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A couple months ago I felt the Lord was telling me to give back to a wonderful librarian that goes above and beyond the call of duty for home schoolers as well as for anyone who needs her librarian expertise so I started thinking of what we, as a community of home educators could do, I knew this librarian would appreciate a Kindle so I set a plan in motion to collect enough moneys to purchase a Kindle, a Amazon gift card and make her a Kindle cover.  I had right around 16 families that gave in one way or another and I bought the Kindle and gift card and sewed up a cover.

I’m not going to mention the librarian’s name for privacy sake. On August 8th, she was very surprised.  We are currently waiting to hear the outcome of the library’s ruling – but we are praying that God will see it through to His glory and honor.  Since I’m not posting her name I’m not going to post her picture either however she has blessed us and we wanted a way to bless her back.

Here are pictures of the Kindle cover:  I picked bold, vibrant colors as she has a wonderfully contagious, bubbly personality.  I also altered the pocket so it can more easily hold ear buds or a gift card for that need it now book 😀

My son, as he did his best to be on his best behavior and keep himself occupied:

Many thanks to all the ladies who contributed, also thanks goes out to a store that allowed us use of their space even though they were closed for the day and most of all to the God who blessed all area home educators (and the public) with a special librarian!

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Locks of Love

If you are reading this on a site other than Growing For Christ then you are reading stolen material.

I have donated in the past to Locks of Love and it’s been a great feeling.  You can read my post from 2006.  Well on Wednesday the 8th of December Bethanne decided she wanted to donate her hair – keep in mind she’s NEVER, EVER had her hair cut in her 6 years of life.  It was VERY long:

So while I still had misgivings (I strive to instill a love of giving in my children, but this was my daughter’s hair!) off we went to a salon on Thursday and this is what we ended up with:

She donated 10 inches, this minuses out the split ends that can’t be donated and having to clean up the cut.  So in all she probably donated about 12 inches.  More than we expected but as she reminded me she is helping other children.  I think it’s cute although it will take some getting used to, thankfully it’s not boy-short and still looks feminine and she likes it, she is so happy she knows that she helped in giving hair to a child who has none.

I also decided if she could do it then I could to so I donated 15 inches LOL  I thought I’d still have enough to fix a bun but alas I think the stylist miscalculated.  It’s still long and feminine though and I can toss it back in a pony tail if I want.

Hannah really wanted to donate her hair but with the multiple layers (thanks to a special guinea pig who likes to eat hair) it wasn’t a possibility at this time – she was greatly disappointed but she is going to do something else in regards to helping children.

I will say for those who will pass judgement that a woman should never cut her hair, I understand this thinking and I know what the Lord and His Word says.  However I also know that His Word says we should care for widows, orphans and I believe the ill are in that category.  I have had some ladies who have looked down on me in the past however they didn’t know what I had done with that hair.  I’m glad that we can help serve others with our sacrifice especially in the season of our life where financially helping others isn’t an ability for us.  I feel that as long as we still look feminine and have the blessing of husband and dad then the Lord will see us cutting our hair for what it is.

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Christmas Presents Post 2

My blog has been scraped. If you are reading this post on any website other than Growing For Christ you are reading stolen material.

Okay, now here is the warning if you are a Grandma to my children DO NOT continue looking – if you do you WILL NOT be surprised come Christmas.  Again do not continue on if you are a Grandma to my children!!!  😀





These are wooden frames I buy at the local craft store and decoupage scrapbooking paper to and use wooden letters (that Hannah helped with) we paint and glue on.  Then I add a picture of three of the most beautiful children (I admit I’m biased LOL)

My mom’s (blue toile and gold letters):

My MIL’s (Noah’s Ark with green letters)

My Step-Mom’s (old fashioned w/ tan letters)

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Christmas Presents Post 1

My blog has been scraped. If you are reading this post on any website other than Growing For Christ you are reading stolen material.

Yep, post 1 😀  This Christmas we’re aiming to do more of the homemade thing, we started doing this a few years ago but I’d like to keep doing it so we eventually give all handmade gifts.  I know not everyone appreciates the handmade gifts but so much love and time goes into each gift that, to me, these are the best presents to give and receive. 

These are the Crayon rolls I made via a pattern I bought at Adam’s Blankie Etsy store  These are being given to my friend Micki’s children who just happens to have two girls and a boy and are close in age with my two girls and boy!  Christian got to pick out her son’s fabric and each girl got to pick out her girl’s fabric.

Please don’t mind any paint spots or other crafting materials behind the completed gifts – during the Christmas season my kitchen table is turned into craft central.

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