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2012 Gratitude Challenge – November 5th

on November 6, 2012


I’d have to say today’s thankfulness is for books (I know I didn’t post over the weekend, sorry).

Reading came hard for me, the teachers kept passing me and when my parents realized something wasn’t right they hired tutor after tutor for me.  I finally could read in the 3rd grade!  My mom read aloud to my brothers and I almost daily and we always saw her with a book in her hands too.  You could say a love of reading and books was instilled in me from birth.  Once I learned how to read you couldn’t keep me away from books – they became my prized possession.


Even today, while I don’t keep every single book I read, like I used too – books are still a part of my world – one I’m passing on to my children.  Having taught two of my 3, and working on the 3rd how to read and we still read aloud – they see how books can open fascinating worlds and give you knowledge – we’ve traveled to Ancient Egypt and Greece, to Medieval times, modern times, Vikings all within a matter of weeks and months.


I couldn’t imagine living in a country were owning a Bible or any other book could land me in prison – books, they are what I’m thankful for today.


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  1. Ginny says:

    Books are such a blessing that many take for granted.

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