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Crew Review: The Brinkman Adventures Season Two #grow4christ #hsreviews


Do you, like my children and family, enjoy audio entertainment?  If so I need to introduce you to The Brinkman Adventures, an exciting audio adventure that follows the life of the Brinkman family as they give aid and support to missionaries around the world – as well as being missionaries themselves.  I was sent The Brinkman Adventures Season 2 – Episodes 13-24 which begins with a couple of the boys finding a class ring in a river close to their house and the suspense and lessons just keep building.  There are 4 discs and each disc has 3 episodes each and ran for approximately 60+ minutes for each disc for over 5 hours of entertainment that the whole family will enjoy.


We were instantly drawn into the stories and we would find reasons to go on car trips just so we could listen to them – that is how fantastic they are.  The interesting thing I enjoyed about The Brinkman Adventures is that they are based on true events and stories however some are dramatized and while the names of the families have been changed they each act their own parts – which is totally awesome in my book.  I also enjoyed how other missionary families were entwined into the stories such as John and Donna Benti – and their sharing of their real life missionary journies.  To find out more about the real life stories you can visit The Brinkman Adventures Real Stories pages to learn more about both Season 1 and Season 2.



The episodes are geared for all ages as they are family friendly however there are 3 or 4 episodes that do issue a warning that due to some situations it is best that children ages 10 and under listen with their parent present.  That being said I didn’t find the situations anything that either my 7 or 9 year old could listen to without me, we’ve discussed the situations before such as child abuse, so it’s something they are aware of.  It would depend on each parent’s comfort level as to whether they listen before or along with their child and discuss the events as they listen.  The discs sell for a suggested donation of $25.00 or you can purchase an MP3 download version for a suggested donation of $17.00 – very much worth the price for the quality entertainment you’ll receive and when I say quality, the sound effects, the music and the stories are high quality and well done.


The episodes are as follows:

  1. The Mystery Ring
  2. Blue Hat and the T-Shirt Bible
  3. How Big Is Your God, Part 1
  4. How Big Is Your God, Part 2
  5. Mexico by Bus
  6. Treehouse Academy (one of my favorites)
  7. Pirates of Mayan Island (one of all of our favorites)
  8. Sapphire Slaves, Part 1
  9. Sapphire Slaves, Part 2
  10. Hadi’s Choice
  11. Castle of  Secrets
  12. On the Run


This was a fantastic audio adventure that we all thoroughly enjoyed and will be listening to over and over again and my children are even begging me to buy Season 1, which I did try to find at the convention but was unable to do so, so it looks like that will be on my purchase list so we can listen to them all including Season 2 again as we wait, hopefully for a Season 3 to be released in the near future.  If you’d like to see what other homeschool parents thought please visit The Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to see their reviews.



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