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BzzAgent/Hasbro: Littlest Pet Shop #grow4christ #LPSyourworld

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My girls, especially my 9 year old have enjoyed playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys in the past and that enjoyment got renewed the other day when a big package arrived at our door with BzzAgent tape sealing it.  We received the Say Ahh to the Spa Style Set, Pet Pawsabilities Madam Pom LeBlanc and Paprika Price, and Pet Shop Style Set in order to facilitate my thoughts about the newest Littlest Pet Shop additions.  As soon as the package was delivered, all three children, including my son begged to have me open the package and so I relented because I admit to being curious as well.  I put together the larger set as there were more pieces while my 9 year old put together the Spa Style Set herself – it was quite easy to do by following the visual directions, which is great for guiding children through setting it up themselves.


The Pet Shop Style Set comes with the following:

  • 135 pieces to build and accessorize the set
  • 3 figures, Minka Mark, Kitery Banter and Sunil Nevla
  • sliding panels to decorate and flip around cardboard panels to give a new look
  • Deco bits, stickers, instructions and accessories


Shop Style Set closed. Isn’t it cute?


The Say Ahh to the Spa Style Set included the following:

  • panels to build and make the set your own
  • Zoe Trent character
  • bathtub, scissors, sink and other fun accessories
  • deco bits, scene backdrop, instructions, and stickers


Say Ahh to the Spa Style Set


These sets along with the other ones can stack to make buildings or play side by side with them to create an entire LPS city – the possibilities are only as limitless as your child’s imagination.  What I like about it is since the backdrop can be changed and flipped around and the panels can slide in and out and the deco bits can add an amazing array of decorating style to each, making each set unique to the child who plays with it.  You can see these in the pictures but there are little hooks on the roof from where characters can hang (like the monkey one) or the chandelier to illuminate (albeit, fake) the shop.  We put all the small pieces in a zipper bag so they can all be found and not scattered all over the floors and on different floors of the house, because they are tiny after all.  My girls were excited because this added 5 new pets to their collection – and they are quite cute.  My son found out the heads pop off and so he’s been tormenting his sisters by switching the heads and bodies for some interesting creations.


We also received Madame Pom Le Blanc and Paprika Price set which included accessories like ear rings, a crown as well as deco bits so they too, can be decorated and styled accordingly.  I know I’ll soon be downloading the LPS app for my devices so that the girls can scan the code on the pets back and play with them in the virtual world as well – which looks to be a great thing for on the go fun, when bringing along small toys just isn’t feasible.  The children watch the LPS cartoon on Netflix and so were familiar with the characters and knew who the characters were that came in the box, and I think that make things even more fun and exciting as even my 12 year old got in on the game at some point.  I’d highly recommend these toys if your daughter enjoys Littlest Pet Shop and if you want a quality toy for them to enjoy – I can see the girl who enjoy fashion, art, imagination or just girly play to enjoy some part of these toys (and yes, my son adds a boy’s touch to their play).



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We don’t do birthday’s every year, with three children it gets a little expensive so every other year is a off year.  At first some were upset with this but they’ve either come around or just learned that we aren’t listening LOL  This year is a party year but Hannah decided not to opting instead for an American Girl play and Christian opted to take a friend to a local children’s science museum – we’ve had postpone it because of the heat and not having a/c in the van.  So once the weather becomes somewhat bearable he’ll do that.

He did get his presents though on Tuesday from us and Grandparents Hays.  Grandparents Bailey came over on Monday and Grandma Cindy on Wednesday.

Can you guess what is under the sheet?

Here it is.  He’s been riding it almost non-stop since then.  Yes we still have walls.

Daddy found him an interesting light up thing with 3D glasses

He got some other little things, like a lego set, match box car things but I think, besides the bike, the hit was what his sisters gave him:

  • 4 composition books
  • colored pencils
  • set of pencils w/skateboard erasers
  • Spiderman pencil case
  • pencil sharper

With fair stuff this last week I knew I wouldn’t have time to do my usual cake so we opted to buy one and a wonderful friend and Sister baked him one.  You can purchase her cakes at her website: Marianne’s Kitchen He smooshed the letters in his excitement!


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