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New appt for procedure


I wasn’t able to make it out of Springfield this morning so that lovely Citrate of Magnesium I had to drink on Monday was all for nothing.  I have to drink it again tommorow for my new appt of 12:30p.m. on February 1st. 

I finished when Joy Came to Stay and am now on "Where Yesterday Lives’" by Karen Kingsbury as well.  I will am almost done with all her books published under Karen Kingsbury.  I wonder if I can find any still in print or at the library under her pen name?  We will see.

That is all, I will talk to you all later 🙂

God bless

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Well I finished….


"A Thousand Tomorrow’s"  that is a big accomplishment because at my las post I was only on chapter 6 and there are 19 chapters in the book, not including the epilogue.  It was a good book although there weren’t as many mentions of God as there have been in her other books I have read recently, it was still a good read.  I am now on her book "When Joy Came to Stay"

God bless.

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Books, books and more books…..


Well it has now been 16 days and only 5 sodas.  Wow!!!!  I can’t tell if I am losing weight but hopefully it is doing good.  I know my skin feels less dry, except my hands but that comes with being a mom, because I am drinking more water and am much more hydrated.  Prayerfully I will be down to no sodas in the next few weeks, I don’t want to totally deprive myself as then I will crave it, but so far even with the few I have had I don’t crave it.  Eventually I want to have most if not all refined sugar out of my diet and hopefully my dear children’s too.

Okay, on to the real reason for my post:  I have been busy reading, no change for me though-I have always been a bookworm.  For the year 2007 I have already read a total of 11 books.  I am in the adult winter reading program at the library and have already been entered once into the contest to win a prize.  They are giving away some good prizes this year.  I am now reading "A Thousand Tommorows" by Karen Kingsbury and have 4 more books of her’s waiting in my library bag and two more of her newest ones on reserve.  I have been enjoying her books emensly.  I can’t wait for Beverly Lewis’ and Wanda Brunstetter’s new books to come out this year.  Keep that Amish fiction coming 🙂  I also have Ann Coulter’s "Godless; The Church of Liberalism" that I want to get too.  I didn’t finish her other one because it was too deep for me at this time but I will come back to it eventually.

Tommorow is my procedure so if you all could pray for me and that the dr won’t find anything.  Thankfully I won’t be sedated so nursing Christian won’t be a problem 🙂  Also please pray for our trip there, it’s about a 45 minute drive and the weather people are calling for 2 inches of snow and freezing rain to start around 6 am we have to leave our house around 6:45a.m or 7a.m EST.

Okay well that is it for today, may you be blessed as we start a new week and prepare to go into a new month!

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Good day.


I broke down today and had a Root Beer with dinner but like the other day it didn’t taste real good.  It was just something different besides water to drink.

I know this is probably boring reading about my soda drinking or lack thereof adventures but this is kind of keeping me accountable.

Also, Happy 26th brother 🙂

God bless.

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Here I am again :)

Hello.  Well today is day 9!!!  In nine days I have had only 1 soda and there was so much ice in it that I didn’t even drink that much.  I have also gone through a 24 case of bottle water and have started on another one 🙂  When I drank that soda it no longer held an appeal to me, it tasted foreign and that was on Friday.  Only with God’s help have I been able to do this. 

I had another nasty migraine on Thursday the 18th so I didn’t make it to my crochet class on the 19th because I was too afraid of a rebound.  I am scheduled in for the 1st Friday in February.  I am excited to go.

Today begins the Adult Reading Program at the local library.  It’s a fun program that for every 5 books a person reads they get entered into a drawing to win prizes, it goes until March sometime.  I am reading Family book #4 in the Firstborn series by Karen Kingsbury and also a couple books by Ann Coulter. 

My brother turns 26 tommorow!  If you are reading this, Happy Birthday!!!!!  I can’t believe he is 26, it is unreal to me that we are getting to be so much more older.  I am going to be 29 in August.  Oh my goodness.  My other brother will be, I think, 24 this year and my other brother will turn 6.  It is hard seeing my little brothers, yes I still you as little, grow up and starting their own lives and maybe even one getting married this year.  My girls really love his fiancee as do I.  So anyway, Happy Birthday.

Hannah should be going to ballet tommorow, if I can bring myself to get into our freezing attic and get down her leotard that for some reason I saw reason to pack away. 

Also this Wednesday should bring her first two awards from Awanas.  She is really making good progress and being ‘socialized’ LOL that is one for all of us homeschoolers out there.

Friday is another Keepers meeting and we will still be working on embroidery. 

I think that is it for now.  Oh yes I got the invitations made up for Hannah’s birthday party next month and she really liked them.  I will scan them soon and post a picture.  I cannot believe she will be 5!!!!  We are having her party a couple days after her actual birthday so it will be a Saturday and more people will be able to make it. 

Well I should go and start our day, Hannah wants to go to the library so to the library we will go 🙂

God bless.

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A free book download


This is something I just did and it’s easy.   Only available this week  It’s a free download of a recipe book, here is the link:


God bless.

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4th day!!!!!


Well today is curently my 4th day with no soda and my 2nd with no Tim Horton’s although I may get one on the way to Awanas LOL 😀  I am doing fairly well.  Don brought a 12 pack of Diet Rite home but I don’t even want it anymore… no longer sounds good……but unlike me; water sounds great.  I drank 5 bottles yesterday and milk.  I go back to my regular dr next month so maybe I will have actually lost weight 🙂  I think I need to invest in a good scale for at home and like my friend Pam suggested a PUR water pitcher so we aren’t spending so much on bottled water.  I just can’t drink tap water, to me it’s yucky.

Well that is all I wanted to update on.  I can’t wait to start seeing this pay off.

God bless.

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2nd day with no soda


Well today was my 2nd day with no soda, wow, okay I was a bit grumpy so I broke down and had another Tim Horton’s Iced Capp because I needed the caffiene.  I also had a couple pieces of baklava (YUMMY!) but no soda.  Even Hannah noticed I was grumpier than usual but I think that was attributed to the fact I didn’t have constant heavy sugar coursing through my system.  I did feel better after the iced capp though. 

We did not stay for the awards ceremony.  Hannah did get her sash, thank you to my friend, Pam for sewing on her Keepers At Home patch-it was very nicely done 😀  She also got her Pebbles pin.  My other friend’s mom, did a great and professional job on the sashes.  I am excited to start her Keepers At Home book, it looks like I will be learning a lot right along side Hannah 🙂

I am consdering investing in this item package:  Have any of you used the MOTH and MOTC together?  I think this would help in getting me more on a schedule especially with Hannah wanting to participate in spring soccer, ballet, Awanas and the Keepers At Home.  I need something to set aside time for each child and work with them on subjects. 

With soccer I am going to contact the league and make sure she can wear coulottes instead of the regular short shorts for modesty and feminine reasons.  Please pray they will allow us to do this.

Well I think that is it 🙂

God bless.

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Awards Banquet tommorow 1-15-2007

Hello and welcome to my 2nd post today 🙂

I forgot to mention that Hannah will be recieving her Keepers of the Faith Emblem, her Pebbles pin (this goes to the girls who are ages 5, 6 and 7 years old), her Bible memory and rubber stamping pins (badges).  She is enjoying this very much and we are looking forward to meeting more frequently.  As well she is recieving her Hopper patch and her first Luv E Lamb patch for Awanas.

Please pray that Hannah continues to grow as a child of God and that she continues to learn ways to be a great mom and homemaker down the road-very down the road-at her age

God bless.

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No soda!!!


At the suggestion of one of my good friends, I have made a promise to myself that I will cut soda out of my diet.  I have gone the entire day today without a soda, diet or otherwise.    I did have an iced capp from Tim Horton’s but things have to go one step at a time  right?  If I go off caffiene all at once it will not be a pretty sight at home and I will suffer horrible withdrawals-not that I am trying to go off caffiene all together I am mainly trying to get a lot of sugar out of my diet.  A dietician told me that depending on how much soda one drinks that by cutting it out one can loose between 20 and 40 pounds a year!  I am hoping that I will be ready to run a 5K fun run at the Air Force Base in the fall and I need to loose weight in order to do it.  Even if I can’t do the fun run this year there is next year and if I loose the weight I will be happy.

Just wanted to share that with you all.

God bless.


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