want to know how I know? I was one of those public schoolers.  Yes, my children are socialized, and it’s not just all homeschooled children (although they do make up the majority, but some are also virtual schooled, some are in private school and some are in public school) or all Christian children (yes the dojo is Christian as is the dance studio but you don’t have to be Christian to take lessons), and it’s all done with the knowledge that mom and dad are here and that we will listen and help them problem solve which brings me to T…..




I never wanted to be a teacher.  Nope.  Homeschooling.  Not on my radar.  Until 2001 and pregnant with my 2nd and oldest baby.  I knew I’d be a teacher.  I teach my children their readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic but there is something even more important than teaching subjects.


I must teach my children, wards from the Lord, His Truths.  Yes, they still need to learn how to read (so they can read God’s Word on their own), how to write (my son may be the next great Pastor who leads a revival or my daughters may need to write letters asking for support as missionaries) and how to do math (how are my daughters going to be good stewards of those blessing the missionaries?) but ultimately the Lord isn’t going to be concerned in how many books they read, unless it’s the Bible – He is going to be concerned about the condition of their hearts.


If I fail to teach my children the Lord will put that on me.  If I fail to teach my children in His Ways according to His Truths then I am at fault – not any denomination, not any other family member – me.  That’s a BIG responsibility – it’s almost daunting – but not impossible for the Lord is with me.  My children will need me to teach them how to:


  • obtain their Salvation through Christ
  • how to respond to those who would try to woo them away from their Saving Faith in Christ
  • how to witness to others and bring them to Christ
  • how to be godly men and women
  • and much, more more


It’s my job to teach them and I must do it diligently which brings me to U….




I don’t always succeed and most days I fail but along the lines of teaching, I must uplift.  If my children’s spirits are broken and left to heal on their own or are left to be healed by those who are not godly then I’ve failed to uplift them.


I’m not saying give in to the psycho babble that tells parents to never say a wrong thing about your children.  If your child’s dirty you shouldn’t tell them they smell like garbage but instead tell them that they need a bath and explain to them the importance of good, daily hygiene.  If a child is doing something wrong then they need correction, not a false sense of  “I can do no wrong”.  But constantly finding fault is going to kill their spirit and since you represent the Lord to them on earth – it will ultimately have them doubting the God you want to teach them to love.


When they do something kind, give them praise.  When they do wrong, correct it without belittling who they are.  Again I don’t always succeed, most days I yell but I’m learning that when I constantly find fault in my children that they are less likely to want to help me do something or are more likely to fight with each other.


Not only should we uplift them in our words and actions but we need to uplift our children to the Lord.  Give them up to the Lord and beseech Him through prayer to help you raise them, to protect them when you can’t be there 24/7 and to keep them close to Him.  Uplifting our children is a fine line of praise, discipline/chastisement and giving them to the Lord through prayer and if it’s not us parents then it’s going to be someone else we don’t want in their life’s.

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P is For Prayer




Prayer – we all know we’re supposed to do it – and we do, when times get rough, or we want to complain, or we need/want something.  Prayer, for the most part isn’t on our radar when things are going good – the children are doing what their told, everyone is healthy, etc  So we neglect our prayer life – I’m guilty of it, a lot.  I have this wonderful ideal in my head – my children should wake to see me with my Bible opened in front of me, eyes closed, head bowed – but the reality is they don’t.  They wake to a harried mom trying to get them moving for the day – as well as herself.


I don’t wake early – surely the Lord knows my need for sleep right?  He would understand, right?  When I face the Lord one day – will He question me like He questioned His Disciples who couldn’t stay awake to pray with Him in the garden?  Uh Oh!


Another thing on prayer is that do we actually pray when we are telling someone we are going to pray?  I’ll confess, sometimes I know that is the expected thing to say.  I know that is what I’m supposed to respond with as a Christian.  What I’m actually doing is lying – there are times I fully intend to pray and then I go about my day and realize as I’m laying in bed I haven’t prayed – not even a quick “Lord, please be with _________ as they go through _________.”  Yes, the Lord has been working on me.


When I have a friend who needs prayer, whether they post it on Facebook or their blog or elsewhere I do what I can right then to offer a heart felt, sincere prayer.  Even if it’s short, even if I have to type it out, I make a point to do it right then.  I’ve even touched the computer screen while praying for a friend it’s a tangible sign of them when they aren’t in front of me.  I’ve been reading about other faiths, some have certain times of prayer throughout the day, some pray 5 times a day.  Yes they are routine and rote but think about it – if Christians took the time to pray 5 times a day – what would happen?


The Bible tells us to pray unceasingly, that means to always be praying.  It doesn’t mean we have to be on our knees with heads bowed all the time – it means to be in prayer.  It can be a silent prayer – when your child is exasperating.  When that family member is just making one of those comments again.  Be in prayer – it can be as simple as a thought like “Lord help me get through this moment in Your strength.”  But pray.  We shouldn’t need a set time of prayer to remind us to pray, but if that helps so be it.  We are busy moms, so if setting aside five times a day to actively pray, either alone or with your children, then do it.


Keep a list of those prayer requests, talk to your children about them if you’re including them in your prayer time.  Choose a Scripture for each child and your spouse and pray that over them and him.  I like this idea at Lil Light O’ Mine for remembering to pray for her children – I can see this working for our husband’s and even our friends.  What delight would your friend get if you prayed a specific verse over them for a year and then sent them that to let them know what you prayed for them?


So let’s take the time to pray – even if that means you wake up early – I’ve done it and I know that the Lord will give you the energy to get through the day if you spend time with Him.  If you say you’re going to pray, do it right then, so then you’re also not guilty of lying on top of not praying.  Prayer should always be our first line of defense and not a response to hard ships or complaints.


Go pray!  😀

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O is for Opportunities



O is for Opportunities


I’m sure we are busier than some families we know – sometimes it’s nice to busy and it’s also nice to have some down time but my children like to be active and try new things.


Homeschooling has afforded us the opportunities they wouldn’t or couldn’t have had if they were in a brick and mortar school.  I know this because friends and family who do have children in brick and mortar schools are usually confined to the house because their children have homework that takes the focus in the evenings and even weekends sometimes.


My children have been involved in community theater, dance, various sports, college classes geared towards children, art classes in other’s homes, 4H, Awana, etc.  Now I know that there are children who are in regular school who are in these things as well, but for us homeschooling provides us the leniency and ability to be more involved in more things in the community especially during the day hours.


I also have to say that thanks to my mom and my inlaws the children have had other opportunities open to them that we couldn’t afford.  Now, believe me, if we had to we could cut out karate, dance, and the other things that are an expense but as my mom says, “it’s only money and I can’t take it with me, might as well use it for good.”  Thankfully my mom writes a check each month that affords my son his martial arts classes, both of my daughter’s dance classes, she has bought us a museum pass and my inlaws have bought up another museum pass that allows reciprocal visits to many other museums across the United States.


In June and July all three of my children are taking two college for kids classes that focus on things they enjoy like art, theater, acting, music and insects.  My daughters will be taking a week long dance camp in July.  My oldest is praying for a full scholarship to 4H camp in June.  Not to mention fair stuff, like judging, show and tell and awards.  It’s going to be a busy summer.


I’m so appreciative of the opportunities my children are afforded both through my husband’s and I sacrificing, my mom and inlaws.  Before anyone thinks that the grandparents are paying for everything – they don’t.  They help out in a major way, especially my mom, when I figured out how much she has paid out for June and July my eyes about popped out of my head.  We are creating memories – my oldest still talks about the stuff she learned in last year’s college for kids.  My husband and I also make sure we provide opportunities, like the exhibit of Pompeii that is close to us and we plan on taking the children since we just studied Pompeii in our Mystery of History this week.


I am very fortunate to have family near me that help us out when it’s needed and the opportunities my children have had are always going to be remembered.  They will always remember the trip with Grandma to see the Cleopatra and Tornado exhibits, they will remember the family vacation to Kentucky but we ended up in Illinois, and our trip this year to the Creation Museum and Fort Ancient and Loveland Castle.


My oldest is going to have the opportunity to take a babysitting course through ARC and my husband is going to certify her in CPR and First Aid so she can become a Mother’s helper sometime this year.


What opportunities have your children had?


L, M and N is for…..


As you can see I’ve missed L and M and since this week is N – I just joined them all together for Blogging through the Alphabet.

L is for Labor.

I’ve been blessed with 4 children – one I miscarried at before 7 weeks and my other three have all been carried to term or beyond.  With my first I had a c-section – there was no medical reason except the dr and midwife decided my daughter would be too big for me to push out.  Remember, I’d never given birth before.  Imagine my surprise when the dr has me cut open on the operating table and says “oh she descended, you probably would have gone into labor normally”.  I’m not going to dwell on how horrible the c-section was before and after.  I have my Hannah.

I researched and researched and came to the conclusion that my next baby would be born naturally.  I sought out drs and midwives, many who either wouldn’t let me VBAC or who just didn’t like the idea of it.  I was given the name of an OB who did allow VBAC’s and he was just what I needed.  He understood that I didn’t want NST’s, multiple u/s, visits to the high risk peri’s and that I wanted to walk around during labor.

I had my first VBAC in 2004 and my 2nd in 2006 – while some wouldn’t call my labors natural – they were to me since I avoided a c-section.  Yes I had an epidural, when a baby is laying on your sciatic nerve…..the…..whole…..time…then you can tell me how bad epidurals are! 😀 I loved being pregnant, I loved the labor and delivery, I love all the aspects of having a baby.

M is for Mom

Following on the labor thing is mom’s.  Mother’s Day was celebrated not to long ago.  I remember my first mother’s day – it was bittersweet, I would have been several months along – but instead all I got was people ignoring the fact that I had lost my first baby.  Shhh…….it’s as if we don’t talk about it, that it never happened and Sarah will quit being sad.  Guess what?????  That logic doesn’t work.  A card would have been mighty appreciated by me since I had nothing, no lock of hair, no pictures (not even an u/s), nothing to remember my baby.

My next Mother’s Day was wonderful.  I had Hannah in February and she was beautiful, perfect, slept through the night (thankfully all mine have – and I probably jinxed myself LOL), and breastfeeding was awesome!  I have enjoyed every mother’s day since, there are times I still think of my first baby, but I also know that for whatever reason the Lord needed him or her more than I did.

My mom and I never had a good relationship while I was growing up, we were always fighting.  Always.  Even on good days we were usually at each others throats.  Now that I’m a mom and she’s a Grandma it’s as if we’re different people.  We can talk and get along.  She is supportive of my homeschooling even telling me “I really hope you can make it work through high school”.  She is supportive of me staying home, even though she has and always will be a career woman.

I remember after having Hannah and one day all Hannah did was cry and cry – I couldn’t even nurse her to quietness – I’d hand her to hubby and she’d fall asleep but as soon as I held her, she’d cry.  It was horrible (at this point I was still reeling from being robbed of my birth experience) I called my mom crying “she hates me”.  My mom had no idea who I was talking about.  Hubby couldn’t convince me, all I thought was that my baby, my sweet precious first born daughter hated me.  Eventually, hubby and mom convinced me to take a nap while Hannah napped and being refreshed helped us both.  I feel silly now, but I was glad that I had my mom to call those first few days.

Being a mom has been all I imagined and more.


N is for Nursing


There has been a lot of controversy lately ever since the article came out on moms who extend breastfeeding even after their children are quite capable of feeding themselves.  I breastfed and self weaned (all mine were over 1 year old) and it was the best choice for me, my children and my family.


Is breastmilk the best?  Yes.  Can all women or will all women do it?  No.  Are they bad moms?  No.


I chose to breastfeed since I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying bottles, having to find water (you’re not supposed to premix the formula), having to find a way to warm the formula, not to mention the expense of formula.  I didn’t have to mix anything, warm anything, prepare anything or buy anything (except nursing pads – but if you use cloth then that cuts down on the cost considerably and milk storage bags).


That being said I do not fault the woman for not breastfeeding, there still isn’t a lot of help in the hospital.  Even I was told one bottle won’t hurt.  Families who haven’t seen or been exposed breastfeeding feel that you are doing something superior to them and try to convince you to bottle feed.  Whatever, the case may be – but we all love our babies.  Do I feel formula is inferior, yes.  Trust me, the first few days of breastfeeding wasn’t a bowl full of cherries – my son would only nurse on one side while I had to continuously pump the other because of engorgement.  I had mastitis twice and had to go on antibiotics once for it.  My son was also a biter.


Who am I to go around giving moms who are giving their babies a bottle the evil stare?  Do I know what’s in that bottle?  It could be expressed milk because the mom is uncomfortable nursing in public.  It could be donated breast milk because the mom has an illness that prevents breastfeeding.  Or it could be formula.  Do we need to go around and litmus test every bottle?  Certainly not, we need to agree that most moms are going to do what is best for their babies, themselves and their families (WIC will give moms formula for free).  If the child is thriving, growing and well take care of then let’s agree that while breast is best not every woman is going to want to do it but regardless is doing her best to love her baby.

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K is for Kingdom



Well it’s time for K – I had to ask my oldest because I don’t like the word ‘kids’ so I didn’t want to use that and while I could have written about the Kindle several others had that covered and I’ve extolled the benefits of them several other times.  So when I asked my oldest what could I write for K – she said Kingdom.


I think one of the most exciting things about being a Christian is that we will one day live with our King.  Our King is better than any earthly king.  He is everywhere, all the time.  His love isn’t conditional.  His power will right all the wrongs.


I don’t live in a country with a king but can you see the castle of Windsor?  The King of Christians’ castle will be so much more grand, so much bigger, and unlike the castle here on earth – we will get to live in it!  The Lord told us He is going to prepare a place for us!  For us!  No matter how rich, how poor, how pretty, how homely, He is creating for us a mansion in His Kingdom for us to live with Him forever.


On earth, I’m what many would consider poor – we don’t have a lot of name brand clothes, unless they come from a thrift store or hand me downs, our house is small but it’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer, at one time I used to complain constantly to my hubby about our house or this or that.  We don’t get many family to visit and partly because I think they believe our house is too tiny (although DH has devised a way to fit five more children in our current house LOL) and cramped.


When I start getting down on what the conditions are like where I’m at now on earth, I try to remember that is Satan’s tactic to bring me down to his level but I can remember that one day I’m going to have a house that I could not even dream about here.  My dreams are shallow compared to what the Lord has in store for me when I reach his Kingdom.

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J is for Just


Well I was going to do joyful but……Marcy over at Ben and Me blog already wrote a wonderful blog post on being joyful – so as much as I’ve been striving on joy lately I’m going to write about J is for Just.

This isn’t going to be full of Scripture.

This isn’t going to be full of deep, thought provoking words (I know, right?)

J is for Just………………

Just being there……………….

Just listening………………………..

Just hugging………………………….

Just – being you – the person God created you to be.

Take a minute and think how many times did you voluntarily stop and go to your child and give them a hug, or a kiss, or a word of encouragement?

Think back and remember how many times you told your hubby you love him?

Think when was the last time you were just……………there.

Enjoying the breeze in your back yard

Enjoying the birds tweeting

Getting caught up in the thrill of seeing your child so innocently happy

Like I said it’s not a wisdom filled post and it may not even make sense to you, I’m tired, but if there is one thing I could tell you it’s just – don’t overtax yourself with taking on burdens that you don’t need

Don’t worry

Don’t neglect

Don’t take for granted your children, hubby, friends, family or your Faith

Just __________________

You fill in the blank 😀

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I is for Image





We all have a certain image we want others to see.  Be it the perfect, always together housewife.  The successful corporate lawyer.  The tough inner city gang member.


Then there is the image that we think others see.  We ignore our weight.  We ignore the lines around our eyes.  We think ourselves younger.  We think ourselves older.


Here is the thing – none of those things matter:


“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”  Genesis 1:27


We are made in God’s image.


There are a lot of mentions of image in the Bible, usually toward idols, false gods and other items.  Does the Bible say anything about our image?  How are we supposed to appear to those around us?


Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with having a successful career or appearing to have it all together as a homemaker (although I would like to meet her!) but is that all we are called to do in this life?  Is this all people should see of us?


Shouldn’t they see us brokenhearted over the injustices of the world – slavery that still abounds, children being used and abused, the homeless, the widowed.


We are told in Galatians 5:22 and 23 that we should have the fruits of the Spirit which are: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.  In the same book and chapter verse 26 we are told not to long for vain glory, envy one another or provoke one another.


What does this have to do with image?  Everything!


Are you longing for vain glory?  That is are you looking for recognition here on earth, where we are only sojourners?  Are you looking for that next big promotion as your only reason for having that job?  Are you looking for others to see how unselfish you are by neglecting your health while you care for your family?


If others only see what has us blending in with the world then our image is the same as their image – not of God.  We are desiring to live in the world but while taking care of ourselves even if there is some meat on our bones, the dad providing for his family, the mom being home – are all good things but we need to make sure our image as created by God isn’t lost in an image that makes us look like the earth is our home.


There are days I fail miserably in showing the fruits of the Spirit and I grieve – grieve that I’ve hurt my Father by not showing an image worthy of a daughter of the King.  Grieve that others did not see in me a witness to His glory and love.  So as I, and you, fellow Brother and Sister, make sure your image is one that is God approved, because in the end that is all that is going to matter.


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H is for Hope



That’s a biggie.  I know what it is like when you live life with no hope – it’s depressing – and with no hope you feel like there is no reason to go on.

I’ve been there and I’ve been rescued.

Psalm 146:5  “Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God: ”

I was baptized when when I was 10 – 1988 – and I made my decision knowing what it meant however as I grew up I decided to live my life on my way, on my terms – I didn’t need God or His rules.

I made a lot of bad choices, choices that hurt me, hurt my family, hurt others and hurt the Lord.  I had no hope – I let Satan take over – and that led me into the darkness  and depression that comes from not following the Lord.

The Bible is full of words on hope.  I wish I could list them all for you here, but if you were like me and living on your own, then there is a lot of hope to be found in God’s Word and in coming back to Him.

Hope is defined by Merriam Webster as “to cherish a desire with anticipation” or “to desire with expectation of obtainment” or “to expect with confidence”

So my hope is in the Lord – I can desire my place in Heaven with excitement and look forward to it with confidence.  No longer do I have to sink into depression because I can run into my Father’s embrace and know that my hope for my life, for my children, for my husband is in Him and Him alone.

When I put my hope in me – I was miserable and Satan took that to his good – but thankfully the Lord had His hand on me and rescued me and so I can now have a hope that brings peace, happiness, joy, and rest – that doesn’t mean that my life is all sunshine and roses, because being a Christian doesn’t guarantee that, but I have hope and that means that I can give all my cares, wrongs, worries to the Lord and He will take care of them for me.

I pray that you can find what I’ve found – Hope – if you haven’t and you’d like prayer I’d love to do that for you.  Just leave a message or comment (feel free to do so anonymously) and I will pray for you that the Lord will guide you and give you the Hope that can be yours.


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