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Back to the grindstone

Well it looks like it’s time to get back to blogging!  After taking a break to celebrate Christmas I’m back and hoping to schedule some posts for the next few days as we’ll also be getting back into the school thing next week as well.

My children, husband and I were very blessed this Christmas time – I was given a new digital camera from my dad and stepmom, my mom gave me a Kindle, my inlaws gave me the complete Love Saga.  This isn’t a complete list but I’ve been blessed with some things I needed as well as wanted.  I also got some Homestead Blessing DVD’s which are a wonderful addition to my DVD collection.

My children also bought me some very thoughtful gifts, my son gave me a best mom necklace and a melt tart for my warmer.  I got an Annie DVD from one daughter and the Ice Age Christmas special from the other.

Here is our doggie, Sadie:

Here is the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve night after the children were in bed:

Our cookie baking and decorating on Christmas Eve.  That rolling pin?  That is the same one my mom used to roll out our sugar cookies on Christmas Eve when I was a child:

Christmas Eve at my Dad’s and Step-mom’s:

Christmas Eve at my inlaws house:

Christmas morning at our house:

My mom came over in the afternoon on Christmas Day and provided a meal for us, her and my brother to share.  It was a nice time and a great visit.  We gave her a couple handcrafted gifts and I found a DVD copy of Volume I He-Man which he enjoyed when he was a young boy.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take pictures.

The day after Christmas we went back over to my inlaws since Don’s brother, SIL and nephews were up from their homes out of state.

As we move into the new year I’m reflecting on all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us – both the tangible and intangible gifts.

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More handmade Christmas **DO NOT look if you are family or my inlaws!**

As I’ve said before we are striving to be as debt free this Christmas and we’ve done that by making more presents.  So far my SIL’s and my 7 year old have a homemade gift under the tree.  We had to figure out something for my dad and step-mom, my mom, my BIL and his wife and my brother and SIL.

I know you’re dying to know……but first if you don’t like wine, the mention of wine, hillbillies please stop reading as I don’t need any nasty comments.  Thank you!

My brother and SIL and my BIL and his wife will be getting………

a beautiful set of handmade hillbilly wine glasses complete with a classy marble in the stem – we also threw in a sparkling wild berry juice.

Now what will my dad and step-mom and my MIL and FIL be getting – we actually have something else but I haven’t take a picture yet so that will be another post!

These are glass blocks that light up with the OSU logo.  My husband, being the talented man he is, did the bows!  (He told me to make sure I give him credit for the bows)

So that is what we’ve done so far.  I’ll be posting on another gift that the children made for the grandparents and was Pinterest inspired!


Christmas Present – if you are my SIL please don’t continue reading

I like to try to make homemade gifts for people and this year the first one I made was a cover for my SIL’s Nook cover (my hubby’s sister).  I’ve been making my Kindle covers and a cover for my friend last year and a cover for a favorite librarian using the pattern from Birdiful Stitches which is easy peasy to do.

Well my SIL isn’t a frilly, girly girl so we had to come up with fabric that she’d like and my children unanimously voted for skull and cross bones.  Now my children know that this isn’t fabric I’d normally choose but for my SIL it works.  So I made her a Nook cover – and inside she’ll find a $10 gift code to Barnes and Noble.  I’m happy to say this cost almost nothing to make as I found the fabric and buttons on sale, and the gift code I got from doing surveys.

To me, there is nothing better than giving a homemade gift that is useful and cost almost nothing to make!

I added an iron on label with my initials but once the Nook goes in it’ll be hidden.  I’m going to make a trip to an electronics store to check the fit but I think it’ll be good.

Oh and at the chance of a shameless plug – if you’d like a cover for your Nook, Kindle or iPad I can do that.  Nook and Kindles are $15.00 plus shipping and the iPad is $20.00 plus shipping 😀

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Another Christmas present

If you are reading this is on any site other than Growing For Christ you are reading stolen material.

I think by now my readers are probably realizing how much I’ve come to enjoy sewing – especially presents for others.  I have a friend who is going to be getting a Kindle on December 25th and I wanted to give her a beautiful cover for her Kindle so I’m excited to get together with this dear friend and her children – you can see their gifts here about Crayon Rolls.

The button is a cute little gold colored Victorian woman’s shoe.

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Christmas Presents Post 2

My blog has been scraped. If you are reading this post on any website other than Growing For Christ you are reading stolen material.

Okay, now here is the warning if you are a Grandma to my children DO NOT continue looking – if you do you WILL NOT be surprised come Christmas.  Again do not continue on if you are a Grandma to my children!!!  😀





These are wooden frames I buy at the local craft store and decoupage scrapbooking paper to and use wooden letters (that Hannah helped with) we paint and glue on.  Then I add a picture of three of the most beautiful children (I admit I’m biased LOL)

My mom’s (blue toile and gold letters):

My MIL’s (Noah’s Ark with green letters)

My Step-Mom’s (old fashioned w/ tan letters)

All content is copyright 2010 by Growing For Christ

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Christmas Presents Post 1

My blog has been scraped. If you are reading this post on any website other than Growing For Christ you are reading stolen material.

Yep, post 1 😀  This Christmas we’re aiming to do more of the homemade thing, we started doing this a few years ago but I’d like to keep doing it so we eventually give all handmade gifts.  I know not everyone appreciates the handmade gifts but so much love and time goes into each gift that, to me, these are the best presents to give and receive. 

These are the Crayon rolls I made via a pattern I bought at Adam’s Blankie Etsy store  These are being given to my friend Micki’s children who just happens to have two girls and a boy and are close in age with my two girls and boy!  Christian got to pick out her son’s fabric and each girl got to pick out her girl’s fabric.

Please don’t mind any paint spots or other crafting materials behind the completed gifts – during the Christmas season my kitchen table is turned into craft central.

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