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Our party!

Well we had our family party last night for Christian.  I made a box mix cake since it was something quick and easy for as late as I made it.  I will post pics later.  Anyway Christian had no idea what to do with that candle on the cake, it was funny to watch his face so his Sisters helped him out willingly LOL.  He then got his presents which were two short outfits, a set of trucks and a soft book which I will put together in the next few days.  I will post pics of that when it is finished.  I will also post pics of Christian digging into his piece of cake, he is naked as I didn’t want to ruin his clothes with chocolate, so tomorrow he may just get white cake since he can’t be naked in front of guests.  He enjoyed it and there wasn’t a crumb left after he got through with it, he made very quick work of it.  I still can’t believe he is one! 


Tomorrow is his party for the rest of the family and I will try to get some pics of that and also post those.  Please pray it doesn’t rain so that we can have it outside and the kids won’t be crowded in our tiny, humble abode 🙂


God bless.

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Another Happy Birthday……

Happy Birthday to my ‘little man’ ,

Christian Ashe who is the big

1 !!!!



For those who read my blog regularly, you know that I have come to enjoy quilting.  I am still very much a beginner and have only been quilting for maybe 2 1/2 years but it is so much fun to watch blocks become one huge quilt.  Wether it’s tied off or quilted it is so much fun.  So much love is wrapped around a person when they wrap a handmade quilt around them on a cold fall or winter night, a handmade quilted wall hanging adds so much to a home and makes even the smallest of homes seem bigger and warmer.  Quilts are amazing pieces of work and if cared for right over the years can become wonderful family heirlooms to be given to children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren and so on.  I was given a great gift yesterday and I am copying and pasting what I wrote on a message board about what a great gift and find that was discovered yesterday, thanks to my in-laws.  I will try to post pictures when I get time between redding (this is an Amish term for getting a house cleaned up) up and our second VBS this summer.  Here is my post:

My MIL and FIL gave me some tubs to go through yesterday and said there was some quilting stuff, etc in them. So I went through them and imagine my surprise when I found two completed quilt tops!!! One is at least a twin sized quilt which my MIL said was made from looked like old kitchen curtains and shirts of my FIL and his brother’s shirts. I asked her about how old it would be and she said between 40 and 50 years old!!!!! The other is a smaller quilt which she took a fabric panel and then put strips of colored fabric around it. I need to buy some batting and backing fabric and either quilt or tie it. There were also several finished quilt blocks that she never got around to putting into a quilt so I will be doing something with those too. I also have a full bag of fabric squares to make I think it’s called Grandma’s garden pattern. She cut it all out and left the pattern with it so all I have to do is piece it and put it together! This would be Don’s (my DH’s) great Grandma. I am going to put a label on the back telling the children who made the quilt tops and then who finished the quilt. It will be a true ‘family’ quilt spanning the generations, even if I am only related by marriage. I am going to wash them up, my MIL says it should be okay to wash them on extra delicate, they have that musty stored smell. Once I get them washed up and dried I will try to post pictures.
God bless.


Right to Life


Well I am finally awake after a long night at our county fair.  Hannah, my SIL and I worked from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Right to Life booth.  I am very much pro-life and am a firm believer in the banning of abortion for any reason.  This is not up for debate 🙂  So anyway we set to work organizing the booth as it looked like the people who picked things up didn’t care in how they left things 😦  We had a late entry into the baby contest.  I am going to enter Bethanne and Christian on Monday.  We had many people donate to RTL, which was nice and I was able to get a few flyers to stick in the books at our library which are very much pro-abortion and pro-choice.   Hannah was a big help by cutting stickers so that children could pick them up in passing and help us in straigtening things up afterwards.  Well after our shift ended, we set out to see what else was going on.  The next stop on my SIL and I’s list was the Republican booth.  I signed up to work their booth next year 🙂  Yep, I am die hard Repbulican.  Although none of the candidates with their pro-choice stance on the Republican ticket are getting my vote at this time.  Well we made our rounds in the Mercantile building, which is where most of the vedors/booths are set up.  We then went to the Arts/Crafts building-I got to see what I will be up against next year-my friend Mary won Second Premium for the quilt she made for her son.  Big CONGRATS! to her.  The quilts were beautiful, next year I will be entering the ones I do, which right now will be Christian’s quilt and my Friendship Star quilt which was part of the swap I did in 2006.  I will also try to do some of my cross stitch samplers, cards and scrapbook pages and enter those.  The rides were expensive but I paid $2.00 so Hannah could ride the Merry Go Round and I was allowed to stand by her.  We wanted to ride the ship but Hannah wasn’t tall enough, so we went off to see the animals.  We first went to the goats, then the horses where a very nice man pulled his horse name Jitterbug out of her stall so Hannah could pet her.  Jitterbug was a beautiful brown colored Arabian who is 21 years old.  Hannah was so happy.  We also viewed the cows and sheep and even got to see one being sheered.  We weren’t able to find the rabbit barn though.  I can’t wait to get Hannah involved in a home schooling 4-H group.  After all this was when Hannah rode the Merry Go Round.  I promised to get Hannah some cotton candy so we went looking for that and everyone was charging $3.00 for a small bag!!!!!  I told Hannah that I wasn’t paying that for a small bag when you get cotton candy for a $1.00 at stores.  She understood, I also couldn’t get any funnel cakes or elephant ears because the prices for those was more than I was willing to pay.  The hotdogs I bought for $1.00 were pitiful little things and I was starved when we got home around 10:30p.m.  My feet were killing me and even now, the next morning I have shooting pain up into my knee.  I didn’t wear my tennis shoes so that could be the problem, I wore my Crocs.  Anyway, we were all exhausted by the time we arrived back at the house.

I must say I completely understand now why fairs are viewed by some churches and people as being sinful and avoid them.  There were couples who shouldn’t have been doing what they were doing, tons of smoking (not a sin but YUCK for us non-smokers), cussing that was so numerous I couldn’t shield Hannah against all of it, the ‘music’ was very disgusting.  So I told Hannah if she goes to work the booth with me next year we will go to the booth, look at the animals and the crafts and then leave.  No midway at all, it truly isn’t something a Christian would enjoy seeing.  I am glad to not be going back this year.

So until my next post, take care of yourselves and may God bless you all.


Wanted to buy:

Given that I am on a home school blog I know that there are like-minded parents here.  I am looking to buy Alphabet Island Level 1 and I need workbooks for two students and also Math U See Primer and Alpha, teacher’s guide, 2 student workbooks for each grade level, the DVD/VHS, and manipulatives.  If you or someone you know is selling their used curriculum please let me know.  Feel free to email me or post a comment here and make sure to fill in your email/blog link so I can get back with you. 


God bless.

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Hello.  I wanted to offer an apology if I have offended anyone regarding my cbox reply about Virginia Tech.  There was no animosity there, I simply couldn’t remember the name of the college that my brother was attending.  Also to correct another mistake, I mistakenly said he lived in Blacksburg, he does not live there but near there.   Again, my apologies to anyone that I may have offended by use of mentioning the shooting.  I know that I am not the only who forgets a place and to describe mentions something that has happened in that place to jog my memory.  Please accept my heartfelt apologies.


God bless,


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Hello.  I enjoy writing other women who have the same interests as I and was wondering if any of you who visit would like to be penpals?  Unfortunately, with the cost of postage right now, I can only write with the US, one day though I would love to write other women overseas who also need encouragement in their Christian walk.  So in case you don’t have time to read all my blog and know me some more here is a little about me:

*I believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior and the only way to the Father is through His Son, Jesus

*I have three children under 5 years

*We are Quiverfull minded

*We are modest dressers, skirts/dresses for my daughter’s and I.

*I headcover for church

*I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction especially Wanda Brunstetter, Beverly Lewis and Cindy Woodsmall

*I enjoy cross stitching, quilting, latch hook, rubber stamping, taking pictures, scrapbooking, making cards, crochet, and want to learn how to can and also sew clothing.

If you would like to be penpals, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will contact you or use the link to email me.  My oldest daughter, Hannah, who is 5 would enjoy some young lady penpals as well.

God bless.


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Shout outs……



Some of my visitors may have noticed I have a map on the right side of my page.  It tracks where my readers are and I am happy to see so many friends, even if I don’t know you personally or even online, I am glad you stopped by.


So I noticed that I have some visitors from: ** Leichhardt, Australia  **Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, Canada  **Douala, Cameroon  **Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom  **Athens, Greece  **Parow, South Africa


Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten all my state side visitors, your visits mean a lot to me as well.  I find it nice and interesting that I have those who are way across the oceans visiting me.  Please try to leave a comment either in the cbox, by emailing me, or by using the comment box with pictures to let me know how I can ‘visit’ you-this goes for all my state side visitors, friends, and family as well.  My husband still has family Greece-Theopolos is the last name.  I would also to hear about your home countries, if  you get a chance.


May God bless  you all.

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To be completed…..

I have so many craft projects going I need to really complete them all 🙂  As any fellow craft addict knows that is hard to do.

Thus far here is what I need to complete

*Make one friendship star quilt block so I can start my quilt top from the quilt block swap in 2006

*Finish my "Handprints" sampler

*Work on my granny squares for my first afghan

*Baste and tie Christian’s quilt

*Work/finish my broomstick lace wrap/shawl

*Do more crochet hook holders for sale

*Make more baby hats for the hospitals

*learn to sew clothing

*Make Christian’s fabric book for his upcoming birthday

See what I mean????  So many crafts so little time, this list doesn’t include the many things I want to make for the children for Christmas.  DH and I are thinking of doing a homemade Christmas this year, like me doing samplers, clothing, blankets, etc for them and him doing wooden puzzles, toys and shelves.

Maybe this list, being public and all, will get me moving 🙂 but with us starting school soon we will see.

God bless.


A freecycle blessing!!!

Hello.  I posted on my local freecylce group for fabric and yarn.  The fabric for quilting and the yarn for the making the hats for the preemies at local NICU hospitals.  Well I had a lady who gave me a whole garbage bag full of fabric.  Another lady gave me three bags full of yarn, some of which was still brand new.  The yarn is soft enough to make the hats for the babies.  I am so happy.  I will try to take pictures today of the fabric, yarn and the hats I already have made thus far.  I can’t wait to donate them.


God bless.

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