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See The Light art curricula (not a review)

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I had the chance to review Art Class and Paper Jungle both of which were really awesome – so awesome that when I asked the children which art they wanted they chose See the Light.  I bought all the sets of their art which should hopefully last us through next year (I hope).  While I know most of us have already chosen our curricula for this year but I have to say that if you’re still looking or if your current art isn’t working then you may want to check out See the Light.  It works well for all ages – mine all work together and they are ages 12, 10 and 8 – they really like the black light effects on the Bible Stories lessons.

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Crew Review: See The Light; Paper Jungle #hsreviews


Usually for us, art is boring – I enjoy crafting but I find it hard to make art fun and meaningful for my children however that idea is no longer and issue with See The Light.  Dave and Pat Holt has created a collaboration of artists, musicians and a light team to create an art series that has a love of the Lord, a “heart for children” and also a “passion for ministry”.  I was given the DVD of Paper Jungle which is aimed at ages 10 years and up, so I had my 11 year old complete the lessons for this review.  The DVD has children creating a paper collage using the style of French, Henri Rousseau.



There are 4 lessons on one DVD with a total running time of 100 minutes, the step by step lessons will have your child creating their own piece of art after Henri Rousseau in just a couple weeks – if your child can wait that long to complete it!  The lessons are outline in this way:


  1. Background – cutting trees (22 minute segment) Pat Knepley gives background information about Rousseau and his art.
  2. Foreground – grass and leaf shapes (27 minutes)
  3. Focal points – flora and fauna (26 minutes)
  4. The Final Step – overlapping and gluing (25 minutes)


It’s suggested that the child be given an hour per lesson, to both watch the DVD segment and complete the work for that lesson.  This could be shorter though if your child works as they watch, which is what my daughter did – she cut and planned as she watched and listened to the DVD.  I loved how Pat Knepley wove God into the lesson and at the end did a little devotional reading straight from Scripture and how it related back to that lesson that day – this was perhaps my favorite part.


My daughter working on gluing her pieces down for the last lesson.


There were minimal art supplies needed, most of which we had on hand already such as 9X12 inch construction paper in purple, blue, green, yellow, brown, red, orange and black, several scrapbook papers that are patterned and green, white glue or glue stick, scissors, black fine permanent marker like a Sharpie, pencil, eraser, sample leaves from the yard, magazine or internet picture of a wild animal like a tiger or monkey.  My daughter chose a Capybara – which is a huge, distant relative to the Cavy AKA Guinea Pig.


It was fun to watch the DVD with her, and now I’m thinking I’ll have to go back and make a collage of my own.  It was also fun to watch as her creation started to take shape into the finished product.  I’d like to have all my children make one at some point this school year, even if they don’t meet the 10 years and up as I think with parental guidance even my 6 year old could complete a collage.  I think I will trim the 9 X 12 inch paper down a bit though so that it will fit in my children’s portfolio binder, as well next time.  The DVD sells for $14.99 and there are other themes such as cartooning, repeated sweets, Tiffany window, God’s runaway – that are great for different ages and abilities, you can check out other reviews for this and other DVD’s by visiting the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


My daughter’s finished collage – do you see the Capybara?


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TOS Crew Review: See the Light

Vendor Name:  See the Light

Vendor Contact Information:  See the Light contact page

Name of Product:  See the Light

Price of Product:  $99.99 for 9 CD’s containing 36 lessons

I’ve had the chance to review Volume I of the 9 in the See the Light art curriculum.  My children enjoy doing art and experimenting with different mediums so I was excited to give this a try especially since it combines Biblical applications in every lesson as well as art history.  Since the only basic supplies your child(ren) will need is paper, pencil and an eraser it makes the curriculum an inexpenisve one, espcially if you’ll be using it with multiple children.

Since my oldest is the one who is usually drawing she found this to provide enough details to get started and complete a project.  While my other daughter (I’m not factoring in my 4 year old) who would rather be painting didn’t find it quite as interesting.  This curriculum is geared for grades 1st and up and middle or high schoolers could use it if they don’t have any previous drawing instruction or knowledge.

Pat Knepley is very knowledge and her love of art comes through the screen and draws the children in.  I found it entertaining and educational just to watch it along with the children.  With each lesson taking just 15 minutes your child can have a piece of their own art to display on the fridge or in their portfolios, all with no parental art knowledge needed!  This is the perfect full year art curriculum since supplies are minimal and the CD’s can be used over and over with other children.

**This is a TOS Crew review.  I was provided the Volume I CD from See the Light in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.  If you want to see what other homeschooling parents thought visit the TOS Crew Review Blog.

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