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Cardio appt



The appt went well, although I don't think they appreciated the girls being there 😦  Oh well.  Don took Bethanne to the van and Hannah choose to stay with me and she was very well behaved.  The did an EKG and it was normal.  The dr couldn't find anything when he listened to my heart so I am scheduled to go Monday to get a holter monitor (24 hrs) and a echo, then I return Tuesday to return the monitor, ugh, lots of driving.  Thankfully my OB's office let me schedule my appt next week after I return the monitor so that cuts down the running to Dayton to two from three times.  I am glad that they can't find anything as of yet.  The dr said he may look into doing a one or two week monitor if nothing shows up on this 24 hour but I won't do that, to much with the girls and not being able to bathe everyday.  So this is my update I will keep you all posted.  Thankfully this is looking like something this is pregnancy related 🙂


God bless

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Please pray: cardio appt tommorow

at 8:15a.m EST.  It will be an early, early morning.  I don't think the dr will find anything but still prayers would be great 🙂  Today I feel as if I just cannot catch my breathe, as much as I love being pregnant I really wish Christian would drop so I can do housework and walking easier.  This pregnancy has been so much more different than my others.  I truly think this is God's way of humbling me and trying to get me to lean more fully on Him.


God bless.

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Update on today's dr visit

Hello again.


Well I have had a nap and feeling a little bit better 🙂  I saw my OB's partner who said there is no reason, except for being pregnant and having the excess fluid volume that every pregnant woman gets, for me to be getting it so much along with the dizziness.  My caffiene intake is almost none and so is my sodium (which is odd since I love salt).  He is going to have me see a cardiologist next Wednesday just to rule anything out.  He too is impressed with how well this pregnancy is going, with still almost no weight gain, Christian measuring right on target, blood sugars are good, BP is great, etc.  He just couldn't find anything in his office as to what is causing it.  I told him that is why I waited because I knew it was normal, what isn't normal after being pregnant 4 times LOL, but the dizziness kind of scared me.  It was a good visit so I see the cardiologist on Wednesday and go to see my OB the week after that.  Wow I am just amazed at how fast things are going this time.  Oh by the way Hannah has told me Christian will have brown hair and blue eyes, hmmm, we'll see.  I can't wait.


God bless

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Trip to my dr/29 weeks



I think most of you know of the feeling I have been having of my heart racing.  Well when Don and I check my BP at home it is great (as it is at my dr.'s office), my pulse is great (68 yesterday) and my sugars are fine (neither high or low).  Well yesterday before I started lunch I had another bad attack this time worse than the others, I felt like I was going to seriously pass out.  Scary, to say the least.  So I sat down with some water and took some slow, deep breaths and it took longer than usual to disappear.  I still had some racing feeling while actually making lunch.  So I called my dr.s office and they got me in this morning.  This has been going on for a few weeks but I haven't said much because I know body is trying to compensate the blood volume for both the baby and I, but yesterday was just scary.  I am going this morning to see the dr.  I am at peace with whatever they do or don't find, I just can't take this whole pass out/racing thing much longer.  It now happens even when I am just sitting down, just standing, I don't have to be doing much of anything to have it happen now.  So if you are reading this post this morning please pray as we make the trip to find out if anything is going on.  Don dreads the thought of bed rest, as do I, but thankfully God has given me great friends and family who we can call on if we need to, but I honestly don't think it will come to that.  So again, please pray and I will update later today.


God bless.

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**taken from “Walnut Creek Valley Cookbook” published by Carlisle Press page 97



1 egg

3/4 C quick oats

1 C tomato juice

1/2 onion, minced

1 t salt

1/4 t pepper

1 1/2 lb ground beef

1 T soy sauce


Beat egg.  Add remaining ingredients and mix well.  Form into loaf (I put mine in a bread loaf pan) and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hours.  Just before serving put a few slices of cheese on top and sprinkle with parsley for an attractive look.


I served this with some cauliflower.

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Garage sale and back to ebaying

Hello Friends and Family.


We had our garage sale this weekend and I really cleaned out my book collection as well as all the girl clothes that can't be passed on 🙂  We are surprised that not more people came to buy the clothing.  I am making up lots to sell on ebay so if you get a chance look up seller hannahmom23 and see if there is anything you can use.  I just put up a bunch of Carter's stuff, it would be nice if it all sold.  I will be making book lots up and my husband may be making some movie lots up too.  I hate to part with these but I probably won't be pregnant again for another 2 years (if that is God's plan 😀 ) and even then it could be another boy so as Don says there is no use in hanging on to the stuff for so many years.


Also if you could keep praying for the house to sell, we did see a lady actually get out of her vehicle to copy down info from our sign out front, but Don said they had four boys in the back, the house would be too cramped for us but they may be upsizing from an apt or something, who knows.  Please keep praying, we are getting kind of stretched with no bites.


God bless.

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Christian's birth announcements

Here is what Christian's birth announcements will look like.  Hannah helped me out.  I also made some envelopes for those I can't hand out in person.  I can't wait to fill in all the blanks.



28 week visit

Hello Friends and Family.


I had my 28 week visit today.  12 weeks to go!  So close.  Anyway, the visit was good, my BP is 100/68, baby is measuring just right for the week age he is so no worries yet of a big baby 🙂 My dr is very happy that my weight is holding steady, no loss or gain and my blood sugars are very good.  I did have two episodes of very low blood sugar very early in the morning but I also didn't eat much of a bedtime snack.  So all is well.  My next visit is the day after Memorial Day and I will be 30 weeks-10 weeks till I am due, 6 weeks till I can take Evening Primrose Oil and 8 until I can start Black Cohosh.  I am having some mild contractions now, although not regular they are painful, so hopefully my body is recognizing it can start labor on it's own now.


God bless,

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