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“A is for Adam” by Ken and Mally Ham

My Opinion:

Well as with most books and resources from Master Books this one is the same – it’s excellent and a must have for your home library.  This is an alphabet book, but unlike other alphabet books, it uses God’s Word from Creation to the time when Believers are brought into their Heavenly homes.  Each letter has a simply rhyme to go along with the Biblical accounts of history such as “D is for Dinosaur, dodo and deer; Like all of the animals, no man did they fear. But even though all was in true harmony, Adam then realized, ‘There’s no one like me!’ ”  Along with beautifully illustrated full page and full color pictures this will keep even the littlest person’s attention.

The book stands when folded out to make for easy reading or viewing, when sitting on a table the text is included on the opposite page so the child can view the illustrated page while the parent reads from the back.  I like to read through the whole rhyme first and then take a letter or two a day and go through a ‘lesson’ using the following points on the parents pages (my term for the page with the lessons):

  • The Starting Point
  • Bible Bits
  • Let’s Talk
  • Always Remember
  • Visual Vocabulary
  • Stuff to Do
  • Quick Review

It’s quite easy to make this into a memorable study on God’s Word and the alphabet but taking time each day to go over each points and depending on the age of the child you could even spend a few days on each letter if desired.

At the end there is even more information that the parent can use to either help themselves if they are new to Christianity and the Bible or are teaching a slightly older child who needs more meat than milk to learn from.  The back of the book says children will learn the answers to such questions as: how can we know we didn’t evolve from monkeys?, what did sin do to the world?, why are there different languages?, why did Jesus have to die?, and many, many more that are so important to the Christian faith and walk.  I know I keep saying parents and since I only use this within my home and our home school that’s what I’m used to, however, it can be easily used by private school teachers, Sunday school teachers as well as being used in a home school setting.  If you have a child who needs to keep their hands occupied to stay focused there are also free downloadable coloring sheets to go along with the book.

*If you’d like more information about purchasing please visit the Master Books/New Leaf Publishing site.

**I was provided a copy of this book, free of charge from the Publisher in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was provided.

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