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Appointments and hair cuts



Bethanne had her 6 month check up on her ear tubes and she got great reviews.  The tubes are still doing what they are supposed to do and so there is no fluid in her ear.  Praise the Lord for that.  Her vocabulary is noticeably increasing also, which is another praise.


I had my postpartum check up and all is well with me too.  My BP was 90/60!!! 


Christian has a small cold so sleeping has been coming in spurts and I have taken him to bed with me so he can sleep propped up so he can get some relief from the nasal congestion. 


I went today to Great Clips here in town and had my hair cut.  I donated 12 inches to Locks of Love.  So now my hair is right at my shoulders.  I was sad to see 4 1/2 years of growth be cut off but I know it will grow back and it is helping a child who needs hair.  It will take some getting used to.  I am wondering how to do my hair up now when I go to church and wear my head covering, but I guess I will figure

something out.


Also if you would be so kind as to check out my website for Stuff a Friend at  and take a look around.  Feel free to email me if you have questions.


God bless.

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About the migraines

Hello.  Thank you to the lady who had comments about the migraines.  I may have to give the lemons a try.  As for Splenda, I can drink that without the migraines but NutraSweet, Sweet and Low and the aspartame all give me migraines so I stay far far away from them.  I know Splenda isn't great either but it's a trade off for me.  I use Stevia infrequently but have come to learn that they actually use it in Mexico as a birth control method 😦  I try to limit my intake of Splenda.  With my history of Gestational diabetes and now the very real threat of my chances of developing insulin dependent diabetes later on I have to use what I can. 


I am going to be trying to get a referral as soon as possible to a neurologist at the hospital where we go for my OB/GYN because now I am experiencing some form of minor black outs after I recover from my migraine.  That isn't good with three little ones to take care of.  I know it may be related to hormones but the last CAT scan I had done for my migraines was done when I was still in middle school so it's been awhile.  The neuro I went to wrote off the migraines and just gave me a different prescription.  The memory loss scares me though.


God bless.


P.S.  I wanted to say The Bishop's Daugther by Wanda Brunstetter is an excellent fiction book about the Amish and it's the last of the triology of the Daughter's of Lancaster.  I am now reading Attachment Parenting by Katie Allison Granju with Betsy Kennedy, R.N., M.S.N and so far it has been great especially about breastfeeding.  I am also reading Little Sugar Addicts but I can't remember the author so I will have to come back to post about that later, it is also good and we have noticed an improvement since we have started limiting the sugar in our oldest daughter's diet.

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Almost 3 weeks old



Well Christian is almost three weeks old, and I still need to get pictures up, sorry.  He has been doing great and loves to nurse.  He was up to 9lbs 8oz on Saturday so I am sure that is probably up to 10lbs by now with the way he eats.  He doesn't sleep through the night like the girls did at his age but I am trying to deal with it.  I am still feeling kind of empty and missing pregnancy but am doing okay, it's not as bad as when I came home from the hospital.  I have my postpartum check up next week so that my husband can take me so I don't have to drive through all the construction that is going on around the hospital.  He is so beautiful, it is sometimes still hard for me to realize I have son!!!!  I am happy but it is so unreal at times.  He is smiling and has a beautiful smile-it actually forms a third dimple on his lip that I hope is here to stay.


I have been having some really bad migraines since I had Christian so if any who visit here could pray that they let up.  It is hard to care for a newborn and with my husband going back to work in September and I will be caring for three by myself then I really can't have a terrible migraine while I am on my own.


Well that is about it, also I have an unspoken prayer request so if you could also just pray a prayer for a family member of mine that would be appreciated 🙂


God bless.


Just some ponderings

Hello.  Well I have had a harder time adjusting to not being pregnant this time.  I guess it's a combination of thinking I should still be pregnant (my due date was Aug 6th) and loving being pregnant.  It was real hard the day I got home but I am begining to adjust although I do get sad when I think I am not pregnant anymore.  It's not a depression sad but more of a mourning sad.  I love being pregnant and it seems like I should still be that way.  I know physically it wouldn't be possible since if Christian would have stayed in another week or two he would have been huge and it would have resulted in a another c-section, which I wouldn't want to deal with.  My dr sent me to the hospital yesterday as I have been having calf pain for a couple of days and praise be to God that I didn't have a clot.  A very real possibility of a postpartum woman.


Christian is such a good baby and adorable.  He only wakes around 2 times to nurse at night, so thankfully I am getting enough sleep.  Since Don is home until the first week of September that allows me time to nap and take it easy as I need to.  He rarely cries and is so pleasant.  He did have his circumcision on the 2nd and did real well-I stayed in the room while the ped did it.  The girls are still in love with him and Bethanne hasn't been jealous like I thought she would with me nursing him.  She does sometimes try to climb on my lap during feedings but she is content to just sit next to me with my arm around her. 


Our church has been great in delivering meals to us.  It has really helped and allowed us to focus on other things.  My friends will be delivering some this week.  We are hoping to make it to church in the morning, as long as the humidity isn't so bad as to keep us inside again.


The kids and I made it out to some garage sales today with a friend of mine and I was able to find a couple cute outfits for winter for Christian.  I was also able to get an almost brand new Graco pack and play w/sheet and accessories for $7.50!!!!  It will be nice for when he is bigger and I need to get stuff done or for trips.  The girls got a few small things as well and they were generally well behaved while we were out.


Well I have some housework that needs done, so I am going to close this and say:


God bless.


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