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We don’t do birthday’s every year, with three children it gets a little expensive so every other year is a off year.  At first some were upset with this but they’ve either come around or just learned that we aren’t listening LOL  This year is a party year but Hannah decided not to opting instead for an American Girl play and Christian opted to take a friend to a local children’s science museum – we’ve had postpone it because of the heat and not having a/c in the van.  So once the weather becomes somewhat bearable he’ll do that.

He did get his presents though on Tuesday from us and Grandparents Hays.  Grandparents Bailey came over on Monday and Grandma Cindy on Wednesday.

Can you guess what is under the sheet?

Here it is.  He’s been riding it almost non-stop since then.  Yes we still have walls.

Daddy found him an interesting light up thing with 3D glasses

He got some other little things, like a lego set, match box car things but I think, besides the bike, the hit was what his sisters gave him:

  • 4 composition books
  • colored pencils
  • set of pencils w/skateboard erasers
  • Spiderman pencil case
  • pencil sharper

With fair stuff this last week I knew I wouldn’t have time to do my usual cake so we opted to buy one and a wonderful friend and Sister baked him one.  You can purchase her cakes at her website: Marianne’s Kitchen He smooshed the letters in his excitement!


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