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Lap book updates

Here are some updated pictures of our lapbook from yesterday and today.

Yesterday she added her picture of the Ohio State flag with her writing in it, the inside tells what the flag is called, when it was made and who designed it. 

Today we did matchbooks of the state flower and state tree which are the scarlett carnation and the buckeye tree, inside the flower book is the name of the flower and the year it became official which was 1902 and then in the tree is the name Buckeye along with the scientific name for it and the date it became official October 2, 1953  the black line on the tree is compliments of a future student, Bethanne:

These are the all inclusive and of the books being opened:

In case I didn’t mention it, the book in the top left corner is the one she did about the Native Americans.

God bless.


Great News!!!!

No I am not pregnant, yet!!!  LOL

Anyway, I went out to our local Christian bookstore to pick up my gift cert.  They are now offering book buybacks so if you have a great condition Christian book that you don’t want, they will buy it from you to resell in the store.  I got way more for the 4 books I took in than I ever have at any other used bookstore for more books, usually I only get 1 or 2 dollars for all of them.  The bookstore gave my $15!!!!!  I was shocked.  I also had a gift cert from my brother to the book store for my bday so after Don got off work I took Bethy and we went out there.  I always head to the H.S. section first and they didn’t have anything I wanted or needed so I turned around to the clearance shelf, expecting to only find a couple of fiction books.  When I looked up I saw a box marked Saxon Math 1, my first thought was no-way they would have this on clearance, I was wrong.  Brand new this kit would have cost me almost $100.00 I bought it for $14.98.  The only thing that wasn’t in the kit was the Meeting Book (I think that was why it was on clearance as the box was marked as containing it but it wasn’t in there) but the Meeting book that was stuck between some other stuff was only $6!!!!!  I also bought book #2 in the Daughters of the Quilt series by Cindy Woodsmall.

Before this I stopped at a lady’s house who was offering some patterns on freecycle and she gave them to me.  There were a bunch, in fact she just emailed me and she has more doll clothes patterns, clothes for the girls mostly size 10 and up but it won’t be long until Hannah is in that size and some other doll clothes so now I can make her Barbies modest by making their clothing 🙂  YEAH!!!

When I got home from the Christian book store I had an email from a lady on the homeschool group who is selling her Math U See Beta, teachers book, student workbook, test book and the DVD.  I told her I could give her $13.00 now and the rest later she said I could have it for the $13.00, she said the Lord had blessed them recently and wanted to pass that on to others.  I will be picking up those this weekend sometime.

Tomorrow is the last day for babysitting the twins, I won’t have them again until Wednesday, so that is a nice break. 

If anyone has any good sites for free science printables that I could use as a part time curriculum would you please leave the link?  I want some stuff to add to the Interlock as some of it is too simple for Hannah but at this point I don’t want to try to get used to Vol. 1 since we already started the Interlock.

I think that is it for now.

God bless.

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Scientists have found how planets are formed!!!!

I thought we already knew the answer to that………..

Planet Formation Mystery Solved

So anyway here is my layman’s term on how planets are formed……………………………… God did it!!!

Sorry I just get so frustrated when these people who claim to know it all make things so much harder by denying the fact that God made the universe, why can’t they just come to grips with reality and understand that God did it and He continues to create. 

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Some great homeschooling links

At the request of my friend, you know who you are :), I am posting a link to a free lap book that was given to me by another homeschooling mom, this is the whole kit in it’s entirity YEAH!!!  Hands of a Child-Mary Cassatt lapbook

Here are a couple more:  the first one offers math and writing helps.  There is a small 100 chart and if you are like me and short on space it will be nice to laminate and put in a binder.

Our Los Banos

Homeschool Helper   this is the one where we got the idea and resources for our Ohio lapbook.


Enjoy and God bless.


P.S.  This is school day number 3!!!!!!  I had no idea that Ohio was home to Erie, Kickapoo and Shawnee Indian tribes.  I knew about the Shawnee but not the other two.  There are no longer any officially recognized Indian tribes in the state of Ohio as when the European settlers arrived the American Indians were re-settled in Oklahoma of course after they were exposed to small pox.  Ohio came from a Iroquian term from the Seneca, Ohiyo, which means "it is beautiful"  although I found another website that said something completely different.  Very interesting.  I have half tempted to put together my own lap book LOL

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I do have other stuff to do :)

but from the looks of my blog it may not seem like it LOL  Anyway I just entered a give away for a really pretty tote, check it out.  This would be nice to have with the little ones so I am linking to it:  Musings of a Housewife


Check back soon, as I have now reached over 200 entries and will be having my own give away.  Don’t enter yet though as I want to post a picture of what I am giving away 🙂  LOL

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Aquarium pictures

While I have the time I want to share some of the pictures from the Newport with you.

The first one is a turtle that moves so slow he actually grows moss on his shell!  I can’t remember the name and now I can’t find it online.  If anyone knows please let me know.

Pictures of the mana ray:

Picture of the gators:

Picture of the lorikeets: Lorikeet


The girls being a shark vet:

Group shots of us, it was VERY hot in the aquarium also I have no idea why Bethanne’s eyes turned so red:

God bless.

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Lap booking

Well thanks to some really great ladies in my home school group, PEACH, I found some good sites for making free lap books.  For those who don’t know what lap booking is:  .Homeschooling on a shoestring

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to try one out and see how it goes with Hannah.  We are doing one from this site: Homeschool Helper  They have some great frree print offs and ideas on how to put together a lap book all for free, well except for the expense of the paper and ink 🙂  Hannah is doing her’s on Ohio, since this is the state we are in so this will tie in science (due to the agriculture of our state), geopraphy (this I hope is self explanatory), math (we are discussing the area, population, etc so that includes numbers).  She is going to be doing almost all the writing so it will be an assesst also for her handwriting skills and will be neat to look at in years to come to see how far she has come.  Along with her portfolio this will give us another tangible that relatives and friends can so that they know we are actually teaching. 

Today’s teaching only ran about an hour, Bethanne was proving to be a great distraction and we started late so we were hungry and getting cranky due to that. 

So far here are the pictures of what we have:

This is the plain folder that I have folded, the papers stuck inside are some of things we will be adding:

What the cover will look like once we add the state flag:

Inside view of open lap book with some papers and one attachement:

View of Hannah’s quick facts, population, area, state capital, largest cities, and date into the union also included is a view of the quick facts open:


God bless.


Busy, busy, busy ***First day of school***

What a glorious, wonderful day!!!!!  The Lord was truly with me today, which is great because I needed it.  I got off to a great start, I woke up at 6:30a.m on my own of course the Lord was doing a lot of nudging LOL.  I did some laundry, made up batter for pancakes, gathered the girls and I dresses and got them ironed, got cleaned up,  Hannah got up so I got her dressed, started the pancakes, did some more laundry, gave Hannah her pancakes and milk, got Bethanne up and fed, same for Christian and then I ate, checked my email, got stuff out for school, then the twins arrived so I got them settled in and started school.  My laundry hamper is now empty Praise the Lord!!!!!  Can you believe I did this while babysitting 6 month old twins?  Dishes were done up after lunch all laundry was folded and put away.  I even got a chance to pin the girl’s dresses, my notches are off but my step mom said that shouldn’t matter as long as the bottom and shoulders match up.  Then off to Hannah’s pre-op for her ear tubes. 

For school this is what we did:

*Sung "Amazing Grace"

 *started off reading Genesis 1:1

*said a prayer thanking God for His gifts he has given us and asking for His watch over our school year

*Hannah colored a picture of earth

*Hannah and I discussed the differences in our Heavenly Father and our earthly dads as well as differences in other dads she knows.  We made some puppets from a catalog.

*We did some language arts which was a bit to easy so we actually skipped that today.

*Then Hannah did a few worksheets to cover math and writing

This took right around 2 hours so we were right on track.  I am glad our first day went so well and Hannah really enjoyed herself. 

God bless

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What a week!!!

Well we had quite a week, what with our trip to Newport and Don being on vacation.  We are in the works of trying to downsize on some of our material belongings.  My desire is to one day finally widdle away at the numerous amounts of toys we have amassed over 5 years, believe me there are a lot.  I may shock Don today to tell him lets get rid of it.  If I don’t do it while it is on my heart and mind then it doesn’t get done until I get that feeling again.  I am also going to go through my school workbooks and see what I won’t be using for school and getting rid of them, mainly workbooks that are from Walmart and such. 

I am expecting the music CD to our Alphabet Island phonics, I contacted the lady who I bought it from and she was so nice about forgetting to enclose it, so I pray it arrives today so we start full throttle into school on Monday.  A teacher friend of mine says she will do our assessment at the end of the year so that will save us some money.  Since we don’t have to notify this year having an assessment done is just to cover our basis should anyone question what we did this year for schooling.  Along with the Weaver Interlock, Kindermath and Alphabet Island I am also going to work with Hannah on memorizing the 50 states this school year and maybe, depending on how that goes work on continents and oceans.

I recieved the online version of my first homeschool group newsletter 🙂  Yes I am excited so now I can see what I can volunteer with.  I am thinking of pursuing the book review for thier library (thank you Pam), where I read the book before anyone else and write up a review on it to help other parents decide if it would be a good book.

We had to buy a new washer as well.  Our old one quit working and of course it did it with a whole load of clothes and water still in.  So Don had to hand wring and empty the washer out.  The smell was terrible.  The new washer seems much better though and gets the loads through faster.  Today cloth diaper washing is on the agenda.

Monday not only marks the begining of our school year but also the trial period of babysitting my friend’s 6 month old twins!  Some have called me crazy and some aren’t so forward but I see the looks.  I figure it will be good experience for me to try to school, keep house and care for babies all at once 🙂  Please pray that the Lord enables me to do this and care for these babies. 

Also pray that I get our schedule worked out so I can begin on that in the next couple of weeks after I get the hang of babysitting.

Well I should go now.  Check back soon for a very special surprise 🙂  It’s not what you think **wink**


God bless.

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For a laugh….

See this link, especially if you are a mom who is quiverfull or just appreciates a good laugh about the grocery store……


God bless.


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