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Christmas Present – if you are my 7 year old daughter quit reading NOW!

We decided to break down and buy her the new Kindle, well we didn’t buy it, but she is getting it for Christmas.  I should write another post on how we’ve managed to buy Christmas presents for our children for almost nothing.  I will say I’m thankful to surveys that has allowed us to ‘buy’ items that if we were paying for it ourselves rather than earned gift cards  the children wouldn’t get them.

Well after convincing my husband that a Kindle would be a great gift and that she can use it now as well as when she’s an adult, he couldn’t argue that.  I presented the facts and he agreed it would be a good gift.  If he had said no I’d have to be okay with that but I’m glad he agreed.

So I made her a cover for her Kindle (I just have to be sure to give her the Kindle first before the cover).  Using the same pattern I used here for my sister in law.  I’m thinking I may have been off on my seam allowance because it’s still big but I’ll fix that once she opens it and the Kindle so I can fit it real good.

She loves penguins.  I think she’ll like this what do you think?

Oh and at the chance of a shameless plug – if you’d like a cover for your Nook, Kindle or iPad I can do that.  Nook and Kindles are $15.00 plus shipping and the iPad is $20.00 plus shipping

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Hannah loves theatre,  she even wrote the skit for a play in our co-op, so she had the chance, thanks to Grandma Cindy, to attend a class on theatre production at the local college.  It was Monday July 11th through Thursday July 14th;  9a.m. to 12noon and they had to created their own costumes, learn lines and then perform.  She was Eeyore and did a wonderful job – oh yes she even did her own make up with professional make-up.

This is the whole class and teacher.


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Day 5 of Craft Camp – July 1, 2011

Day 5 of Craft camp is always bittersweet.  No more getting up early but then again no more organized crafting and fun.  The children had fun though on their last day, even though making a dream catcher was a bit trickier for the youngest in the group (and for me!).

They made a medicine pouch and dream catchers.

And once I get Hannah’s day 2 fixed I’ll post about day 2!

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Day 4 of Craft Camp

I still haven’t gotten around to fixing Hannah’s Indian breast plate so I’m still skipping day 2 but you can view Day 1 and Day 3 Here is Day 4 in which they made a drum w/drum sticks and a game that you get the beads into the holes.


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Day 3 of Craft Camp

June 29th was the children’s 3rd day of craft camp, and yes I skipped Day 2’s post as I have to fix one of Hannah’s crafts as it’s something they wear and once I do that then I’ll back track and post pictures.

The children made a cute picture frame (I’m going to put the group shot of them here in the frame), an Indian rattle/noise maker and a covered wagon.

Here is Christian’s:

Here is Hannah’s:

Here is Bethanne’s:

My children so enjoy this week during the summer.  Some have asked is it worth the $3.00 per day per child to do this and yes.  A friend of mine actually compared what it would have cost to buy the supplies for the children to do them at home and it was in fact cheaper (even cheaper for me as I’d have to buy 3 of most supplies).  No, I’m not being asked to blog or talk this Craft Camp up – we just really like it!

Oh and here are the sheriff badges they made on the first day but I forgot to include as the backs feel off and I had to repair them:

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Craft Camp 2011 – Day 1

I’ve written before on the children doing craft camp at the local craft camp.  You can see the posts here: Day 1 – 2010, Day 2 – 2010, Day 3 – 2010, Day 4 – 2010, and Day 5 – 2010.  Here is another post when Hannah was going with my MIL back in 2008.  This is Bethanne’s and Christian’s 2nd year and Hannah’s 6th year – for $3.00 a day the children make between 2 and 4 crafts (depending on the day and how involved the projects are).  There is a snack provided, all supplies, t-shirts to cover up clothing and two hours of crafting.  This year’s theme is Cowboy/Cowgirl and the children are really enjoying it.

This year is actually going better since Christian is older and is doing more on his own – last year he needed more one on one as did Bethanne.  Thankfully once I show Bethanne what she needs to do she can do it with little help and Christian is getting there. Hannah kept covering her face as I was trying to get pictures of her actually crafting 😦


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Gifts and more art

While I was at the Midwest Homeschool Convention at the begining of this month my girls made me these sachets with help from my MIL.  I thought they did a good job on the hand sewing.  They used some perfume, which was way too strong for me, on cotton balls that they stuffed inside.  I put them in a plastic bag but the perfume still seeped out so after gaining permission, I took a picture and threw them away 😦  It is VERY hard for me to throw items away that my children make me but having come to the conclusion that even if I had a 1200 sq. ft. house I couldn’t keep everything nor could I keep something that would give me a migraine every time I’d come across it.  Thankfully my girls understood.

I need to post more of Bethanne’s art work she does but until I take some pictures here are more of Hannah’s.  She is getting close to finishing Book 1 of ARTistic Pursuits (remember that excellent art curriculum I keep talking about!) and these are some more of her projects:

This is using water color paper, oil pastels (resist) and watercolor crayons.  That is a guinea pig.

This is an assignment for art on floors using construction paper and chalk pastels.

This is an optical illusion she did in elementary art at our co-op.  Can you see the stars?

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Olympus Mons

What is the biggest volcano in our Solar System?

Did you guess it?

That’s right, it’s Olympus Mons located on the planet Mars and we got to make our own!  We haven’t yet exploded it since I want to do it outside in case of a volcano goes wild – wouldn’t do well to have ‘lava’ all over the kitchen.  So here are pictures of our Olympus Mons.

This is the foil lined baking dish and empty pill container:

Our homemade clay supplies and the girls helping in making it:

The clay formed around the pill bottle:

When we get to make it erupt (hopefully tomorrow, if it’s warm and not raining) I will post more pictures!  The children want to make it erupt in many colors!


Creative Randomness

My oldest is always creating something and it could be out of items that we would see as trash.  I wish I could keep all of my children’s creations but even if we didn’t have a small house it just isn’t feasible.  I’ve started to take pictures of those things which I don’t eventually toss so that we can remember it without taking up all that space. 

Here are a few of her creations:

This is a portrait of me made out of packing peanuts (we get a steady supply of these with all the reviews I do) and packing paper:

My husband has been getting his comic called Ponder in our local paper as well as a few other local counties since last year and in honor of that she made a pair of Ponder glasses:

If you’d like to purchase a Ponder book you can find more information here:

Ponder Comic Book

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Lego Creations

My son, C, was given a set of the big Lego blocks for Christmas but all the children have had fun in creating things with them – of course not what is shown on the box but that is the fun of Legos, creating what you want.  The following are some pics of things my children created.  Sorry the picture quality isn’t good that was my fault.

A Bumble Bee:

Flowers for the bee:

The bee and flowers together:

These were mainly made by my oldest but her younger siblings did help.  She is very creative and enjoys art and designing.

**This post is copyright 2011 by Sarah @ Growing for Christ

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