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Christian Rolled Over!



Yesterday was a momentous day for Christian.  He woke up from his nap screaming so I sent Hannah to check on him while I finished something and she said “Mommy come quick, Christian rolled over”  well I didn't quite believe her but yes he sure did.  He got from his back onto his belly but couldn't figure out to get back over and boy was he ever upset about it!  He is also teething like crazy, he has been sleeping with me for the past two nights, not good since last night I had another major migraine attack.  He has so many rolls that I put a bib on him to keep him from chafing under his chin and neck.  I expect one day soon we will have a little tooth come through.


Last night, a lady stopped me at the grocery and asked how old he was and when I told her 3 months she was shocked because he is so big.  She then asked me if I breastfeed and I told her yes.  I am so happy that someone noticed how big and healthy he is from being fed only by mommy.  It is a great gift we women have been given to provide all the nourishment our little ones need through the first year of their life.  I am going to delay giving Christian solids until he is 6 or 7 months old so that I can delay him weaning.


Well that is it for today, be blessed.


God bless.

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It is almost November!!!



I can't believe how time flies!  It is almost November 1st and it doesn't seem like it should be Thanksgiving time yet.  Feels like I just had Christian and oh he is 3 months old!!!  Why do they have to grow up????  I love the whole baby stage, when all they need is mommy and we get to cuddle with them and it can even excuse why our house is messy 🙂  Their smell, their rolls, giggles everything is so sweet.  I love every stage even though some are more trying than others, they are still great and you get to enjoy the stuff they learn and reflect on it.  Hannah is 4 1/2 months away from being 5!!!!   My oh my, am I really a mom of an almost 5 year old.  It seems so unreal sometimes.  I am so blessed.


We are supposed to be having one day of Indian summer today it could get up into the 70's.  We will see if that comes true or not.  Maybe I can get the kids out for awhile today. 



Christian enjoying his belly time.

Bethanne and I goofing off with the camera.



Hannah posing for the camera.


God bless.







We decided to forgo going to the ped today as her ear looked free from any new drainage.  I am leaning towards maybe she had some fluid and the tubes drained it (like they are supposed to do) and that was the drainage I saw yesterday.  She never really complained or picked at her ear until I mentioned it yesterday and today she hasn't said anything and is acting fine.  I just hope this nasty cough and running nose clears up soon.


God bless.

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Losing weight, sickness, house



Don and I have decided that this Friday will be the day we start on a more healthier lifestyle.  We both need to loose weight.  I am very disappointed in the way I look and know that any future pregnancies will be hard on my body if I don't loose weight.  The risk of diabetes for me has become a very real threat both gestational and full blown diabetes, not something anybody wants to deal with.  Not to mention the weight can work against God blessing us again by making it harder to get pregnant (not that it's been a problem yet) but still the issue is there.  If I could loose 105 pounds I would feel much better, but even 50 pounds would be a welcome weight loss.  I am not putting how much I weigh or what losing 105 pounds would put me at because then you all would know how much I weigh now.  I will say that medically speaking I am obese-which is upsetting to me.  I used to be fit, when I was in the Navy and weighed 145.  I don't really want to focus on numbers but I do want to loose some of the weight on my arms and around the middle (for those who don't know that is the most risky place for women to gain weight at).  So if you all would lend me any inspiration or prayers that you can to help me and my DH in this endeavor that would be great. 


Now onto the sickness.  Bethanne poor thing has had a terrible cough although the ped ruled out bronchitis and strep (Praise the Lord) it is hanging on.  Now she has an icky runny nose and I noticed dried and mucousy draninage in her ear this morning.  She has tubes in both ears.  She is now complaining of her ear hurting so I have given her the prescription decongestant/cough and tylenol  to help her as they can't get her in to the ped until 6pm this evening which would mean an after hours charge of $50.00 pluse the $10.00 copay!  So we have to wait until at least tommorow sometime.  I am now feeling some coughing and stuffiness coming upon me, ugh!!!  I really dislike being sick while breastfeeding, it seems to make things feel worse.  Hannah is still complaining of a headache quite a bit lately so I have given her Motrin since I am afraid to much tylenol will affect her liver.  I can only take her word on the headaches and being that I know first hand how bad the pain can get I don't want to doubt her and have her in pain but then I also don't want to be giving her so much medicine which could cause rebound headaches or other health related problems.


The house thing seems to have fallen through.  The one we looked at won't work out.  And the other plan we had lined up, the person seems to be avoiding my DH by not returning calls, not answering the phone when DH knows she is there, she also did not talk to us at church on Sunday.  DH said he will call some other 'we buy ugly' houses people and see what we can work out.  I am feeling very crowded as it is almost next to impossible to get my and DH clothes out of the closet as well as getting Christian's stuff out of the drawers next to the bed. 


We can only pray things get better as we strive for wellness, weight loss and a bigger house.


God bless.

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Update on the testing



I forgot to post updates, I am so sorry.  Hannah's EEG results came back normal and we are discontinuing the counseling.  She is still complaing of the the sensation that first sent us in for the EEG as well as almost daily headaches, we aren't sure if they are sympathy related to mine or if they are truly headaches.  I hate to doubt her since I know how debilitating mine can be.


Christian's x-ray showed nothing out of the norm either so the ped said they will just keep an eye on things. 


We are looking at a house today at 1p.m. EST.  We still haven't heard anything from the other option we have open to us.  Please continue praying for this. 


Don and I put the travel crib next to my side of the bed last night and talk about a tight squeeze.  I no longer have room for my one craft tote so that is now under the crib.  We need more space, soon.


Until next time,


God bless.

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Please pray



Well we think we may have something figured out in the way of our house situation so if you would all pray about it, we would be grateful.  I don't want to mention to much in case something falls through and I get dissappointed.  Don should be at the credit union now applying for the loan to see if we get preapproval.  Please pray.


God bless.

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Also in time for the holidays you can purchase animals, purses, etc kits for the children in your life to stuff.  It is sort of like the places in the mall but you do it at home and for a fraction of the cost.  Please visit my website and also make sure the site says my name as I do make a commission:




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Hello.  I wanted to let my readers know that the unspoken prayer request for my son, Christian was for the x-ray he was having.  The ped. was concerned because of the protrusion on the back of his head and was thinking maybe his skull was fusing prematurely.  Thankfully we found out the same day (Monday) that all is normal although I am still waiting to hear what the neurologist written report says.  I feel this is a non-issue now thank the Lord for that.


Hannah's EEG went good.  The nasal spray they gave her made her a bit more giddy than usually happens so they did have to completely sedate her.  It took 3 times to get a vein for the I.V.  I felt so bad for her.  We are still awaiting the results and hopefully will hear something tommorow or Friday at the latest.


I am wanting to trace my families history so if anyone has any good links for doing that if you would please email me or leave a comment and let me know.  I have some history from my dad's side, which is quite interesting as we have German, Irish and American Indian (Cherokee).  My mom's side is a bit more sketchy.  Thankfully my husband's grandma is into researching families so she has agreed to help me as she can.  I am looking forward to seeing who my family is.  It is interesting as well because my husband's family has Cherokee too.


Well that is it for now as it is 11p.m. and I need to get some reading and sleep in before one of the children decide they want to wake us up.  Christian has been doing good and sleeping from around 10pm till 6am before he wakes for a feeding, although I think he is on a growth spurt because he is eating constantly through out the day, although some may be pacifing since he doesn't use a pacifier and rarely sucks on his fist. 


Good night and God bless.


Oh I wanted to share the address where cards may be sent in support, prayers and condolences to the Amish families in PA.  The Fire department is supposed to forward all mail to the appropriate person in the Amish community.

Amish Families

c/o The Bart Fire Company

Box 72

Bart, PA 17503


I also have some info for those who want to contribute financially to both the Amish and the family who did the shooting, if anyone wants that please feel free to email me.

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Well child visits and EEG

Hello.  Bethanne and Christian had their well child visits yesterday.  Christian is now 24 inches long and weighs in at 14lbs 3 1/2ounces!!!!  He has almost doubled his birth weight, no suprise with the way he nurses though .  He recieved the Pediarix vaccine which includes the DTaP, IPV, HepB and then seperately the HIB, PCV and the oral Rotateq.  The ones they gave him in his left leg caused a reaction which left his leg hot to the touch, red, swollen and painful to any touch  so I called the ped and thankfully got a dr who is a fellow Sister in Christ.  He seems better after two doses of Tylenol so hopefully we won't have to take him back in this afternoon.  I am now considering not giving any vaccines given that Bethanne had a reaction to either the measles or the mumps vaccines we gave her the last time-I don't like seeing even a tiny bit of a reaction in my children.  We also have an unspoken prayer request on the behalf of Christian. Otherwise all is good with Christian.  My husband is dealing with something right now and doesn't want many people to know about it so please if you could keep him in your prayers until we find out what is going on we would appreciate it.  Now as for Bethanne, she is 33 inches long and weighed in at 26 lbs 7oz and she recieved a delayed vaccine of the HepB as we found out that that vaccine does not contain human diploid cells or in other words aborted baby cells.  She thankfully did not have a reaction.  The did do a blood draw to test for lead, since they didn't get a level on her the last time and she was still eating cat and dog food then-but for now has stopped .  There is some concern that her fontanel has not closed and the NP thinks it feels like it's still opened about 6mm so she has to go back in 2 months to re-check it.  She also has to have her stool softener everyday to see if that helps with her constipation problems we are still having.


Hannah goes in this morning to Children's Hospital for the EEG.  We don't think they will find anything but please pray for us anyway-it can never hurt .  I will post more later on that as we won't know the results today.


Also please continue to pray for the Amish families in PA and elsewhere, I am sure it's affecting the Amish in other states as well with them being so close knit.  Also remember the shooter's family, they need support and help through this difficult time.  I am feeling so bad for them, my heart truly aches for all the families and communities involved.


God bless.

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Amish school shooting

Hello.  Well I am saddened today by the events in Pennslyvania.  I was in the E.R. when Katie Couric came over the news to announce the news.  I feel closer to the Amish since spending time with an Amish family and it seems almost like it happened to a close friend or even family member.  I don't think any of us would have thought the Amish could be touched by such horrors as what happens in the 'real' world like they were today.  I can't even begin to say how much my heart goes out to the families of the girls who were killed or critically injured and not to mention those who were in the school when that man walked into their school.  With all the school shootings recently I am even more adamant in our decision to homeschool and now that these sad events have even reached the Amish it re-affirms my convictions even more.  Most of us think that the Amish are immune to this kind of thing or are better than us but now we see how human they are too.  I am so sorry for their losses and pray for their continual following the Spirit as they heal and repair their hearts and communities. 


God bless.


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