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Robin Harper Simply Christmas CD review

on December 6, 2012

About the album:

Teaming up with pianist Marvin Goldstein, talented vocalist Robin is celebrating the intimacy and simplicity of the holidays by putting a new twist on the Christmas standards we’ll all start whistling right after Thanksgiving, including “The Christmas Song,” “White Christmas,” “Santa Baby,” and “Silent Night.” Here’s a little sample: Robin Harper/Simply Christmas.

“This is the time of year when music helps us renew our faith as well as our sense of fun,” Robin said. “I wanted to combine the two by choosing songs close to our hearts, jazz them up a little and have a good time with them. And with just us – Marvin’s marvelous piano accompaniment and me – it’s like we’re in your living room, sharing an intimate holiday gathering with your family,” she said.

About Robin:

Robin has always loved to perform and has sung in church all her life, envisioning her future one day as a country singer. Growing up in California’s Orange County, she veered away from country at one point as a member of the DavElliott5, a jazz vocal ensemble. Then life happened.

A husband and family. Four kids. Robin’s love of music has never waned, however, and now her life has come full circle, back to music, with this first offering of musical holiday cheer.

My Opinion:

I had never heard of Robin Harper before having the chance to review this Christmas album, because I love everything Christmas!  This album wasn’t the same style that I’m used to listening to in regards to Christmas music, or even music in general – it has a more bluesy/jazz sound but Robin’s voice seems made for that sound so it wasn’t horrible, just not what I’m used to.  I popped the CD in and thought that my whole family would instantly enjoy it – but I was wrong, my husband said he had this image of Robin in a long gown with gloves singing in a ’40’s style jazz club.

However, I enjoyed it – my children prefer the more traditional would listen to it – so I secretly enjoy it in private.  I may even give more jazz a try if I can find some that goes with my beliefs, regardless I really enjoyed it.  There was a mix of some faster and some slow songs which was great as the children enjoyed the more upbeat songs whereas I liked the slower, enjoy the pace of the Christmas season – also picturing a romantic Christmas dinner for my husband and I.  It’s not an all Christian album and there are some secular Christmas songs on it but it was fun to listen to and I enjoyed it while out Christmas shopping one day as well.



**Disclaimer:  I received this CD from Bostick Communications in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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